Thumbnail Index of Winfield Main Street Images

  1. v71j4s.jpg4th of July Celebration on the New Main St. of Winfield 1871.
  2. Main Street of Winfield in 1873.
  3. Stage Coach arriving at the Central Hotel in 1877.
    Another view of the Central Hotel
  4. Winfield Main Street Looking North Past Old Opera House
  5. Old Bretton Hotel on Main Street
  6. v90cels.jpgCelebration on GAR Day in Winfield in 1890.
  7. v90mss.jpgNinth & Main in Winfield, about 1890.
  8. Horse Drawn Street Cars at 9th & Main in Winfield, about 1890.
  9. Covered Wagon Race Passing 9th & Main in Winfield, about 1896?
  10. GAR Day Celebration in Winfield in (or about) 1899.
  11. Winfield Opera House Building, built in 1887, about 1900.
  12. Electric street car in front of First National Bank (must be after 1909)
  13. w05ohs.jpgLooking North on Main St. Past the old Opera House.
  14. Parade with First Car in Winfield, about 1910
  15. Winfield, 9th & Main, about 1912
  16. Delivery Agents for The Daily Free Press (about 1914)
    Main Street in (about) 1922 looking north from 9th and Main.
  17. Main Street in (about) 1925 Looking North from 10th and Main St.
  18. The Regent Movie Theater in the Old Opera House Building about 1940.
  19. Davis Floral Co. Truck on Main Street in about 1953.
  20. 9th & Main St. in Winfield, Ks. about 1954
    Traffic on Main St. Looking North from 12th St. in Winfield in 1954.
  21. A&W Root Beer Stand on South Main & 19th St about 1970.
  22. Regent Theater/Old Opera House about 1961.
  23. Winfield from the Air, about 1954, Looking South of Southeast
  24. wbikea.jpg
  25. wbikeb.jpg

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