Cowley County Map

This page is an ongoing experiment. Keep looking at it as layers are added and hot spots are made to link etc. Be sure to use the "reload" button to get the latest version of the file. The data for this map comes from the KANVIEW WWW PROJECT. This is data from the 1990 Census Data. The data is loaded into the AutoCAD Map program which is a Geographic Information System which allows the mapping graphics to be linked to any number of external databases to produce maps of unlimited variety.

The web address below is a special format map of Cowley county which you can view in your browser, either Explorer or Netscape with the proper plug in. The file type is DWF, which is a format from Autodesk, used in their Autocad internet vewer called WHIP! (the exclamation mark is part of the name, sometimes)

The WHIP! viewer is available as a selfinstalling executable file (3megs) at
This program will install the whip viewer as part of your browser, either MS Explorer or Netscape. I have tried, but it only seems to work if you download the cowleyc2.dwf file to your hard disk, then look at it with your brower using open/file.

After you have down loaded this program file and installed it in the browser and restarted your system , then you are ready to look at the example file, the map of the creeks in Cowley county. Which is at:

The Map First Version
Another Map Second Version

includes Named Views and an Icon for the Winfield Public Library (this will be hot in a later version)

These are vector files, ie. a files made out of lines which allows you to pan (move around, up, down and sideways) and zoom in and out. Use the right mouse button to get the menu, otherwise a pan hand appears and all you can do is pan unless you know to hit page up and page down to zoom in and out. You can also turn individual layers on and off. You should
be able to print also. Let me know how you do.

Another interesting exercise is to bring up the menu (right click anywhere over the map) select layers, and the layers menu comes up. The top bar says "Names" for the index of layers by name, and "On" to indicate the status of the layer. If you put your cursor over the "On" button and press the right mouse button you will get a sub menu which allows you to select:

Select All
Clear All

If you "Select All" you will see all of the Layers highlighted. If you then left click on the little lightbulb in the column, all of the lightbulbs will go out and all the layers will be off. If you then turn on one layer of a creek which you want to see, that creek only will turn on, it helps also to turn on the "roads" layer and/or the "railroads" layer to see where you are.

Let me know how you make out with this experiment. If you have suggestions for making the explanation clearer, please send them to me via email. Over the next few days I will be adding some experimental hot spots to the map, so be sure to "refresh" or "reload" to make sure you are working with the latest file and not the one cached by your browser.
Thanks, good luck!

Also look at these early maps of the Winfield Town Site and other items of interest.
A Birds Eye View of Winfield circa 1878
Check written on M. L. Read's Bank in 1875
Twenty Dollar Bank Note from Cowley County National Bank Winfield 1911

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