July 1892 Map of Land Ownership in Cowley County

by Towns, Villages, Communities & Railroads of Cowley County, Kansas in 1892

  1. Akron
  2. Atlanta
  3. Arkansas City
  4. Burden
  5. Cale
  6. Cambridge
  7. Dexter
  8. Eaton
  9. Floral
  10. Grand Summit
  11. Geuda Springs
  12. Hackney
  13. Hooser
  14. Kellogg
  15. Maple City
  16. New Salem
  17. Otto
  18. Rock
  19. Seely
  20. Silverdale
  21. Tannehill
  22. Tisdale
  23. Torrance
  24. Townsend
  25. Udall
  26. Wilmot
  27. Winfield

High resolution of this 1892 Map of Cowley County (25 MB)

Railroads & Towns of Cowley County in 1892

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe
Cale, Arkansas City, Hackney, Winfield, Seely, Udall

Caldwell & Western
Geuda Springs, Arkansas City, Silverdale, Townsend, Dexter

Denver, Memphis and Atlantic
Kellogg, Winfield, Tisdale, Eaton, Dexter, Hooser

Kansas City & Southwestern
Arkansas City, Winfield, Floral, Wilmot, Atlanta

Southern Kansas
Kellogg, Winfield, New Salem, Burden, Torrance, Cambridge, Grand Summit

Walnut Valley
Winfield, Akron, Rock

1916 Agricultural Soils Survey Map of Cowley County with Rural Schools

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