1867 - 1915


[Lent to the Kansas State Historical Society for microfilming, December 1, 1973, by Mrs. Herbert D. Vanderlip, Wichita, Kansas.]


1867 - Outlay for Chickens, etc. March 23rd: bought one from farmer. March 24th: one chicken. March 31st: three dozen eggs, setting. April 3rd. Corn. April 19: Corn-meal. April 25: one doz. eggs, setting. Roof for chicken-coop. May 25th: Corn-meal.

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MAY 1867. Tuesday May 12. Left Cadiz and got as far as Wintersville. Drove from Fanchon [?] to Davenport [?] 20th Lodgings and Breakfast at Winterville, 60. Sold 1 bottles of blacking 6 for 60. GATHER ALL THIS WAS A JOURNAL SHOWING HIS JOURNEY FROM CADIZ, ITEMS PURCHASED, ETC.



SEPTEMBER 15, 1869 - Started for Topeka with Harrington, arrived in the eve. Paid $1.00 for bed and breakfast.


Sept. 16, 1869 - Thursday - Worked in the Record office at night. Made about $4.00.Friday, Sept. 17, 1869 - Worked until noon; then started for Emporia, lodging supper and breakfast $2.50.


Tuesday, Sept. 21 - Hunting work. Worked half a day in a hay field for my board only. Wednesday. Stripping corn. Thursday. Half day at cains [?].


Saturday, Sept. 25. Went to work for Dr. Trueworthy about 10 [?] in the morning. Worked the blance of the day.


Sunday, Sept. 26. Thinking considerabley about my affairs. Just been one week in Emporia [?]. Commencing to get a little cooler. Took a walk a lot 6 months [?]


October 1869 - Wednesday 6. At work. Thursday I was talking to Johnson about Eldorado. Want to go as soon as possible. Friday. Raining this morning. Disagreeable. Saturday. I worked. Sunday, 7th. Just worked and slept about today. Worked until late this evening.


Thursday, October 14, 1869. Put up a paper for Father. Want to hear from home. Received a letter from Father and [?].


Sunday, Oct. 17, 1869. Been thinking about Eldorado. Been here for one month or 4 weeks. Worked today, Monday - 10 - quite cold.


Friday - Soldiers in town, didn't see them.


Sunday, Oct. 24, 1869 - Have $21 all together. Making a banjo. Mains can't get this paper from Burlingame.


Monday, 25. Still cold. Worked the papers myself. Nelson [?] has a siff neck ....


Sunday, October 31, 1869. Worked the papers off and distributed, helped work off the whole sheet-poster.


Monday, November 1, 1869. Sent a letter to Rob & Jim Cain, bought a lead pencil, and fifteen envelopes. Head to work tonight again, on the tickets.


Tuesday, November 9, 1869. Nice morning. About fifty soldiers pulled through town this afternoon. They looked rough.


Wednesday, 10. Had the oysters last night and tonight.

Thursday, Nov. 11, 1869. Want to send a copy of paper to all my friends with the Railroad lands in it. Sent one to Father, Josiah Scott, Jim Cain, then Price at Waterloo, Ed. Pittis, and S. W. Woodbourne. Spent most of this evening down in the store below, hearing the music.


Monday, November 15, 1869. Working the papers off myself. pain, worked after supper, don't like it at all.


Tuesday, 16. Josiah Jr. and Landon [?] Scott came out to see me. With them in the evening. Called on Crawford and Steele. They gave me a plat of some land in Chase County.

21 years old today.


Friday, Nov. 26, 1869. Received a letter from Doc. J. Scott. Mains paid me $5.00 more today.


Monday, Dec. 13, 1869 - Call on Mrs. Greene, and seen about the meat shop across street. In the office calling until late. Band out serenading. Worked.


Tuesday, 14. Sent the letters I wrote Sunday. Cold. Worked this evening, fitting case.


Wednesday, 15. Cold in the morning. Beautiful evening, warm and pleasant. Worked until after 9 o'clock.


Thursday, 16. Nice day. Rode over to Plymouth. Bought a pair of gloves $1.25. Down in the Billiard. Rain all evening.


Friday, Dec. 17, 1869. Woke up this morning, found about 1/4 in. of snow. Sent a paper to father, Price, and J. Scott yesterday. Worked some of the News bills. Tonight worked rewrites 11 o'clock.


Saturday, Dec. 18. Received $2.00 tonight. Was down in the Billiard Hall. While sitting, reading, was a little surprised by a bullet, coming through the window.

Eleven weeks today.


Tuesday, December 21, 1869. Snow 2 in. deep [?]. Ball in the billiard hall. Railroad Celebration. Didn't work this evening.

Cold and blustering. Mrs. Mains working.


Thursday, December 23, 1869. Bought [? gather it was some clothes] and powder shot. Started for Wichita, camp overnight.


Saturday, December 25, 1869. Christmas. On the road. Lost my bundle [?] and had a big walk to get it.


Saturday, January 1, 1870. Stopped on Rock Creek. Got our 160 acres. Seen nine deer.


Sunday, January 1, 1870. Wrote to home once. Down to Havens [?]. Dave and Wild [?] started home.


Monday, January 3, 1870. Did'nt do much but set around.


Thursday, January 4, 1870. Hunting our lines. First Claimer came back to this section. No good. Have $15.75 in pocket. The trip cost, counting blankets, shoes, and grub abour $10.00. Wolves gave me a serenade last night.


Wednesday, January 12, 1870. Have to get some meat.


Thursday, January 13, 1870. Chopped a rail line on Small's claim. Hunted turkeys in the afternoon.


Friday, January 14, 1870. Snowed last night. Put in the day washing, writing and sewing - baking.


Saturday, Jan. 15 - Making out my bill to Mains and Nelson. Came again to rain. Shooting our revolvers. Kind of lonely.


Tuesday, January 25, 1870. Two fellows on Small's claim. Walker and Williams [?] there showing them the lines. I broke for camp. Sat down and read my diary. Had corn bread, kippers [?] and coffee and molasses this morning for breakfast. Emmigrants commence to come in. Wonder where I will be six months from now and what doing. Worked at the huse in the afternoon. Very warm.


Wednesday, Jan 2, 1870. Air cold this morning. Didn't go to work until afternoon. Mended our breeches, Seen a turkey. Didn't get it. Wolves looking [?]


Saturday, February 26, 1870. Sold my claim to the fellows with us. Ashley Bobbitt arrived in Emporia about noon. Found Sam in the evening. Stayed with him overnight.


Sunday, February 27, 1870. Windy. See John Piers [?] letter to Republican. Mains offered me $7.00 a week and board board. Want $8.00.


Monday, February 28, 1870. Went out with Sam to kill a beef. Came back and found Price here. Went after my blankets and got backed out. So we had to camp out. He is mad at Sam'l for it. Got our breakfasts for 5 cents each. Mains offers $8.50 now.


Tuesday, March 1st, 1870. Have started for Whitewater. Paid [?] him $5.00, which leaves a balance due me of $2.66. Got the $5 of Mains. Went to work in the office at about 9 in the morning. Worked the papers off--worked two hours after supper. Making a full day for me.


Wednesday, March 2nd, 1870. Worked at setting some papers [?]/ Called on Sam'l in the eve. He apologized for locking me out. Cold, windy, and drizzling rains. Heavy rain after night, with lightning.

Thursday, March 3, 1870. Worked the papers off. Went up to Sam's this eve.


Sunday, March 6, 1870. Cold. Stopped at Saml's. Slept at the Madison House with Henry. Sent a letter home.


Monday, March 7, 1870. Worked paper offs. Got my trunk. Then _____ _____ ____ went to Waterloo. Called on Sam. Got a little lonely. Cold, not clear.


Tuesday, March 8, 1870. Bought a pair of slippers for $1.25. Slab [?] got my book mended - 20 cents ____ a Coop.


Thursday, March 10, 1870. Worked the papers off. Ashley Babbott here, trying to sell him my claim.


Saturday, March 12, 1870. Received $5.00 of Mains. Been here two weeks, all but one day. Went up to see Sam again this eve. Preparing to go fishing.


Sunday, March 13, 1870. Nice day. Have to work some this morning to get the paper off. Went fishing with Jones, Mike, and Bromell. Didn't get a bite. Wrote to Rob, Orie Clendenning, and Rev. James Jordon, promised to send Orie and John Pittis some Real Estate papers.


Monday, March 14, 1870. Worked the papers off. Very cold and windy. Coldest day we've had this winter. Stayed at the office alone.


Sunday, March 20, 1870. Wrote to Father. John H. Pittis, M. Havens. Received a letter from Father. Took a walk to the Cottonwoods. Went to Christian Church, etc.


Monday, March 21, 1870. Worked papers. Went to see ____ Burnett at the Court House. Prairie fire runs into the western part of town, burnt one house.


Tuesday, March 22, 1870. At the Court house again, to see ___ Burnett.


