Cowley County History Resources
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Including; Diaries of C. M. Scott, 1924 Winfield History Project, and Newspapers
With stories of Murder, Lynching, Bootleggers, Ladies of the Night, Wild Indians,
Cowboys, Cattle, Race Horses, Balloon Ascents, Fairs, Parks, Lawyers, Politicians,
Miners, Oil Men, Gun Fights, Rustling, Drunks, Prohibition, Aviation, Education,
Invention, Philosophy, Religion, Railroads, Bond Issues and Financial Skullduggery.

A Compact Disk by: Richard Kay and Mary Ann Wortman & William W. Bottorff

The Files are collected into the following directories:
(some of these files are already on this web site in other locations)

These are the Old Newspaper files that Mary Ann Wortman and her late husband Richard Kay Wortman have been preparing for the last decade. This body of information provided much of the material in their book "The History of Cowley County; Part I". There is a gold mine of stories buried in these old papers. Looking at them on microfilm has always been problematic. It is hard to read, cumbersome to handle and requires a reader which most people don't have at home. On CD ROM it is many time more convenient and much faster. But the real advantage is to use the computers search capability to quickly locate information by keyword or family name.

Authors will find it much easier to trace forward and backward from an event to put it into the context of the time and place. Genealogists will find it much easier to check a broader range of dates in a work session.


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  1. The History of Cowley County, Part I
  2. Intro to Photographs of Cowley County
  3. Winfield High Viking '58 Home Page
  4. Articles from the Archives of the Winfield Courier
  5. Winfield Courier On Line
  6. Winfield, Kansas and Cowley County