Cowley County National Bank of Winfield
Twenty Dollar Note, 1902 DB

This note is owned by, and was scanned by Bruce Hedrick of Arkansas City. Bruce says that the note is a series 1902 Date Back (DB). It doesn't matter what date is written it is still a 1902. This series had Date Back's, Plain Back's and Red Seal. There was a Brown Back issue in 1892 .The Jarvises signing the note are noted below. In 1891 the Jarvis Conklin Loan Company purchased the Farmer's State Bank and consolidated with the Cowley County National Bank in 1896. In 1922 the Cowley County National Bank purchased the 1st. National Bank, and from that point onward operated as the 1st. National Bank of Winfield.

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The two signatures on the banknote are those of James Edmund Jarvis and Martin Fugate Jarvis. James was my great-grandfather. Martin was James' son. He was born in 1875.

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