Wednesday, March 23, 1870. Went up to Saml's. Got my pistol, ____. Peirce [?] went to the Robinson House to help the cooks at $30 per month. Rouse Theatre [?] arrived.


Thursday, March 24, 1870. Was tired so contented myself by staying in the office. About two hours after I had gone to bed, I was awakened by the cry of fire. Jumped up and in an instant saw that the adjoining building was in flames. Raised the window to close the iron shutter and the flames gushed in on us. In a few minutes the whole office was lit up. Got my trunks out, etc.


Friday, March 25, 1870. Succeeded in quenching the fire, after some 30 minutes hard work. Went to bed again at about 4 o'clock. _____ completed were out this eve. The office has had considerable damage, with way of page etc. [?] Most two buildings burnt to the ground, if it'd been windy, it would have destroyed the whole town. Last night I was readinb about this town. Now I am thinking of my good escape and the wreck [?] about me. Waiting for an apraisement of the damage by the Insurance Co., so she stands as she was left. Didn't work today.


Saturday, March 26, 1870. No work except filling my case - threw in about a column.


Sunday, March 27, 1870. Very nice morning. Took a wal to the Neosho. Long and lonesome day. Wrote to Doc [?] about the paper. Been thinking of advertising about Kansas. Wrote to Jim Cain [?]. Would like to see him.


Wednesday, March 30, 1870. Sent a paper to Father with some coffee beans in it. Also one to George W. and Josiah Scott, and E. Pittis. Said I would send George and Harry some "Coffee Beans" in the paper [?] in the offfice in the letters. Feel as though I like to see Nip and Tommy. Chandalier fell in tthe Reading Rooms, this over very near a fire.


Thursday, March 31, 1870. Last of March. Topliff up today and told Mains about the [.] [?] Cap. I am going to see him. Paid him $20 borrowed. Sent a paper to Nolly Babbitt on Rock Creek.


Friday, April 1st, 1870. Feel miserable about the _____. Nice morning. Set type all day. Agent here to see about the damage by fire. Doc came down today. Spoke to him about the paper business. I am afraid he hasn't the means necessary. Stayed in the office all evening. My prospects since my return looked bright for awhile, but now I am afraid they will prove "castles in the air." Can't I get in some business of my own. I thought Doc and I could get the "Falls" office. But the money is

lacking. They say a man changes over in every seven years. I have had a change since I left home for the good. Feel more like going into some business now bit I lack money. Well! Go to bed and "Let the world go by" as she will for awhile.


Saturday, April 2, 1870. Nice day. Received $5.00 this evening of Mains. Down in the Billiard Hall awhyile. Been trying to think of some business I could go into for myself. Expect I had better content myself here for awhile and get prepared so when I do start to hve the bills for "Magic Suit [?]," I'll be all right. Am getting ready to advertise "Map of Kansas." See how it takes. I have learned one thing by going south with Price. That is to place more reliance on my judgment of human nature. I knew Him [?] and I would never "Sictck" [? stick ?]--also that a farm won't suit me. A question with me is whether to make up my mind to make "Emporia my future home or not."


Sunday, April 3, 1870. Very nice day. Went down to the Cottonwood this morning, then took a walk with Sam in the afternoon. Went to church. Got a letter from Rob. Feel as though I would like to leave Emporia, and go to some larger places or South. But will stop 3 months more so as to have $200, which I will lay by for autumn.


Monday, April 4, 1870. Got my first note [? vote] today. Nothing in it was of no interest. Sent a letter to Hunter & Co., enclosed 60 cents.


Tuesday, April 5, 1870. Called on Botins [?] this eve to see about Babbott. Balance of the time in the office. Got a letter ready for Father.


Wednesday, April 6, 1870. Played a game of billiards this eve. with Morris and beat him. Rained some. Got to bed half past eleven.


Friday, April 8. Wizard Oil men here. Jones [?] didn't work today. Immigrants coming by hundreds.


Saturday, April 9, 1870. Felt a pain in my head. Don't like it. Afraid the pain is from work. Will see how it acts. If keeps on will gut [?] it. Got Pear's [?] letter ready tonight. Walked around town--at hall-etc. Wizard Oil's last night.


Sunday, April 10, 1870. Mailed Rob letters. I worked Julia Watkins cards. Went down to the Cottonwood. Went to church at the Courthouse.


Monday, April 11, 1870. Very warm this afternoon. Worked the papers off. Feel tired. Fire in town about 3 o'clock. Two stables burnt down.


Tuesday, April 12, 1870. Hot again today. Sat around all evening. Wrote to Wadsworth, Ohio, for "Hunters [?] Done."


Wednesday, April 13, 1870. Rained last night. Peaches in blossom. Bej. Watkinson came in--very much discouraged. Went up to see him last night. Received $3.00 of Mains.


Saturday, April 16, 1870. Got my letters from Butler Co., five in all. George Moore up in the afternoon, he is going to Wamego. Sat on press about noon. Mike went to N. Rapids.


Sunday, April 17, 1870. Washed my handkerchiefs. Took a walk down to the Neosho. Took in a watch to plate for Went to Church head Mr. Sloan [?] of Leavenworth preach.


Monday, April 18, 1870. Received $5.00 of Mains. Got my hair cut, charge 35 cents. Foot race came off $25 a side.


Wednesday, April 20, 1870. Got some of the papers off. Mr. McPick called on me annd played a game of billiards with Morris. Nice warm day. Mike and Hiram gone to Humboldt.


Friday, April 22, 1870. Sat two columns today. Jones didn't work. Morris on plating the watches was up to 1 am. Extremely warm day and evening.


Saturday, April 23, 1870. Got a ___ of a chance in a raffle for plating Carter's watch. Traded my watch to Mr. Lambdin, for lot 14, block 55, Plymouth. [BELOW: INKED IN...Plymouth, Col. ... at least it looks like Col.] Running around. Commencing to get cold again. Received a letter from Hunter & Co.


Sunday, April 24, 1870. Wrote to Father. Sent extra 50 cents to Hunter & Co. Received a letter from Robt. Pope [?]. Rained this morning. Down to the Cottonwood this afternoon.


Monday, April 25, 1870. Receved a paper from J. I. Filmore. Got most of the outside [?] off. Jones not here. [Kind dea

Nobody ?] Nixon talking of going to Creswell and Wichita.


Tuesday, April 26, 1870. Harrington here, been again again. Gave him 25 cents. Was up to Saml's. Seem Bub. Got my deed for the lot. Darkies trying to have a dance in the new building below us. Deaf and dumb Printer--here. Jone's wife had a baby . Am busy.


Wednesday, April 27, 1870. Rained. Moved back. Been setting on nopariel. Excitement about Cresswell. Received an answer from Bennett, Wadsworth, Ohio, of "Hos tis done."


Thursday, April 28, 1870. Thinking of something for a business for myself. Wrote to Doc about Wichita. Went up to see Sam. He offered me $25 per month and board to work for him. Borrowed 20 cents for supper as we worked late and I didn't go to the

dinner [?].


Monday, May 2, 1870. Big prairie fire. Bought 50 cents worth of meat for Jones. Wantt to write S. W. Woodborne [?] about land warrants.


Wednesday, May 4, 1870. Asked Mike [? Mains IMPOSSIBLE TO READ] for my mone. Worked office aupper and 1 hour then went to the hall awhile along with Morris and Butler Bromwalla [?].

Nobel up to see me before leaving for Station [?]. George got a baby.


Thursday, May 5, 1870. Sent a papter to father and Robt. McMillen. Got to steamboat. The Kaw Chief, Bill Johnson, up to see us. Lost 20 cents on billiards.


Friday, May 6, 1870. Cold last night. Yesterday got acquainted with Bill Johnson, the Chief of the Kaw tribe. Promised to find Sam'l. $100.00 as soon as I get it. He is paying 24 pcercent. Showed him Rob's letter about S.W.d--boy [? hog ?]. Nixon and I looking at my chart. Wymore's [?] show postponed. Great wind storm--hats, signs, and hack horses lost--with cold drizzling rain.


Saturday, May 7, 1870. Went to Wyman's [?] exhibition of sleight-of-hand. War dance at American. Mike and Nixon went up to it. Up to see Hen. Gave him a ticket. Windy today again. War dance proved a failure. Old Overton back again. Mike and him "on it" again.


Monday, May 9, 1870. Lots of Indians in town. Seen a buffalo calf. Up to see Sam'l.


Tuesday, May 10, 1870. Ken [?] came today and told me he was about to leave. He and Theo [?] Cook have gone into the store business. I printed him his cards up tonight. Bid him farewell. He leaves at 12 tonight. I hate to see him go. We had a short talk of Cadiz, etc. He thinks of going to California before long.


Wednesday, May 11, 1870. Worked the papers off this afternoon. Received a ride on a "velvee." [???] Am awful tired. Got up a letter for Hongg. [? Hen. ?] McBean. Also sent a paper to father and P. Pettis [?] and Sheriff McPeak [McPeck ?].


