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This is an attempt to make the very ambiguous structure of this site visible to myself and the casual user. There are 91 Directories listed below. These directories contain almost 7000 files and 600 MB of data. I built this thing and I get lost! Hope this will help

(each line is a directory)

+---2-e Early Winfield Down Town Photographs from the Cowley County Historical Museum
+---3-a Photographs from the Cowley County Historical Museum
+---3-a2 Early Main Street, Winfield Photographs from the Cowley County Historical Museum
+---3-b House Moving Day in Winfield, Kansas, Photographs from the Cowley County Historical Museum
+---anthony Firemap of Anthony, Kansas
+---ArkCity Arkansas City Postcards from Talea, Arkansas City, Kansas.
¦ +---firemaps Firemaps of Various Towns
¦ ¦ +---abiline Firemaps of Abiline, Kansas
¦ ¦ +---alma Firemaps of Alma, Kansas
¦ ¦ +---alto Firemaps of Also, Kansas
¦ ¦ +---anthony Firemaps of Anthony, Kansas
¦ ¦ +---arkcity Firemaps of Arkansas City, Kansas
¦ +---sfdepot Santa Fe Depot in Arkansas City, Kansas
+---attica Firemaps of Attica, Kansas
+---bl Web Page by Bob Lawrence
+---books Books on Cowley County History
+---buffum Articles by Howard Buffum
¦ +---w000930 In the beginning it was bricks
¦ +---w001007 More on those ballplayers of old
¦ +---w001014 At 100, local woman humble about her long life
¦ +---w001021 A bet on limestone that never paid off
¦ +---w001104 A wonderful new building
¦ +---w001111 Abandon ship
¦ +---w001118 Grabbing a byte with J.J.
¦ +---w001125 Causing a racquet on Sundays
+---cars Bill Bottorff's Cars
+---cchm Cowley County Historical Museum Photo Collection indexed by Drawer and Folder
¦ +---1a Chautauqua
¦ +---1b Activities and Celebrations
¦ +---1c Activities and Celebrations
¦ +---1d Activities and Celebrations
¦ +---1e Cowley County Fair
¦ +---1f Cowley County Fair, Races
¦ +---2a Winfield Business Scenes
¦ +---2b Winfield Business Scenes
¦ +---2c Winfield Business Scenes, Store Fronts, Interiors
¦ +---2d Winfield Business Scenes
¦ +---2e Winfield Business Scenes, Early Times
¦ +---2f Winfield Business Scenes, Newspapers
¦+---2g Winfield Business Scenes, Opera House/Regent Theater
¦ +---3a Winfield Business Scenes, Street Cars
¦ +---3b Winfield Street Scenes, Fires, House Moving, etc.
¦ +---3c Winfield from the Air
¦ +---3d Winfield Street Scenes, Auto Dealer
¦ +---5a Churches, Grace Methodist
¦ +---5a1 Churches, Lutheran
¦ +---5a2 Churches, Misc
¦ +---5a3 Churches, 1st Methodist
¦ +---5a4 Churches, Catholic
¦ +---5a5 Churches, Christian
¦ +---5a6 Churches, Grace Episcopal
¦ +---5a7 Churches, Presbyterian
¦ +---5b Churches, Rural
¦ +---8a Houses, Interiors, Exeriors
+---courier Winfield Courier, Articles from Old Newspapers, transcribed by Bill Bottorff.
+---cowley Articles about Cowley County.
¦ +---notes Articles about Old Money in Cowley County, Kansas, by Bruce Hedrick
¦ +---Oldnews Cowley County history Resources, Indices of the CD
¦ +---Flyers Photos and Articles about Airplane Flyers in Cowley County
¦ +---Papers Early Newspapers First Edition
¦ +---Papers2 Early Newspapers Second Edition
¦ +---Papersup Early Newspapers Updated Edition
¦ +---Subjects Various Subjects from Early Newspapers Edited by WWB
¦ +---Wortman Articles by Mary Ann Wortman
¦ +---Wortmaw Indian Subjects from Newspapers, Source for Book 2
¦ +---Wortwin Various Subjects from Newspapers, Edited by MAW
+---cslrm Cherokee Strip Land Rush Museum
+---jjb Pictures from J. J. Banks
+---kansas About Kansas
+---maps Maps of the Cowley County Area
+---meeting Meeting of Historical People
+---music Musical History of Winfield Kansas
+---pecans Pecan Farm
+---postcard Postcards from Winfield, Kansas
+---pplpics Pictures of People and Families of Cowley County, Kansas
+---Southwst Articles and Pictures about Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas
+---Subjects Articles on a Variety of Subjects
+---whviking Winfield High School Vikings
¦ +---reunion98 Class of '58 Reunion in 1998
¦ +---VIKECARS Viking Cars of the Fifties
+---wik Wisdom, Information and Knowledge
+---winfield Articles and Pictures of Winfield
¦ +---City1880 Winfield City Directory from 1880
¦ +---city1888 Winfield Ctiy Directory from 1888
¦ +---citymaps Firemaps of Winfield, Kansas
¦ ¦ +---byyear Firemaps of Winfield, Kansas organized by block and by year.
+---winrr Articles and Pictures about Winfield Railroads
¦ +---3dstereo 3 D Stereo Images
¦ +---SantaFe The Santa Fe Depot in Winfield, Kansas
¦ +---winair A Series of Pictures taken about 1930 by Paul Davis
+---wortman Mary Ann Wortman's Home Page

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