Winfield, KS Images of Downtown
Set 3-a2 from The Cowley County Historical Museum

(these images are intended to be in date order)

  1. 3a27611.htm Sydal's Shop, Drug Store, keg. From photo copy.
  2. 3a40032.htm North east corner of 9th and Main, 1877. From original photo.
  3. 3a40031.htm Central Hotel, located on the NE corner of 8th and Main St. 1877.
    Another view of the Central Hotel with Stage Coach
    About Hotels in early Winfield
  4. 3a40033.htm SE Corner 10th and Main, 1877.
  5. 3a40034.htm Early Winfield Downtown, SW corner 9th and Mai, 1877.
  6. 3a1451.htm Looking North on Main St. from just south of the intersection of 10th and Main. No tracks, 20 ft trees. approx 1884.
  7. 3a2761.htm From 9th & Main, looking at stores on West side of Main, north of 9th. P. H Albright, Post Office, Boots and Shoes. Manning Opera House on second story.
    3a1971.htm Hand tinted, looking south along Main Street from NE corner of 9th and Main. Late 1800's.
  8. 3a4001.htm Hand tinted, Main street looking north from in front of the Grand Opera House. Shows Tenth and Main on west side. about 1890's.
  9. 3a2211.htm From NE corner of 12th and Mail looking north along Main toward NW corner of 10th and Main. circa 1900.
  10. 3a1347.htm Gathering downtown on Mains Street Looking NE at NE Corner of 9th and Main.
  11. 3a1713.htm Postcard, looking west along 9th St. at City Building and Hackney block. Late 1800's.
  12. 3a2210.htm Hand colored, Red/white awnings on 1st Nat Bank. Looking east on 9th street at ground level, from west side of Main St. Bicycle. 1890? The source of the above image
  13. 3a3997.htm The circus is in town. Elephants at 9th and Main. Looking towards NE corner. circa 1900.
  14. 3a3462.htm Looking south on Main St. from about 8th and Main, street level, mid street. Lots of phone wires, no trolley wires. Clock Tower. approx 1899.
  15. 3a1879.htm Looking east down 9th street from top of building on NW corner of 9th and Main. 4 Mule drawn cars and crowds. 1900?
  16. 3a1.htm 9th & Main, SE Corner 1900
  17. 3a1250.htm 9th & Main SE Corner Horse Drawn Steetcars. approx 1900
  19. 3a1663.htm Looking east down 9th street from across Main Street. Phone wires, light in intersection, circa 1900.
  21. 3a1331.htm Looking SW from NE corner of 9th and Main ap 1900
  22. 3a2215.htm From ground level, 9th and Main NE corner, looking south along Main St. Crowds, wires, ticket booth. 1900? Seems to be postcard made from 3a1331.
  23. 8a2119.htm Scenic view of Baden Hall from about observatory hill. Shows houses and outbuildings in area where old Stevenson school is now, about 1900.
  24. 8a505.htm Interior of Victorian House, about 1900
  25. 8a506.htm Another view of the same house, about 1900
  26. William Crabb's Log Cabin about 1900
  27. 3a4045.htm View of First National Bank building on SE corner of 9th and Main from the NW corner. Marked Garver Bros. 9-1-06 on photo. Millinery shop on south side of lower floor of bank building.
  28. 3a1356.htm from NW Corner of 9th and Main, looking ESE at First Nat. Bank. 3 Mule Drawn Street Cars on 3 Tracks.
  29. 3a459.htm Looking towards NE corner of 9th and Main. Mule drawn cars. Many carriages and buggies. Lots of people.
  30. 3a1975.htm Looking north on Main St. from midway between 11th and 12th. Shows old Grand Opera House, Clock tower.
  31. 3a2213.htm Similar to 3a1975 but not same picture. Looking north on Main from between 11th and 12th. Awnings on stores on east side of street.
  32. 3a1350.htm Looking north on Main St. from about 10th and Main. Streetcar Tracks, no power, before 1910.
  33. 3a3995.htm Hand tinted, looking north on Main St. from 10th and Main. Automobile on left, may be earliest picture of auto in Winfield, no street car wires. Before May, 1909. Seems to be postcard made from 3a3995.
  34. 3a1942.htm The Last Trip on Mule Car, May 17, 1909. Looking West at corner of 10th and Main.
  35. 3a1731.htm Store front. Haircuts 15 cents, Owl Cigar sign.
  36. 3a1332.htm Looking east on 9th Street from just east of Main St.
  37. 3a2128.htm Looking east on 9th Street at flooding. Taken from west of Courier building. 1920's.
  38. 3a3750.htm Store fronts, Palace Barber Shop, Mogle Jewelry Company.
  39. 3a817.htm Looking north on Main from about Tenth & Main. 1920's. Note clean vista, not phone wires, no trolley wires, after trolley wires were removed.
  40. 3a3776.htm Tower on Main Street, just north of 9th. Tree on Tower, looks like Christmas Celebration. 1920's
  41. 3a899.htm After the fire at old Read's bank building in 1940. Johnson's 5&10. West side of Main near 9th and Main. (2 doors south)
  42. 3a1202.htm Burned Stores, Old Read's Bank building, West side Main, 1940
  43. 3a3767.htm Winfield Chamber of Commerce, Looks like blood drive 1940's ?
  44. 3a690.htm YMCA Building
  45. 3a1822.htm Snow storm in Winfield on east 9th, 2 blks from Main. approx 1950.
  46. 3a3998.htm Looking east down 9th St. from the intersection of 9th and Main. Mid 1950's.
  47. 3a1642.htm Looking north on Main Street from intersection of 10th and Main, Late ninteen fifties.
  48. 3a1963.htm Looking north on Main Street from the intersection of 10th and Main. Color, late fifties.
  49. 3a3049.htm First National Bank, SE corner 9th & Main

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