Thursday, May 12, 1870. Felt lonely all day. Worked Will's cards for him. Will see Saint--he's discouraged. Nixon came back from Topeka. Picnic [?] in the country.


Monday, May 16, 1870. Paid $1 [? 10] for having my deed re-

corded. Indians in town. Very warm.


Saturday, May 28, 1870. Received a letter from Rob. and one from Price. Went up to San's. Feel bad. I am afraid I will have trouble about getting my raise.


Sunday, May 29, 1870. Got my clothes this morning. Pants, coat and vest: $20.00. Took a walk to the Neosho. Went to church. Wrotge to H. [?] Price. Received an order from Mike for $20.00 on Clapp [? Cluff ?].


Tuesday, May 31, 1870. Received a letter from McBean [?]. Wrote to Topeka Land Office. Was up to Sanl's. Kaw Reserve



Wednesday, June 1, 1870. Kaws in town. Very warm. Dry place in the evenings. Sent a paper to Peter Wilson, W. [?] A. Scott, and father.


Friday, June 3, 1870. Heavy rain this eve. Carpenters don't come to Kansas! There are 40 good carpenters at work on the Railroad on account of the trade being overrun.


Saturday, June 4, 1870. Received $30.00 of Mike. Walked around. Bought an orange, some peanuts, almonds. Worked part of the papers today. Went swimming in the Cottonwood.


Sunday, June 5, 1870. Up to Sam's in the morning. Took a walk to the Cottonwood. Sat on the bridge watching the big fish in the water. More rain. Mulberries open. June is said to be the rainy month here. Frogs are croaking all over town since the last two rains. Business is uncertain with the merchants--no telling how soon it will slack. Depends on the emmigration for support.


Monday, June 6, 1870. Took my clothes to the wash. Loafing around.


Tuesday, June 7, 1870. Received 10 cents for a map from W. S. Nelson, Middlepoint, Ohio. Music up here tonight. Mike got moved into his new house today. Tomorrow is show day. I think I will loaf. Getting tired of Emporia.


Wednesday, June 8, 1870. Didn't loaf. Show came off--ver good. Two showers today again. Paid for the nigger performance. The Indians are on hand. Showed some signs of surprise, wonder. Great excitement among the people as there have only been two here before. Done up 6 papers for Father. Henry Wakins, Uncle Daniel, St. Wocens [?], Jim Cain, and John Bennett. Also the

____ [?] to Nelson and W. J. Myers.


Saturday, June 11, 1870. Received $5 of Mike. The boys getting disgusted about the way he's acting about their pay. Rain two or three times.


Sunday, June 12, 1870. Took a walk with Jones. Took a walk with Sam'l. Went to the Quaker meeting. Saw an old buck Indian walking uptown with his "skin" exposed. Received a letter from Price.


Monday, June 13, 1870. Wm. Scott in town. Stayed overnight at Sam's. Cold in the morning.


Tuesday, June 14, 1870. Heavy rain. Received a letter from Rob. Rain! Rain! Rain! Ken [?] wants me to "go in" with him at Waterloo. Dave Scott fooled, about our coming home.


Thursday, June 16, 1870. Some more rain. Got my deed. Very warm in afternoon. Sent father a paper. Wrote to Rob. Put my deed in, also to Jim Cain.


Friday, June 17, 1870. Went up to the Normal School Society. Didn't amount to much. Warm day. 16 weeks I worked since March 2nd.


Saturday, June 18, 1870. Loaned Sam'l Bryant $30. Asked Mike for some money, but didn't get it. Been very warm. Walked around, spent 20 cents for peanuts.


Sunday, June 19, 1870. Very warm. Printed some visiting cards for I. W. Woodbourne, Julia, Rob, Tobe [?] Nip, Tommy, and myself. Also some for Bromar [?] and Morris. In the afternoon went swimming. Farmers commencing to cut wheat.


Friday, June 24, 1870. More rain Thur. 80 degrees. Got my hair cut and a shave--50 cents. Done some papers for "Cadiz Sentinel. Very warm tonight for once. Jones sick again.


Wednesday, June 29, 1870. Awful hot--90 degrees. Received a letter from John Bennett. Sent Father a paper. Considerable excitement about Arkansas City.


Thursday, June 30, 1870. Received a letter from W. Price, he is about to start to Kit Carson. Thermometer 94 degrees in the shade. Awful hot. Evening hot also. Signs of rain. Up to Saml's.


Friday, July 1, 1870. Hot. Thermometer 112 degrees in the sun. Sent Hon. [Hen. ?] Price's trunk to him.


Saturday, July 2, 1870. Received $5.00 of Mike. Still hot.


Monday, July 4, 1870. Warm. Worked until noon, then started to Burlington after some papers for the office. Burlington has a poor town site. The country not much settled down the valley. Corn commencing to wilt from the heat and want of rain. Put up at the Burlington house.


Tuesday, July 5, 1870. Woke up at six, started for Emporia. Worked the papers off. Rained this eve.


Wednesday, July 13, 1870. Hottest day this summer. Thinking of going South. Sam's family sick. Working press alone. A letter and paper to Charles Hoocus [?].


Thursday, July 14, 1870. Flies awful thick. New corn in town. Windy. Clark Scott down. Got a letter with him. Thinking about quitting soon.


Saturday, July 16, 1870. Received $5.00 of Mike. I ought to make him pay me all he owes me for I believe he would cheat me out of it if he could. Worked the papers off. Sent a letter to Humboldt Land Office. Awful lonesome here in the eve. It is said that there is 16,000 head of cattle at Wichita at this time and selling at $4.00 per head.


Monday, July 18, 1870. Traded my revolver to Nixon for a town lot in Arkansas City. Morris loafing. he had a bill. Got photo of Bill Johnson today.


Wednesday, July 20, 1870. Got a letter from Sl. [?] Givens. Claim jumped. Tired, sleepy, and worried.


Thursday, July 21, 1870. On job work today. Up to Sam's this evening. Sam and family sick as usual. I am beginning to think my $30 that I had the kindenss to lend him will be lost, and I blame myself for it. He cheated me about the pigs, when in Cadiz, in the partnership as promised me, and now he'll steal my money. I feel desperate--miserable.


Friday, July 22, 1870. A. T. & S. F. road got in town, down by the depot.


Saturday, July 23, 1870. Seen the double-headed girl. Received $5 of Mike. Got a letter from S. W. & Price. Worked papers. Wrote to Parents. Promised to send double-headed girl

back [? book ?].


Monday, July 25, 1870. Jones went to Neosho Falls. Went up and got my blankets--lonely in the evening.


Tuesday, July 26, 1870. Sent my letter to Mother. Weather getting some cooler. Deposited $70 in the bank. Discouraged about payment at Mikes.


Wednesday, July 27, 1870. Mike proposed to me to go to Arkansas City and run the paper for himself. Don't care much whether I go or not. If I don't, I will take a claim in Elimandaro [?] township, live on it 6 mos., and then pay for it, provided Doc. Scott will go along. Up to Sam's. Had a hug and a pleasant chat with him. Received a letter from Rob. How I would like to see him. Rob's a good boy.


Thursday, July 28, 1870. Offered to go to Arkansas City for $12 a week and board. Up to Sam's. Went over to the Wilson [?] house awhile. Got a letter from folks.


Saturday, July 30, 1870. Received $2.00 [? $200 ?] of Mike. Getting provisions for Arkansas City. Went to bed at 12 a.m., and got up at 5. [REST GARBLED.]


Sunday, July 31, 1870. We will start this morning. Left Emporia. Not much settled around Emporia. Camped south side of Rock Creek just below Douglass [?].


Monday, August 1, 1870. Camped near Chelsea.


Tuesday, August 2, 1870. Camped in Augusta.


Wednesday, August 3, 1870. Saw wood 15 ft. high in the timber. Camped 5 miles above Winfield. The best bottom land between Douglass and Arkansas in Kansas. Measuring from one to five miles.


Thursday, August 4, 1870. After a long and tedious ride of about 150 [?] miles, we reached Arkansas City. There are 12 horses in the grass grazing in the meadows [?]--and the office unroofed.







THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1870. Borrowed a book "Napoleon and his War." That's my whiskers growing.


Sunday, October 2, 1870. Nothing of importance, only the soldiers were in town. Rained all week.

Sunday, October 9, 1870. Took a big walk. Went to the Magnesian limeston quarry and got some of the stone. Been reading "Napoleon and his Marshals." Got a letter from Saml. No mail today. Raining again. Wrote to Mother. Sent her $5.00.


Monday, October 17, 1870. Bought a stove and put it up. Getting quite cold. Bought a pair of boots.


November 6, 1870. Took a walk to the Arkansas. Traded a plating receipt for a watch. Worked some today. Got a letter from Rob.


