1. The First Car - A Quick History of the Automobile
  2. H. T. Trice First Car in Winfield, a Truck used to Haul Customers out to see Land.
  3. Martin Baden with his New 1905 Cadillac
  4. An Early Car on Main Street in Winfield
  5. Parade with First Car in Winfield, about 1910 (probably not the first)
  6. Winfield, 9th & Main, about 1912
  7. Automobile Racing at the Cowley County Fairgrounds in about 1915
  8. E. W. Yount racing motorcycles at the Fairgrounds in 1916
  9. An Early Auto/Motorcycle Race, note: rider pushing cycle up hill.
  10. Old Cars Along the Road, Train at the side, flat tire by the other side.
  11. Main Street in (about) 1922 looking north from 9th and Main.
  12. Main Street in (about) 1925 Looking North from 10th and Main St.
  13. Woody Hockaday Highway Signs from Wichita Eagle article by Becky Tanner (thanks to Jerry Wallace)
  14. Davis Floral Co. Truck on Main Street in about 1953.
  15. 9th & Main St. in Winfield, Ks. about 1954
  16. Traffic on Main St. Looking North from 12th St. in Winfield in 1954.
  17. Winfield High Viking Cars of the Fifties
  18. Racing at the Cowley County Fairgrounds in Winfield
  19. Bob Lawrence, The Wizard of Winfield, Cowley County Racing History
Race Cars of 1920's and '30's
Abe Scruggs in August Brunke's Nelson Special
TheAlternate, a news magazone on vintage racing and race cars

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