Index of Maps of the Cowley County Historical Society Museum
Winfield, Kansas

{This is an index of maps that have been added to this site over the years. Many have been scans of the old fragile maps in the museum and we made prints so as to spare the originals of constant display. Some others have been the results of various projects of myself and others. So now they are all on this page and easy to get to.}

1870 Sectional Map of Kansas by George F. Cram & Company
1871 Original Platt Map of Downtown Winfield
1878 Birds Eye View of Winfield (John Hoenscheidt drew it in 1878, Rex Flottman photgraphed it in 1998)
1884 Fire Maps of Arkansas City, 1884 to 1912
1884 Fire Maps of Winfield 1884 to 1925
1884 Kansas Railroads (LOC)
1885 Winfield City Platt Map
1892 July Map of Land Ownership in Cowley County
1916 U. S. Dept of Agriculture, Bureau of Soils, Soils Survey Map for Cowley County, KS (Schools Identified)
1932 Texaco Highway Map of South Central Kansas and North Central Oklahoma
1948 Map of Highways and Railroads of Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma
1993 Landsat Map of Winfield Area

Other City Fire Maps of Kansas

The Mother Lode of Kansas Maps online at the Kansas Historical Society

If you have any good maps that should be added to this collection please let me know.

Bill Bottorff 6/1/2011

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