November 11 [?], 1870. Became acquainted with Mr. and Mrs. Fitch last night. Mrs. Fitch was a McFadden and lived near Richards in Cadiz. A lot of Osages in town yesterday and some Kickapoos today. Am reading David Copperfield, and find it very interesting. My beard is getting to be pretty good size.


November 12, 1870. Got a pair of pants at Livingston.

Gave out the dance programmes.

Native lumber at this place is worth $40.00 per thousand. Pine--best--something over $100.00 pr. thousand feet. Native shingles are worth $5.00 per 1,000.

I am unsettled in my mind what I will do in the future. I will work at printing until I can command a $1,000 or two, and then I can go into almost any business I like. I can't see the use of me staying away from my friends when I can make just as much with them.


Wednesday, November 23, 1870. The paper has not arrived yet. We have missed one issue and will probably miss another. Commencing to get very cold. Cold enough to freze a thick scum over the water in the house [?]. Finished reading David Copperfield yesterday. [SOME UNDECIPHERABLE LINES...SOMETHING ABOUT ANOTHER BOOK HE IS READING.] Been thinking this next year will make a good many changes with me. Just to think, I have been in Kansas nearly one and one-half years. I don't like boarding myself.








Bill Bennett

Jesse [?] Thomas

Bob Wallace

Mr. Lewis [?]

Then a notation:

"Jirng's [?] Homestead - 6 miles from junction City (southeast) on Section 18 - other creek was through it.

He had a page on "lines that I know" and another page on "Words that I've misspelled."

Appears that he tries to spend as much money as he can spare on books.


May 27 - Order on Clapp $20.00

June 4 Cash - $30.00

Sat. June 11 cash $5.00

Sat. July 2nd - $5.00

Sat. July 9th - $20.00

Sat. July 16 - $5.00

Several others...hard to read.




Oct. 16 - Recd. $2.00

Friday, October 29 - $5.00

Saturday, Nov. 6 - $5.00

Friday, Nov. 26 - $5.00

Saturday, Dec, 8 - NOTHING.

shows total $17.00

Various other figures starting with March 1st, 1870 $5.00...

evidently he was beginning to backtrack on payments or lack of them.


Next page: Roller Composition.

10 lbs. Glue

6 lbs. Sugar

7 oz. Balsom Dir [?]

6 oz. Glycerine

For Winter - 8 lbs. of Sugar.

1/4 of the above for a small had roller--best to work with oil.


Old Molasses compound.

1 lb. of Glue to 1 pint of molasses for winter. Let the glue boil until all is melted, then add the molasses.

Soak the glue first until it is quite mellow. Honey is a good substitute for molasses.



Babbitts Soap excellent for washing forms, etc.








AT 12 ???












Next entry that I can read:

Wednesday, March 13, 1878. Traded three sacks of flour for a Jennie last Monday. Tuesday gave $11 and a pack of cards for a mare from La-o-coo-suc-co [or Ta-coo-suc-co], a Pawnee Indian. "Tidz" [?] in heat. Masonic ball tonight.


Thursday, March 14, 1878. Traded for a couple of robes with the Pawnees today. Paid 3 sacks of XX flour valued at $1 per sack for one and 3 sacks @ $1.35 for the other. [SOME WORDS ???]

Made a number of trades today. Believe I am making something regardless of hard times. Don't have much time lately. Haywood [?] blackballed in the Lodge. Grass coming up nicely.


Friday, March 22, 1878. Building a "shoat" [?] in pasture. Took Milk's [?] shed out of pasture.


Monday, April 13th, 1878. Just returned from three day's trip to Pawnee Agency with Berry. [Looks like Berry??] Weather mild and pleasant.


Thursday, April 18th. Traded with Patterson [?] for single set of harness. Jennings [looks like Jennings ??] took his ponies out of pasture last Sunday. Took description of ponies this afternoon--10 of them.


Sunday, April 21, 1878. Put the Kentucky sorrel mare, the Texas brown mare branded [looks like Q/HR] and the Texas gray mare branded [looks like E/HR] to Patterson; black Morgan horse today. Renewed [? Sipps ?] loan for Hattie Scott yesterday and settling up with everybody.


Sunday, May 12, 1878. Delivered hog call [?] Branded NO to Jasper Houston and brought the "Queen" mare up to be sold. Prof. Kellogg here. Inside cold tonight. "Tidy" had pups late Friday. Breaking the roan pony.


Sunday, June 9th, 1878. Last Monday purchased 27 head of Texas horses and ponies of Jennings [looks like Jennings ?] and Malone of St. Marcus, Texas. Cost $12 per head. Going to Texas June 18th with Frank Baldwin and Frank Hess. Want to sell out everything and take a year to myself.


Sunday, June 22, 1878. Very wet weather. Walnut/Ark. up for two weeks. Took 37 head of horses to Keffer's pasture today. Here was Couriers's [?] coll. Will send Ky mare Dair [?] and sorrell saddle horses off also. Have 35 horses now. Keffer sold to McDade for $85 [?] the roan mare of Coll [?] and 4 yr. old NO mare. And to Retherford the junior for $___. Old spot mare died.


Tuesday, June 25, 1878. In company with B. F. Baldwin and Frank Hess, will start for Texas. To be gone 4 weeks. Russell Wells of Sherman and wife going with us.


Wednesday, June 26, 1878. Started to Texas and ________.


September 4, 1878. Just returned from Winfield tonight. Have been attending Kager's bond suit. Have made arrangements for Ed. Gray to manage the paper while I sell my ponies. Ben. Edwards began work for me Monday, September 2nd, at $15 per mo. Boards at $25 and boards himself.


Davis, Sat. Breaking block NO mare to ride. Traded for stove [?] of Gillert [?]. Offering to sell Traveler office so as to engage in stock. Grass green where it has been mown. "Tiger" pup four months old September 10, 1878. Pigs five months old September 22, 1870. Bald faced mare had colt a month ago.


Thursday, September 5, 1878. Came to Kansas nine years ago today. On Sunday, September 5th, 1869. Sold Bay pony to Knight [?] last Friday for $35. Coours [?] and wife parted. Been sick with fever.


Saturday, September 20, 1878. Been to Doctor. Representative Convention today. Purchased bay stallion of Doc. Holland [?] a few weeks ago for $100. Grass good and green yet. Working ponies north of town yet. No foal yet.


October 7, 1878. Received a letter from brother on Tie Kennedy [?] quarter. Took sorrell LD horse and gray mare out of Keffer's pasture. Selling off my stationery at cost. Brother [?] important event of my life. Resigned Post Office Friday last and traded the Traveler for Dr. Hughes' farm. Have two poor ponies up tryping to fatten them.


Sunday, Oct. 13, 1878. Hughes' mare took the stud. Ponies pretty good flesh. Grass failing some though it is green. Heavy frost and cold nights. Beginning to feed corn and hay to ponies.


Friday, October 18, 1878. Got a colt of Dr. Hughes yesterday for $20 in stationery. Came down Wed. night and went back this morning. Gave her $15. Send her $3 more Oct. 21.


Thursday, October 25, 1878. Cold weather began this morning, and I began feeding my ponies corn. Have old sorrel, LD horse, "Plinky," and the gray lamp mare in the yard feeding them. Got the two sorrells from Dr. Hughes yesterday.


Thursday, Oct. 31st, 1878. My last day with the Traveler today. Sold Corby [?] a $25 pony and put Tom Wright mare and old sorrel to the stud. Grass pretty good yet in the timber.


Sunday, Dec, 8, 1878. Sowed one bushel of blue grass seed today in the wet ground. Grass green yet but very short. Three cold storms so far this winter. Have fed 40 bushels corn already to 30 head of ponies. Rented Traveler room to old Moore [?] and boy Friday last. The boy has worked just one week yesterday.


Wednesday, December 25, 1878. Christmas. Took dinner at Groom's [Coons ?]. Charley and Frank Schiffhauer initiated as Entered Apprentices. Cold and snowing. Snow been on the ground fourteen days. Present of a diary for Touring. W. C. Brown gone South Haven. Mail contract to me. Sent ______ canceled. A.T. & S.F. bonds carried.


Sunday, December 29, 1878. Received diary of 1879 from Tommy. Snow been on the ground for two weeks. Alfred went to South Haven in buckboard. Studying Spanish.


Wednesday, January 1, 1879. First day out of post office duties for nearly four years. Charles Adams ran off with $160 of my funds. Cold again. Will begin to settle my accounts now and prepare for something new. Attended a dance last night--"Masonic dance." Think I can take considerable comfort in my room.


Friday, January 30, 1879. Received $25 of O. [G. ?] F. Godfrey for expense [?] of Hughes farm until Jay [? July ] __, 1879, at $1,700. $1,000 down, $200 in 3 months, and $500 at any time.


Saturday, January 4, 1879. Fearful run of bad luck lately. Charles Adams ran off with $160. Roan mare with shoes on died yesterday. One sow "pigged" today and pigs all dead. Our "puff mare" down and I expect will die. Cold yet and snow still on the ground. Ice a foot thick, and thermometer down to zero.


