History of Cowley, County Kansas
List of Transportation Images

  1. Flatboat Crossing the Missouri(1870?)
  2. Pioneers, Wagons and Oxen Crossing the Arkansas River at Great Bend, KS. with comments.
  3. 4 Horse Stage Coach Advertising Opera House
  4. Building the Bridge over the Mississippi in 1872
  5. First Train into Winfield
  6. Atcheson, Topeka and Santa Fe Depot, Topeka, Ks. 1880
  7. The Denver, Memphis and Atlantic Railway, Chautauqua #4 Engine
  8. The Denver, Memphis and Atlantic Railway, Chautauqua #5 Engine
  9. The Denver, Memphis and Atlantic Railway, Sumner #6 Engine
  10. Images from Computer Model of Chautauqua
  11. Wagons Ready for the Opening of the Cherokee Strip on Sept. 16, 1893.
  12. Union Street Railway Company Headquarters in Winfield, Ks. (before 1905)
  13. Mule Drawn trolley at 9th and Main in Winfield, Ks.
  14. Horse Drawn Cabs at the Train Station
  15. Last Trip in Horse Drawn Street Car May 12, 1909
  16. Winfield's First Electric Street Car (1909)
  17. Electric Streetcar passing Bretton Hotel
  18. sub image of man walking into hotel
  19. Electric Streetcar passing Bretton Hote (small)
  20. Mo-Pac Passenger Train by Water Tower (2 cars)
  21. Boat on the Walnut River with Train Crossing Trestle in the Background
  22. Railroad Workers with Hand Car
  23. People Waiting for New Train at the Santa Fe Depot September 18, 1911.
  24. New Train at the Santa Fe Depot in Winfield, KS. September 18, 1911.
  25. Steam Tractors Pulling Supply Wagon Train in Mojave Desert
  26. Switch Engine No. 2184 Sante Fe, May 8, 1910
  27. Automobile Racing at the Cowley County Fairgrounds in about 1915
  28. E. W. Yount racing motorcycles at the Fairgrounds in 1916
  29. Santa Fe Freight Under Way (in 50's)
  30. Santa Fe #3751 Under Full Steam (1991)

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