Stage Coach at Central Hotel in Winfield, Ks 1877v77chsca.jpg
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  1. v77chsca.jpg This Image
  2. v77chscb.jpg Close Up of Central Hotel Sign. Believe this says "SID" below Central Hotel. This would Be Sid Majors the owner.
  3. v77chscc.jpg Not Quite so Close of Sign
  4. v77chscd.jpg Stage Coach & Horses, Sid Majors at left.
  5. v77chsce.jpg Scage Coach & First Team of Horses
  6. v77chscf.jpg Close Up of Drivers
  7. v77chscg.jpg Close Up of Stage Coach
  8. v77chsch.jpg Close Up of Lead Team

Where was the Central Hotel. Ans. North East corner of 8th and Main. John Finney says he knows where the old Stage Coach road was out east of town. Maps?

All about the Southwestern Stage Company.

The Great Fire of May, 1880, The Burning of the Central Hotel

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