Monday, January 6, 1879. Down at the pasture all day. Feel stupid this cold weather. Thermometer 6 degrees below zero.


Thursday, January 9, 1879. Thermometer down to 14 below zero. Cold nights. Corder [?] brought boar pig back. Feeding millett to ponies. Had "millett mare" shod ready to go to South Haven, Saturday.


Friday, January 24, 1879. Weather modrated. All the straw in pasture now. Alfred Daggett [Doggett ?] going in two weeks.

Ed. Gray at Winfield.


Sunday, January 26, 1879. Arkansas City, Kansas. Muddy. Weather warmer.


January 27, 1879. Grass green under the snow.


January 27, 1879. Arkansas City, Kansas. Sold the Hughes farm today to O. F. Godfrey for $1,150, or $1,650 with the $500 mortgage. Money to be paid $325 down and the $25 forfeit.


$ 350 - down.

$ 500 - in six days

$ 150 - in 14 days

$ 150 - in 60 days


Adams [?] to have corn stalks and pasturage notice [?] May 1st, 1879. Deed made to Truman M. Godfrey, Chicago, Illinois.


Tuesday, January 28, 1879. Brought up "Gray one eye" [?] from pasture that was getting poor. Somehow don't have much time to collect accounts.


Wednesday, January 29, 1879. Frank Hess began work today. Sold baris [?] bay stud and bay mare for $70 payable in 8-1/2 mo. Due Oct. 15, 1879.


Monday, Feb. __, 1879. Beginning to be quite warm during the day. Extra buckboard of Henry Thomas [?] for $12.00. Standley [?] went to Red Bud with old Wm. [?] Adams.




March 3, 1879. Weather moderating. Sold ___-ear "Smith's Valley" pony for $0. Ed. Campbell, Dick Walker, Dick Wilson, Louie S. Hamilton here. Trying to collect any accounts.


Wednesday, March 6, 1879. Weather warm. Herding ponies in stock field. Had my hair cut. Got mare down from Frank Hess. Douglass Milan [?] quit last Monday. Had 800 postal duns



Wednesday, March 12, 1879. Went to South Haven yesterday to work for daily mail line. Kennick [?] moved out of back room.


Monday, March 17, 1879. Was thrown from buggy and arm dislocated last Saturday.


Saturday, March 22, 1879. Returned from Winfield.


Tuesday, March 25, 1879. Drove out to South Haven. Weather very warm and dry. Need rain badly. Flatboat of potatoes started for Pawnee Agency March 27, 1879. Grass pretty good. Arm sore yet.


Thursday, March 27, 1879. Capt. Jefferson here. Ed. Campbell and others.


Sunday, March 30, 1879. Arkansas City, Kansas.

On Friday, March 21, I ... missed ... Been to the humbug gold fields. Rob. writes me to come to Newkirk. Bought a $10 pony of King Berry.


Arkansas City, Kansas. April 1st, 1879. Began breaking the spotted colt today. Arm still in the sling. Sold mine excitement. Need rain badly. Traded for a double set of harness Sat. last. New landlord takes charge next Friday. Petitions sent in for increase of mail services on route 33.258 from Ark City to South Haven.


April 3, 1879. Took up the carpet. Took first degree in Royal Arch [?] Masonry. Sold Grant the stationery for $117.10 and blanks for $52. Ice 1/4 inches last night. Breaking the spotted pony.


Monday, April 7, 1879. Went to Winfield with Major Sleeth. Bought the deeds from the county of:

S.E. 1/4 Sec 33, Tp. 31, R4 $179.89

3-1/2 of N.W. 1/4, Sec. 19, Tp 31, R3 $ 69.41 [? $89.41 ?]

S.E. 1/4 of N.W. 1/4, Sec 35, Tp 30, R7 $ 33.09



Took Past Master's degree in the Chapter.

Need rain badly.


Thursday, April 10, 1879. Expecting the Gov. St. John here today. Rained Tuesday. Savey [Survey ?] back "South Haven" collected.



Sunday, April 13, 1879. Gov. John P. St. John, Capt. Hibbitts,

Harry St. John, and Dawson here. Sold "crooked" and Ky. sorrel. Received 2 gal. whiskey from Johnson. Employed as Scout at $65 per mo. Foreman at $35.


April 16, 1879. Getting ready to go to Territory. Paid Chas. Harter $250 on Kager matter.



May 11, 1879. Returned from a 600 mile ride in the Territory yesterday. 3 mos sup. bought - May 17, 1879.

Trying to settle up. April 14, 1879, was commissioned Captain of Fifth Co. Independent Cavalry of Kansas State Militia.


May 17, 1879. Offered to Col. Hackney have

S.E. 1/4 of N.W. 1/4 35-30-7 for cost and $10.

Cost: $21.59

Subcaveat [?] tax 11.50

Tax deed 1.25

Recording 1.00





Sent deed June 10th, 1879 - Knoujls [?] Cowley Co. Book, for $45 to be drawn by Bank in my favor.


June 19, 1879. Returned from the Nez Perces last Sunday. Took Royal Arch degree Monday. Dr. Mayo [?] rented the back room last week.


June 24, 1879. Bought 63 acres of island of Mike Hackins [?] for $252. Been sick with fever nearly a week.


June 26, 1879. Started from Ark. City to Caldwell and from thence to Territory.


June 27, 1879. Fearful wind storm.


June 28, 1879. Jack Keesley [?] reported killed, found. Met

"Cherokee Bill," Ed. Mathews, Gus. [?] Ivory.


Sunday, June 29, 1879. Went to Anthony, Kansas.


June 30, 1879. Returned to Caldwell.


July 1st, 1879. Went to Pond Creek. Saw Odell. herd of 640 head of ponies from Live Oak Co., Texas.


July 2nd, 1879. Went to Skeleton.


July 3rd, 1879. Stayed Jones' Ranche, 118,000 head of cattle and 1308 head of ponies have passed this season. 36 [56 ?] herds of cattle and 42 of ponies.


July 4th, 1879. Stayed Fort Reno, Indian Territory.


July 7, 1879. sc. nc [?] school house.


July 8, 1879. See Ed. Currier's [?]


July 10, 1879. " " "


July 12, 1879. Started for Eagle Chief.


Sunday, July 13, 1879. All day without water.


Monday, July 14, 1879. Had the fever all day at Skeleton.


Tuesday, July 29, 1879. Started out alone for Eagle Chief. Will had his back hurt last week [Above entry...penciled in...Yowell]


Friday, August 1st, 1879. Man found dead on Shawkaska.


Sat. August 2nd, 1879. Began reading "Guilded Age." Wrote Journal of Com. to [? with ?] Governor. Camping with Thos. B. Redman and O. Beeson.


August 4, 1879. Drawing $3 per day while [THREE WORDS ???]


Thursday, August 8, 11879. Stayed Dean's Ranche.


Saturday, August 10, 1879. Stayed Johnson's camp on Eagle Chief.


Monday, August 12, 1879. Went into Fort Cantonement. Mired down.


Saturday, August 16, 1879. Got into Ark. City. Brought my dog "Fred" along.


Tuesday, August 19, 1879. Orie Clendening here half a day. Hutchinson to cut grass and Gans [?] to have one fourth the hay in the stack.


Friday, September 5, 1879. Took the assignment of about 150 lots in Ark. City for taxes. Been in a week from the Territory. Will started with Elsey [?] to Emporia with cattle.


Sept. 8, 1879. Started with Rice to Pawnee.


Sept. 9, 1879. Stayed Ponca.


Sept. 10, 1879. Stayed Rice's.


Sept. 12, 1879. On Flat Rock.


Sept. 13, 1879. Stayed member of Cimaron.


Sept. 16, 1879. Started for Campbells [?]


Sept. 17, 1879. Stayed Correguiere [?]


Sept. 18, 1879. See Bill Connors [?]



Friday, October 3rd, 1879. Just home from the Fair at Winfield - with Chutlem [?] - Mot-Mot Yellow Bull.

Wo-wo-ke-a-ilp-up [?] - Red Elk.

"Hack-mot-mot" - Yellow Beaver.

Will go to the Territory soon. The deed now on record for town lots.


Tuesday, October 7, 1879. Started to Kaw Agency with Ed. Gray.


October 8, 1879. Pulled the wagon up the hill, about 4 ft. und. Kaw. [?]


Oct. 9, 1879. Started for Osage, camped at Osage at night.


Oct. 10, 1879. Stayed Osage Ranch all day.


Oct. 11, 1879. Stayed Hickoy [?] Station.


Octt. 12, 1879. Near Elgin.


Monday, October 13, 1879. After being out a week with Gray, returned.


Saturday, October 18, 1879. Started for Cheyenne with the buckboard. Dun horse and my dog. Sold the dog at Reno.


