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Trains, Planes, Cars and Boats

Link to: Courier Online

Historic Photographs of Winfield, Ks.

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  • Index of Winfield Main Street Images; Thumbnail, Text
  • Index of area Historic Aviation; Thumbnail, Text
  • Index of Transprotation Images; Thumbnail, Text
  • Index of Railroad Depots; Thumbnail
  • Index of Cowley County Historical Museum Photos
  • Index of clippings from the files of the Winfield Courier.
  • Index of Winfield Vikings pages
  • Index of Winfield Music History pages
  • Index of Stories of Cowley County
  • Index of Cowley County Law Enforcement Officers Killed in the Line of Duty
  • Index of all HTML Documents in WINRR (rail and transport) directory
  • Index by Date of Newspaper files on Cowley County Newspaper CD-ROM
  • Index of Updated Newspaper Files in Date Sequential Order
  • Index of Arkansas City Firemaps (1884 - 1920)
  • Index of Winfield Firemaps (1884 - 1925)
  • Index of Downtown Winfield Firemaps
  • Hot Spot Zooms on Specific Winfield Pictures

    The First Construction Boom in Winfield1871-1873
    4th of July Celebration on the New Main St. of Winfield 1871.
    Main Street of Winfield in 1873.
    Stage Coach at Central Hotel in Winfield, Ks. 1877
    Denver, Memphis & Atlantic Railway Co. 1886
    Computer Model of DM&ARy Chautauqua Steam Engine 1886
    Old Bretton Hotel in Winfield, Ks.
    Winfield Main Street Looking North Past Old Opera House
    Celebration on GAR Day in Winfield in 1890.
    Ninth & Main in Winfield, about 1890.
    Horse Drawn Street Cars at 9th & Main in Winfield, about 1890.
    Wagons Ready for the Opening of the Cherokee Strip in Sept. 16, 1893
    Covered Wagon Race Passing 9th & Main in Winfield, about 1896?
    GAR Day Celebration in Winfield in (or about) 1899.
    Parade with First Car in Winfield, about 1910
    Automobile Racing at the Cowley County Fairgrounds in about 1915
    Davis Floral Co. Truck on Main Street in about 1953.
    9th & Main St. in Winfield, Ks. about 1954
    Winfield from the Air, about 1954

    Other History Resources

    Links to other History Resources.

    3D Stereo Images for Red/Blue Glasses


    MultiMedia and WIK- Wisdom, Information & Knowledge

    Spanish Sonatas, a CD by Stephan Marchionda


  • List of Old Cars
  • Thrinaxodon Links

    Thrinaxodon, a close relative of mammals
    reprinted from T. Rowe, W. Carlson, and W. Bottorff, 1993. Thrinaxodon: Digital Atlas of the Skull. The University of Texas Press. CD-ROM.


    These are just some of the projects completed in the Visualization Lab.

    GEO 302d
    FALL 1996
    "The Age of Dinosaurs" is designed to introduce non-science majors to the methods and practice of natural science, using the systematics of dinosaurs as an example.

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