Winfield from the Air, about 1954
Looking South of Southeast

This is a hot image. Look for hotspots to click on.

  1. waira.jpg The Picture Above
  2. wairb.jpg The Intersection at 9th and Main
  3. wairc.jpg Court House Area
  4. waird.jpg Detail of Court House
  5. waire.jpg Bretton Hotel and Buildings to the North and West
  6. wairf.jpg Santa Fe Freight Depot on Main St. & 5th
  7. wairg.jpg Skating Rink on Main St.
  8. wairh.jpg Ice House
  9. wairi.jpg A block east of Main St. on 9th
  10. wairj.jpg Detail of Bretton Hotel
  11. wairk.jpg Detail of Lowell School
  12. wairl.jpg South Main St. at about 14th Street.
  13. wairm.jpg Lowell School on left, Main Street on Rt., to edge of town.

Comments and Comentary

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Subject: photos of winfield, kansas

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I am just writing to let you know how much I appreciate your photos ofWinfield, Kansas. There is one minor dating error concerning to aerialphoto supposedly dating around 1954. This photo would actually have to be several years older than stated.

In the photo showing the skating rink building, which was and is owned by my father, it shows a building attached to the skating rink on the South side. This was the old buttermilk plant which was flooded out in 1944. That building may have stood empty for several years thereafter, but was removed prior to 1950.

Also, so you know, due West of these two buildings sits a long, low-looking building. This building, during this time period was the original H.P. Gott Manufacturing Company.

Hope this helps.

Richard O. Peacock

Subject: Re: Winfield, KS Date: Fri, 07 Mar 1997 08:26:10 -0500 From: JOHN D KIRK <kirkj@OKSTATE.EDU> Reply-To: SANTAFE Discussion List <> To:

On 06 Mar 1997, Evan Werkema <> wrote:

<text deleted>

> Agreed! There are some other nice pics in the same set of >pages - check out >which is entitled "New Train at the Santa Fe (sic) Depot in Winfield, >KS. about 1902." What it is is brand new 2-10-10-2 #3000 on its >demo tour along with 4-4-0 #048! Looks like the nearly the whole >town turned out to see the "largest locomotive in the world."

> Also, take a look at . >It's an arial view of the town, and down in the lower left corner is >the Santa Fe freight depot (you can click on the image to blow up >that part of it). From the looks of it, this building (or at >least the portion closest to the street) is what survives today >as the pizza parlor.

> There's another depot in the scene too, just below the Santa >Fe's freight house. Whose line was this?

This was the Frisco's line from Enid to Blackwell to Ark City to Winfield to Beaumont KS. That depot looks a little Santa Fe-ish, doesn't it?

Also in the picture is what appears to be the Missouri Pacific line - there seems to be a ROW angling through the intersection two blocks west (to the right, we're looking SE) of the Santa Fe freight house. I'll have to look in Winfield next time I'm there......

Until later, John Kirk Jr. Stillwater OK

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