Sunday, October 19, 1879. Stayed South Haven. Horse sick.


Monday, October 20, 1879. At Smith's Ranche.


Tuesday, October 21, 1879. At Skeleton.


Wednesday, October 22, 1879. Stayed Sam Swear's [?].


Thursday, October 23, 1879. Stayed Cheyenne. Shopped.


October 24, 1879. At Fort Reno.


October 25, 1879. Government sale at Fort Reno. Left for

Elm [?] Springs.


October 26. Stayed ____.


Oct. 27 - Stayed Elm Springs.


Oct. 28 - Stayed in Cherokee Town.


Oct. 29 - Stayed Tishomingo.


Oct. 31, 1879. Stayed at Goodins; at noon, at Dennison.


Monday, November 17, 1879. Back from Texas after a journey of 661 miles in 31 days at a cost of $68.60. _______ the new suit off clothes $46.00.


November 18, 1879. Looking about. Straightening around.


November 22, 1879. Bought Rowland's 17 acres of timber for the $80 mortgage. Interest $3.20 and $33.12 cash.


November 23, 1879. Bought 100 cigars for $4 at the hotel. Big excitement about my tax deed of the church.


Thursday, November 27, 1879. Attended Thanksgiving supper. Quite cold at night. Having the back room fixed up. Getting anxious to go East - or somewhere. Dull at night.


Friday, November 2, 1879. Sold Riley [?] to Kenrick on Xmas Eve for $22.75. Had alligator boots mended. Made outt deed and had it acknowledged to Geo. W. Pryor's suit against me and others. Next Monday. W. R. Scott takes over [?] hotel next Monday.



May 6th, 1880. Stayed Arkansas City. Just down from Winfield. Been over to Wellington and Lutting [?] to dispose of Government stock. "S. Haven" [?] and Swarts' mares have colts. Nip left train [?] April 18th. Telegraphed Father tonight. Dr. Wortman's suit this term of court. Also Pryor's [?] against CeluS. [?] Bought "Hattie." Frank sold the hogs to Cook [Cox ?] last week for $65. Took assignments of a lot of town lots and one on

Turner's [?] 7 acres. Deed due on lots next Sept. and on Turner's [?] in 1881. Ruckman completing the fence. Turned in 16 head of state horses, including 2 mules. Fearful winds and very dry. Wheat a failure and corn liable to be. Sorrell wind broken, mare died.


May 10, 1880. Courtney and Turner Brown here.


May 11, 1880. Slept at Chrristians.


May 13th, 1880. Courtney and Turner Brown left. Frank Hess fixing the fence on [the Staff ??? ]. Got a hound bitch.


July 26, 1880. Came in with Frank Hess from Red Fork. Doc Riggs and Nat here.


July 29th, 1880. Johnny St. John came in last night, and left tonight for South Haven after the fellows that stole our goods. I go to Wellington tomorrow. Delegates elected today for Co. and Rep. Conventions.


Tuesday, August 3rd [?], 1880. Sold two lots, 25 & 26, B 30 - $21. Made aboutt $20 clear.


Tuesday, August 23, 1880. Came in Monday from Fort Dodge. Johnny St. John came over from Anthony and went to Topeka. Sold my spotted mare to Tom Redden for $50. Been buying Cherokee lands. Col. Swarts invited me to party at Bob. Mitchell's.


Friday, August 27, 1880. Staying in my room. Took the 5 horses out of Adams' pasture. Rained tonight. Bowle of St. Louis here.


Monday, September 6, 1880. Came home from Topeka last night. Helped nominate Gov. St. John. [MORE...BUT COULD NOT READ WELL.]


Saturday, October 16, 1880. Got back from Leavenworth at noon today. Left Kansas City at 10 p.m. last night. Fare $9.75 to Ark. City. Been at Cour since Monday. Allowed only 3 days attendance as witness and $1.50 per day and 5 cents per mile each way of 560 even in all and fees: $32.50. Expenses at hotel $4.50. ______________________. I made $22.50 clear or about $4 per day. Bought a valice $5.75. MENTIONED BUYING CLOTES AND AMOUNTS.


October 18, 1880. Went to Winfield and paid for $407 of Ark City town lots assignments. Weather cold.


Tuesday, October 19, 1880. Sold my house - lot 10-13, 68, to E. S. Parker, Clifton, New Jersey, for $1,000, reserving use stable at $125. The building repairs, interest on money invested, etc. and all make it cost me ______________________. The cost, and what it sold for makes $2,466.00. Making me a profit of $1,211.51 in five years.


Tuesday, October 26, 1880. Returned from Ponca.


Thursday, October 28, 1880. Joe Hoyt got back. Waiting for ... to come up. Been very busy on my town lot assignments, etc. Horses in Adams' pasture yet. "Bull" in good condition. Chief Joseph up last night.


October 29, 1880. Just back from Winfield. Dance at Courthouse tonight. Now I feel I am ostracized. I am not going. No lady. _____ [Winfield ?] such a little gossiping town. I've more money than any of them, yet they can talk.


Sunday, October 31st, 1880. Rode up to Adams and fed the horses. Then rode to my pasture. Pinto and two colts fat. Then to the island. Good feed and green grass on it. Cool riding after dark. Attended church. Gave $1 for sufferers in Western Kansas.

Dr. [?] last night: $1.50. My wolf got loose this week. "Bert" fat.


Nov. 3, 1880. Worked all day yesterday for the Rep. ticket. Fred Whiting here. Reading Fool's Errand.


Thursday, Nov. 4, 1880. Brought Hattie down yesterday from Adams. Getting cool. Took the horses out of Adams' pasture. Cold Norther. Reinhold Hess to fence the island next week. Everybody going hunting. Yellow Bull up today.


Friday, November 5, 1880. Stayed Winfield today. Co. Com. met. Order made by Co. Com. for citizens [?] to quit claim W. E. parsonage. Making an abstract of taxes. Cold tonight. Copies 64 pages of the Abstract Record today. It will take about 3 days to copy it, ac. [?] to that of three days to re-copy it in the book. Went to Fort Reno this week.


Sunday, Nov. 7, 1880. Went to church. Appearance of rain. Col. Whiting up from Ponca. Fed all the verses yesterday.


Monday, Nov. 8, 1880. Put Hattie back in pasture. She's no fool. Will ride "Belle" to Okoahoma. Slight rain tonight. "Vangard Oil" man here. Dave Pruden and Cass [? Sass ] here.


Monday, Nov. 22nd, 1880. Just back from the Cimarron with Dr. Chappell, Boon [? Bean ] and Jas. Hartsock, B. Coff and son, Allins [? Stevens ?] and Bill Barnett. Snow 6 inches deep and on the ground for a week. J. B. Lyons, of Cadiz, here. Bought a ton of hay. Brought up all the ponies. We got 80 turkeys on the hunt.


Tuesday, November 23, 1880. One week ago I was in camp on the Cimarron. My Birthday. Born Nov. 16, 1848 (32 yrs.). It rained all day and I never dreamed of it being my birthday. J. B. Lyons left this afternoon.


Thursday, Nov. 25, 1880. Made out my voucher for 1 mo. 15 days. $116.66 to the State and considered myself discharged. During the year I made 13 trips and was out 103 days, and at home 102 days. Received $716.66. In 1879 received $712.32.

Began in 1880 - April 20. Quit Nov. 26.

Began in 1879 - April 14. Quit Nov. 17.

Received for the two years $1,429.98.

Took dinner with Boon Hartsock today (Thanksgiving).


Friday, Nov. 26, 1880. Stayed Winfield paying on the $3_____. Weather milder. Beginning to thaw.


Saturday, Nov. 27, 1880. Sold "Belle" and "Joe" to Beavers $75. Sleeting tonight. Got the mare and colt back from Swarts'. Branded the colts today. Corn 35 cents per bu. Hay $3.50.


Monday, Nov. 29, 1880. Nice weather but snow on the ground yet. Branded Swarts' mare and colt. Took the shoess off of Chief [?] and Stink [?]. Col. Swarts' cousin Charlie of Abbington, Illinois, here. Gave him an Indian picture.


Tuesday, Nov. 30, 1880. Went to Winfield to finish paying taxes.


Wednesday, Dec. 1st, 1880. Put the ponies on the island.


Thursday, Dec. 2nd. Jack Jones here under arrest. Another good thing gone by. In 1870 if I had gone to Wichita instead of Rock Creek, I would have made it. In 1871 if I had located in Winfield instead of Ark. City, I'd have made it, and even in 1870 when I was assigned the Post Office. That is now a Presidential office with salary at $2,000 a year. I'd have made it to have held on. $2,000 a year. $166.66 per mo. $5.50 per day.


Friday, Dec. 3, 1880. Down on the island today. Grass green and plenty of it.


Saturday, Dec. 4, 1880. Election of officers of Crescent Lodge 133. James Ridenour - W. M. 14 votes.

