Celebration of GAR Day in Winfield in about 1899?

This is a hot image. Look for hotspots to click on.

  1. v99msca.jpg The image above.
  2. v99mscb.jpg Arch and street cars under it, buildings in background
  3. v99mscc.jpg Street cars and building to the right of the pole.
  4. v99mscd.jpg Close up of entrance and window of barber shop in building at right
  5. v99msce.jpg Street cars to the left of the arc.
  6. v99mscf.jpg Distant left street, telephone pole
  7. v99mscg.jpg Close up of street cars under the arch.
  8. v99msch.jpg Close up of Street cars on the right of the pole.
  9. v99msci.jpg Close up of people in the foreground at right.
  10. v99mscj.jpg People in lower left of Image
  11. v99msck.jpg Group of people below arch, nearer foreground.
  12. v99mscl.jpg Close up of second story of building to the right of the pole.

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