Cowley County Historical Museum
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People Watching Base Ball Game on Display Board at Winfield Free Press.

While a student in the late 1920s at the old high school on East Ninth, Martha Jean Roach - later to marry
Charles Robinson who was associated with Jarvis Auto Supply Stores for more than 40 years - was caught up in
the World Series baseball fever. "A bunch of us would run down to the Courier during lunch hour to watch the
play-by-play on the Courier’s electric scoreboard." She said the large board was hung high on the
Millington Street side of the buiding facing McGregor’s Hardware Store (now the site of
Southwestern’s downtown center). "There was a play-by-play by radio over a loudspeaker and the lights
would flash on as the players ran around the bases. The street was closed off in that block during game time.
Crowds would gather in the street and on the sidewalks, and you could hear the crowds cheering for blocks. We
were late many times getting back to class."

from Howard Buffum

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