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The Titles shown below come from the hand written notes on each photo, and may or may not be accurate. if you can study these photos and fugure out where, when, why, what etc. please let me know and I will post all analysis.

  1. 3-a1361.htm New Winfield, Looking North from about 12th. 1872.
  2. 3-a2122.htm New Winfield, about 1873, Reads Bank near center left. Looking North
  3. 3-a3361.htm Sydals was here in 1888.
  4. 3-a1363.htm Looking North from 11th on main circa 1880.
  5. 3-a1804.htm Scene of village from hill. Winfield???
  6. 3-a7361.htm A. F. Dauber Dept Store. SE Corner 10th & Main.
  8. 3-a188.htm NE Corner 9th & Main, Covered Wagon Race, 12 oxen.
  9. 3-a3996.htm Winfield Street 800 Main 1888
  10. 3-a736.htm NW Corner 8th & Main, Lynn & Loose Clothing 721-723 Main Before 1888
  11. 3-a597.htm From 10th & Main, Looking NW Toward 9th & Main. Parade May be GAR 1888. Arch.
  12. 3-a826 Looking South on Main from 9th. Mule Car, Tele. Poles, No Street Lights.
  13. 3-a1358.htm Looking North from 10th on Main, 1890.
  14. 3-a1632.htm Fire:Albright Building, Dec 14, 1898.
  15. 3-a1632A.htm Fire:Albright Building, Dec 14, 1898 Back Side.Where was this???
  16. 3-a2088.htm Dray Wagon, Merchands Delivery wagon, Mule cars, 1900's NW Corner 9th & Main.
  17. 3-a3992.htm Looking South from 8th befor 1909, Mule cars
  18. 3-a4005.htm Color Post Card, East on 9th from Main "White way" at night.
  19. 3-a1973.htm Roots Shoes, Main Street. Postmark 1910.Postcard
  20. 3-a74.htm Hackney Block on E 9th. Street Car in Picture.
  21. 3-a900.htm East from 9th & Main Note street car track, Automobiles.
  22. 3-a3039.htm Winfield Daily Courier Building.
  23. 3-a150.htm Main St. 9th Looking North, 1922.
  24. 3-a21.htm People watching ball game on board. Free Press.(1930's)
  25. 3-a1202.htm SW Corner 9th & Main, Showing Rembaugh Hardware, Bergevin Drugs and Johnsons 5&10, April 1938
  26. 3-a1255.htm After the Fire. Bergevin Drugs, Johnsons 5&10, 905 Main, Jan2, 1940
  27. 3-a3680.htm Policeman on Horse, East 9th.
  28. 3-a2421.htm Street Scene, Santa Fe Tracks May 1959
  29. 3-a2422.htm Street Scene, May 1959
  30. 3-a2423.htm Street Scene, May 1959
  31. 3-a2424.htm Street Scene, May 1959
  32. 3-a2426.htm Street Scene, May 1959
  33. 3-a2427.htm Street Scene, May 1959
  34. 3-a2428.htm Street Scene, May 1959
  35. 3-a818.htm Color Looking North from 12th & Main, Regent Theater Closed. about 1962-65

Winfield Main Street Images
Image set 3-a2 Cowley County Historical Museum
Downtown Winfield Fire Insurance Maps

Reference: Winfield City Maps by Sanborn 1884, 1886, 1893, 1899, 1905, 1912
Often called "Fire Maps" these maps are large, hi-res files, that show a great deal of detail, including occupants of buildings. They were originally used by the fire insurance agents to calculate rates for a particular building.

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