4th of July Celebration on the New Main St. of Winfield 1871

This picture has hot spots. Click to Zoom.

  1. v71j4b.jpg
    Detail of Building in Framing Stage of Construction, Right of Center.
  2. v71j4c.jpg
    Buildings at Right
  3. v71j4d.jpg
    Detail of Horseman in Center
  4. v71j4e.jpg
    Detail of Horseman by Tank in Center. The people in the crowd seem to all be wearing long sleeves. This seems incredible for July in Kansas???.
  5. v71j4f.jpg
    Center of Crowd.
  6. v71j4g.jpg
    Buildings and Horseman to the right.

Some Advertisements from the Cowley County Censor, March 18, 1871.
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