O. P. Houghton / Jas. Benedict - 1

J. I. Mitchell 2 - C. L. Parker 1

C. M. Scott Gen. Warden [?] 1st: 9; 2nd: 13.

Chas. Parker 2 - Bonsall 6; then 7.

J. A. [?] Loomis 2 - 1; Armstrong 1.

Hoffmaster 1 - Standley 1 - Nipp 2.

I. H. Bonsall Sen. Warden - 15

Chas. Parker 3 / Troup 2 / Sepas [?] 1 / Standley 3 /

Tom Martin 1

H. P. Farrar - Treas. - 20

J. C. Topliff, Secretary - 18 / Standley - 4

Thos. Berry up from Pawnee.


Wednesday, December 8, 1880. Just returned from Ponca Agency. Went down with Agent - Hamwarter [?] yesterday.

Lieut. S. A. Mason of the Co. H, 4th Cav. here. Capt. Payne here. Joe Sherburne [bought] of me mare and colt [$12/$11.]

Black mare $8

Sorrel white face horse pony $10

Bay - banded [?] $10

Mangy one $14

Bay - male of manyz [?] $14

Total: $68.00

Says would like $65 for all. Bought all of the above and dun mare besides for $76. Duns wee all $15. Colt $2. Black 2 yr. old $8 - and balance $10 each. Have in all now 19 head county; Buck and Saint.


Tuesday, Dec. 14, 1880. Came back from Ponca last night. Have been gone just a week excepting Thur. that I was here till 4 o'clock. Put the Indian ponies in pasture.


Dec. 16. Horses been in the pasture just two weeks; look splendid. The feed is good. Channell here from Minneapolis, Minn.


Dec. 18, 1880. Haworth came up yestrday eve and left for Washington at 4 p.m. today with the Poncas. Sent another 25 bu. corn to the pasture that I bought of Coulter [?] for 22 cents and 25 cents for hauling it down. Making about 40 bu. in the pasture now. I fooled away a solid week with J. M. Haworth for $6. Weather clear and cold.


Sunday, Dec. 19, 1880. Drew up bid on settling to Bross [?] in Frank Hess name with _____ [C.M.S. ?] on the bond for $6,000.


Monday, Dec. 20, 1880. Stayed Winfield in the morning. Fed ponies in afternoon.


Tuesday, Dec. 21, 1880. Had bid acknowledged. Sat drafts of $186 for Sat [? each ?] for Chief {?], Buck, Sorrel, and Possum, and fed. [DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS ENTRY AT ALL.]


Wednesday, Dec. 22, 1880. Snowing all day again. Brought up circle bay (+). He is fearful thin and has the epizootic. Mended up gloves, and working on my abstract today. Dick Walker here.


Thursday, Dec. 23, 1880. Four inches of snow on the ground, but the sun warm. Snow has been on the ground a week with the ponies on the island. Good long grass, however, and I feed the 15 horses 1-1/2 b. corn per day. Have the island fenced now and am making calculations for next summer to raise 300 head of hogs. Buy and ship 100 head of ponies. Bid on five mail routes, and thinking of buying 500 head of cattle. Have 13 tracts or 1,009 acres of land and about 200 town lots. Have 20 ponies on hand and a wagon load of chattels. Have 180 bushels of corn, and in the face of this am trying to make arrangments to leave this damn town where I am ostracized. Have $1,300 in bank.



Saturday, December 25, 1880. CHRISTMAS. Took dinner with Judge Christian. Was installed Sen. Warden of Crescent Lodge No. 133. No sign of snow melting yet.


Sunday, December 26, 1880. Fearful cold storm. Went to church.


Monday, Dec. 27, 1880. Fearful cold today. Bought a colt of Isaac Warner for $2. Conklin here. Cahpter members installed by Read today. CWS as "Capt. of the Roost." I didn't do much work until tonight. Selling cattle on the train [?]. May go to Texas in February. Wrote Oeinsly [?] - Russell Wells - S. W. Gifford of San Antonio, in regard to cattle. Rheinold has fed the ponies since Sat.


Tuesday, Fec. 28, 1880. The night is fearful. One of the worst I ever experienced. Thermometer at zero and a fearful wind blowing. This is the third snow this year and this last one has been on this ground ten days and no signs of leaving. Agent Bowman here all day--busting [ousting ?] Wyckoff. Seems I put in a great of time at my office, yet I read so little.


Wednesday, December 29, 1880. Eleven degrees below zero this morning. Coal oil congealed. Horses shiver in the stable. Even Bert. No sign of any change yet. Almost froze my hands in gloves going to the island yesterday evening.


Thursday, December 30, 1880. Warmer today. But snow on the ground yet and no thawing.


Sunday, January 2nd, 1881. Texas, Washington, or Topeka? Where will I go. Damn Arkansas City. I will leave it. Another lie out--on me about Mrs. Filbrook, etc. I have my tax [?] bills matters to free up. My things to pack and my horses to sell if I go. One more letter will settle that matter, and I am free to roam. Snow on the ground. Got four inches deep and it will take a week to melt it out of the timber. Gave Tom Berry $100 for his promise to buy ponies.


Monday, January 3, 1881. Went to Winfield with Tom Berry. Co. Comm. in session.


Tuesday, January 4th, 1881. Trying to have Matlack get off of Pawnee tradership. Haworth, Miles, Cook, etc., here. Snow melting where the sun strikes it all over. Bought Indian Grey horse pony for $5.


Wednesday, January 5th, 1881. Milder today, but tonight blowing cold, snow on the ground, ground frozen; and ice six inches thick. It's a fearful winter on stock for cold weather and snow. But little sleet however. I am thinking of going to Topeka during the Legislature.


Thursday, January 6, 1881. Bought Iron Grey horse pony for $5.


Friday, 7th. "Iron Grey" down, but helped him up. Desperate today to go to Topeka. Bought a small yearling black colt of a Pawnee for $4 today.


Saturday, January 8, 1881. Started to Topeka at 4 p.m. Laid over at Newton until 12 a.m., Sunday.


Monday, January 10, 1881. Arrived at Topeka this morning.


Tuesday, January 11, 1881. Began to report for the Commonwealth today. Reporting a caucus in the morning and the Legislative proceedings in the afternoon.


Wednesday, January 12, 1881. House completed the election of all the officers today. Bought a pair of boots for $3. Expenses so far R. R. ticket - out $4. Hotel at Newton $1. Buss for 50 cents, wine 75 cents.


January 18, 1881. Stayed _________ at Mrs. Cases, Topeka. There has not been a day for more than two months that stock could ____

_______ [been without ?] hay and corn. Snow again.


January 21, 1881. Stayed at Henry King's last night. Weather warmer but the two month's season and the ground yet. Been here now nearly two weeks. [DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS ENTRY.]


Saturday, January 22, 1881. Started work on "State Items," etc. I began this year in April at $100 per mo., put in April, May, June, July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov. - 8 months at $800. Skipped December and am now $20 per week, or $3.50 per day, in January/February, and will probably only miss March and April--making 3 [?] months in the year that I did not work and smoke $3 per day or $1,000 a year. Snowed again this morning.


Sunday, January 23, 1881. Snowing again. Bob gone to Leavenworth. Met Pete Cowly.


Thursday, January 27, 1881. Ground frozen and snow still on the ground. Mailed Gov.'s message to several parties. Begin to like my work better.


Sunday, January 30, 1881. Thank God, at last - the snow has gone and the ground is thawing out. Baker wants to cut me down from $20 per week to $15. If I get the mail contract, I will want to be at home a month before I go into the Territory. My Territory trips of course cover all braves on the appropriation. Bob has gone home again. I've been very attentive to Miss Wells lately



Friday, Dec. 24, 1880. Sleeting this morning. Cut a lot of wood. Fed the horses. My expenses now are only board and washing. No cigars. No clothes. No nothing. Brought up "Budji's" mate and put in the stable. Not cold tonight. Christmas eve. Everybody going to the festival. Just [? Still ?] I remain in my room. Very few social enjoyments I engage in. I must be reaching the batchelor age. Ostracized by this damned petty community--makes us old.


To W. Scott credit by draft, No. 1348, dated January 17, 1881, payable to himself, $42.00

J. L. Huey draft to above sent from Topeka January 31st: $42.00


Rickman draft to draft from Topeka sent Janaury 31st: $10.00

Feb. 3, 1881. Take credit of hang [?] order: $20.00



Sunday, January 30, 1881. It seems to me just as lonesome here tonight in Topeka as I ever was in the Territory. I will go to the Pan Handle this time, notifying the Cav. [? Gov. ?] that I want a general outlook as I did before before settling down in anyone place Then I will locate at Cheyenne, have the use of the tribes [?] at Fort Reno during the warm weather, or at Red Fork where I can look out for cattle. Get a good leather back diary and indelible pencil. Make all my loans - give up my room and go to the Territory in earnest this year.


