Parade with First Car in Winfield, about 1910

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  1. w10msfa.jpg This Image
  2. w10msfb.jpg First Car leading parade.
  3. w10msfc.jpg Marching Band with Tuba, Trombone & Bass Drum.
  4. w10msfd.jpg Boys & Girls in group behind the band.
  5. w10msfe.jpg Businesses on West side of Main St. from 11th St. south.
  6. w10msff.jpg Horses and wagon in center background, by barber shop pole. (note 1 below)
  7. w10msfg.jpg Old St. James Hotel on Main St. Note Bell Tel. Sign by door.
  8. w10msfh.jpg Detail of horse and buggy in front of St. James Hotel (note 1 below)
  9. w10msfi.jpg Front of 1005 Main, Jewel Theatre and H. T. Trice Land Office, note lady walking & movie posters.
  10. w10msfj.jpg Detail of Lady waking and entry to Jewel Theatre.
  11. w10msfk.jpg Detail of "Eat Meat" sign in front of 1005 Main.
  12. w10msfl.jpg Young man standing on left by horses.
  13. w10msfm.jpg Lower left, dog lying in street, Iron walk over gutter, fire plug
  14. w10msfn.jpg Man with horn a front of band, Drum major in tall white hat.
  15. w10msfo.jpg Detail of drum major and people in back of car.
  16. w10msfp.jpg Detail of front of car, radiator, headlights, side lamps.
  17. w10msfq.jpg Far left distance down South Main St. Street car near 14th St.
  18. W10MBIKE.JPGSame picture with Bob Hartung and his hi-wheeler bike transported back in time.
  19. wbikea.htmBob in our time.

Note 1. These are mules not horses.
Correction, thanks to:
kathy anderson <>
Date: Monday, December 13, 1999 9:15 AM

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