Celebration of GAR Day in 1888
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The book 'Winfield and the Walnut Valley', a history commissioned by the Winfield Arts Counciland the Bicentennial Commission, published in Arkansas City by Gilliland's Publishing in 1975, says that this picture was taken at the 7th Annual Encampment of the G. A. R. (Grand Army of the Republic), Department of Kansas, Feb. 22, 1888. The photograph was taken by O. H. Dresser.

  1. v90cela.jpg
    This Image
  2. v90celb.jpg
    Central Area
  3. v90celc.jpg
    Close Up of Carrage in Center
  4. v90celd.jpg
    Close Up of Men on Building at Right
  5. v90cele.jpg
    Close Up of Team in Foreground at Right.
  6. v90celf.jpg
    Close Up of Entrance to Opera House
  7. v90celg.jpg
    Carriage and Boys at Left in Foreground.
  8. v90celh.jpg
    Detail on Team at Right.

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