The CD ROM of Cowley County History Resources

Including: Diaries of C. M. Scott, 1924 Winfield History Project, and Newspapers
with stories of Aviation, Balloon ascents, Bootleggers, Breweries, Cattle, Clippings,
Colleges, Depots, Education, Fairs, Financial Skullduggery, Gun Fights, Horses &
, Inventions, Ladies of the Night, Land Frauds, Lynching, Mayors,
Massacres, Money, Murder & Mayhem, Prohibition, Railroads, Rodeos, Rustling,
Sheriffs, Steamboats, Trolleys, Wild Indians and Pictures of all the above.

A Compact Disk by:
Dr. William W. Bottorff and Mary Ann Wortman

The Cowley County History Resources CD ROM is from The Winfield Public Library

To place your order call 620-221-4470 or email to Joan Cales

  • Index of Cowley County Historical Museum Photos
  • Index of Winfield Main Street Images; Thumbnail, Text
  • Index of area Historic Aviation; Thumbnail, Text
  • Index of Transprotation Images; Thumbnail, Text
  • Index of Railroad Depots; Thumbnail
  • Index of clippings from the files of the Winfield Courier.
  • Index of Winfield Vikings pages
  • Index of Winfield Music History pages
  • Index of Stories of Cowley County
  • Index of Cowley County Law Enforcement Officers Killed in the Line of Duty
  • Index of all HTML Documents in WINRR (rail and transport) directory
  • Index by Date of Newspaper files on Cowley County Newspaper CD-ROM
  • Index of Updated Newspaper Files in Date Sequential Order
  • Index of Arkansas City Firemaps (1884 - 1920)
  • Index of Winfield Firemaps (1884 - 1925)
  • Index of Downtown Winfield Firemaps