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Interesting Historical Items About Winfield, Kansas.
An Index of Winfield Material
Brief Historical Note on Wichita's Railways
Bricks and other Topics From Newspapers of the 1870's
The Great Winfield Fire of May, 1880
Correspondence With Victor King about His Ancestors.
Early Winfield from 1870 to 1880
The Old Log Store, First Building in Winfield, Kansas
Read's Bank, The First Brick Building in Winfield
A High Altitude Photo of Winfield, Taken Oct. 2, 1991
A Bank Note From The West Winfield Bank, Herkimer County, New York
Maps of Winfield, Kansas in the 1870's
Fourteenth Street in Winfield was Courthouse Street in 1878
The Corner of 9th and Main in 1878
Winfield, Courthouse Area, from Bliss to Main, 6th to Eleventh, 1878
The Court House and Immediate Surroundings in 1878
The Fuller House, in Winfield, Kansas
Main Street between 7th and 9th circa 1878
9th & Main to Hiatt House and Surroundings, 1878
The McMullen/Miller/Hiatt House in 1878
The Hiatt House Today
The M. L. Robinson House
Brewry and Distillery
Postcards to / from Winfield
Winfield, Noted Residences from The Old Newspapers
Winfield City Directory for 1880
Winfield City Directory for 1888
Winfield City Firemaps from 1884 to 1925
Frank Manny's Brewery in 1884
Frank Manny's Brewery in 1893
The Three Way Railroad Crossing in 1905
The Three Way Railroad Crossing in 1912
J. P. Baden's Ice Plant Close Up
J. P. Baden's Ice Plant Wide View
Early Bridges in Winfield
Early Hotels in Winfield
Early Conveyances in Winfield
Indians were Masons
The Camen Band Massacre
Postcard and Photo Collection
Items from Mary Ann Wortman About Winfield
Baden, J. P. (from Newspapers)
Baden, J. P. and Family, (from granddaughter)
Caton, Will B.
Crapster, Bretton
Hudson Family
Lorton, James.
Nichols, George W.
Read, M. L. of Read's Bank
Read, Daniel and Others
Robinson, Mart L. (nephew of M. L. Read)
Wallace, Josiah and Ameria Ross Wallace and Descendants
White, Judge
White, JudgeJ.W. Winfield.
Youngheim, Eli, Merchant.
Updated Old Newspaper index of Files from Mary Ann Wortman (ongoing)
The Winfield Courier, From Jan. 1, 1885 to Jan. 31. 1885.
The Winfield Courier, Feb. 1 1885 to Feb. 28, 1885.
The Winfield Courier, March 1 1885 to March 31, 1885.
The Winfield Courier, April 1 1885 to April 30, 1885.
The Winfield Courier, May 1 1885 to May 28, 1885.
The Winfield Courier, June 5, 1885 to June 30, 1885.
The Winfield Courier, July 2, 1885 to July 30, 1885.
The Winfield Courier, July 2, 1885 to July 30, 1885.
The Winfield Courier, August 6, 1885 to August 27, 1885.
The Winfield Courier, September 3, 1885 to September 24, 1885.

Index to Items from The Cowley County Historical Museum in Winfield