Monday, January 31, 1881. Cold and ice over everything. Sleeted last night and the pavements a sheet of ice. It's 12 midnight tonight and I have just got in pained [?] days work, and that too and a prospect of $15 per week.


Wednesday, February 2nd, 1881. If the appropriation goes through, I am heeled for two years to come. If I get one or more mare contracts any time will be occupied. I can get along with either one. But if I don't get either, then I will have to go East - and strike up something with Rob - buy cattle, or go to the mountains. I will probably buy cattle.



Saturday, February 5, 1881. Two names mentioned...Col. Sanford...Mrs. M. C. McMann, _____ Elm Street, West Phil, Pa. ???


Sunday, February 6, 1881. AGAIN...ONLY SNATCHES.

An inch of snow .... Wrote to Price [Pierce ?] Current Chicago Tribune - Etabe [?] Demara {?] Cin Commercial ... asking if ... wanted a correspondent in the territory. I would be wonderful ... if I was at Ark City. I don't know if I realize it or not whether it pays one to stay home. Topeka or not, _____ some day. I see I could as well have a State office or not if I had worked my plans right.


Wednesday, February 9, 1881. Wrote Hay [Huey ?] to pocket $12 on each pacer [?] and $1.50 to Chas. Milk. Am working 3 sessions a day now for $3 per day. Damned hard work for little pay. Expense $9 per week. Board $5. Room $2.50. Washing $1. Cigars $1. Saw Jennie [?] Swickards this eve at supper. I remember her first when she was teaching school in Grouse Creek.


Friday, February 11, 1881. Woke up this morning to find six inches of snow on the ground and snowing still.


Monday, February 14, 1881. Snow six inches deep yet and even with warm days will take a week to melt. Heard Mrs. Emma

Maloy [?] lecture last night. Torrance and Will Wilson here yet. Grand Lodge meets Wednesday 16th.


Thursday, February 17, 1881. Snowing tonight again. There is about two feet of snow on the average. Received several postal cards and answered seven letters today, attended Grand Lodge. Received draft of $85.50. Plus - if appropriation passes I'm in the Territory. If not, I'll be one month at Ark. City, then go on to Macomb, Illinois, and then to New York and Ohio, or go to Texas for the cattle.


Tuesday, February 21, 1881. Sleigh bells ringing in every direction. Wearing my best suit now. Snow melted a little today. Received another letter from Imo [?] Belle Brandon, 3928 Elm St., West Phil.


Friday, February 25, 1881. Snow on the ground yet, but melting every day. Learn that it is all gone at Ark City. Received money order No. 10038 for $28 dated Feb. 19, 1881.


Monday, February 28, 1881. Henry [?] Farrar, Joe Reardon, and Will Allison came up yesterday. Snow almost gone. Paid Guy $100 yesterday and endorsed to him the $85.50 order on Leavenworth.


Monday, March 7, 1881. Arrived home from Topeka. Governor's here. Snow on the ground. Made $141 at Topeka. Began work January 11th. Quite March 5th. 47 days @ $3 per day. Called on Mrs. Cabins [Coons ?] tonight.


Thursday, March 10th, 1881. Went to Winfield today to pay taxes of tax sale cert. Paid $176. Will Yowell's at Dodd City, Texas. Raining nearly all day today .... Am getting my work pretty well caught up with.


Friday, March 11, 1881. $10,000 loaned @ 12 percent.

Work out one. [?] $1,200 per year or $100 per month. About 24 percent. Would ____ $2,400 per year.


Sunday, March 13, 1881. Grass [?] coming up on the prairie about as fast as in the timber. Arkansas River up pretty high. Received a "bulldog" pistol from Merriam, Halbert & Co., 83 Chambers St., New York. Cold tonight. Went hunting with Jas. Miller and attended church at night.


Thursday, March 17, 1881. Wrote several letters. Made new mortgage and various matters. Got $25 of Warren on lots 1-2, Block 37. Attended Price's lecture with Linda Christian. Hood of Red Fork Ranche here. Wrote Tommy [?] to come April 10th. Nellie Swarts coming last of June. Will start Joe Berry's camp tomorrow to be gone two or three weeks. Cut-off swimming [?] yet. Sears getting that - the ponies can about pick a living. Mike got two ponies on a mortgage. Told Hood he could have an Evans gun for $18. The Indians' ponies purchased. Joe Sherborne was a poor choice [?]. They gave all the good horses the distempers, then the itches, and finally two died.


Friday, March 18, 1881. All ready to go and a fearful snow storm set in. Tonight is a fearful night. I had 211 town lots that cost me $1,052.94. I sold 25 for $250.49, leaving 186 lots at $802.45. I have 90 lots due, making [186 + 90] 276 lots, which I expect to make $5 each on, or $1,380. If I can make $10 each: $2,760.


Thursday, March 31, 1881. Returned from the Cimaron last night. Out 12 days. Cold tonight. Turned all the ponies in the pasture.


Sunday, April 3, 1881. De [? Dr. ] McCoy and Will Whiting here. Samll sorrel called "Isaac" found near dead. It will die. Sears in tthe pasture next to Whiting coming up nicely. Rickman took a load of corn to the island yesterday. Corn 40 cents per bushel. Cold tonight again. Bought 5 gals. of wine of Leonard's and will get some whiskey of Sanford.


Tuesday, April 5th, 1881. Last night at Cap's [?] saloon. Cold wind blowing tonight.


Friday, April 8, 1881. Took the house and lot of Cap Sanford (Lot 9, Block 80) for the note and mortgage of $725.76.


Sunday, April 10th, 1881. Milk [?] again. Attended M. E. Church. T. J. Ellis in charge of Milletts herd here. Also Hugh Bales [? Boles ] freighters.


Monday, April 11, 1881. Bert covered [? colared ?] the buckskin (Joe Sherburne mare), the sorrel mare, with their colt, and the Swarts mare.


Tuesday, April 12, 1881. Cold. Freezing tonight. Brought "Chief" [?] up to cure of Texas itch. Boys in my room having music.


Fridqy, May 13, 1881. Gen. McNeil and the Otoe Chiefs, Capt. Barnes here. Tommy and I came in from Reno / Oklahoma yesterday. Tommy has been here about since April 14th (4-1/2 weeks). Milks. Branded all the unbranded ponies and put them in the Whitney pasture - all ten head of them as follows:

1 and 2. Hattie [?] and colt.

3. Buck.

4. Saint.

5. Dun mare.

6 and 7. Swarts' mare and colt.

8. "Tom" bay stud - just bought of Andrew Berry.

9. Brown CM B 6 yr. old mare that kicked me.

10. Black 3 yr. old itch one - horse [?] colt.

Have "Chief" [BEEN SAYING CHIEF BECAUSE NOT SURE WHAT HE WAS WRITING EVERYTIME...REALLY LOOKS MORE LIKE "GRIF."] up again to cure the itch. Pasture pretty good on this side.

Left on the island 7 head / Mike's 2. Seven head of mine on the island as follows:

1. Pinto mare.

2. Pinto colt.

3. Bell coll.

4 and 5. Sorrel mare and poor black colt.

6. Bay horse.

7. Sorrel mare, mate of Bulge [? Budge ] that was drowned.

Have in all the 10 head in pasture, 7 head on the island, Grif [OR CHIEF OR GREY ???] and Bert - 2 - at the stables. Whiting has South Haven and colt, and there are 7 at Berry's Ranche as follows: Roan mare, Bay pacing mare, two black mares, one spotted cut-stud, and one bay stud, 3 yrs. old, now cut, and one by 3 yr. old mare.

10 head in Whitney's [? THOUGHT IT WAS WHITING BEFORE]...

2 - Grif and Bert - at the stable

2 - South Haven / colt.

7 - on the island

7 - at Berrys Ranche.

28 - in all.

1 - small black one I forgot to count.



Saturday, May 14, 1881. Cut "Tom" stud bag [+] and Ned. Arkansas and Walnut both high. Grass good in Whitney pasture. Washed Grif in Walnut to cure the itch. Party [?]--eating ice cream and drinking soda water this evening. Joining [? Towning ?] with Frank Hess tonight.


Friday, May 20, 1881. Tommy and I went to Winfield yesterday. Rained all day. Paid my June 1/2 of taxes and took out deed on 90 town lots. Raining today. Arkansas / Walnut both full. New landlord at City Hotel with Franac [? France ?].


Wednesday, July 27, 1881. Corporal A. L. Booth [?], H. Co., 4th Cav., Lieut. Mason's Co., here with two men looking for deserters. Leigure [?] went up to see Chapin. "Circumstances are such that I cannot accept your invitation to attend the party tomorrow eve." (NO signature) - Go to hell. I've done my part. I've been slighted, and I don't propose to make a damned fool of myself, but wasting any more time on unpledged, non-sympathizing cold hearthstones. I'm through. Farewell. Old man hoe your own rac [? roc ?]. The note was independent enough / C. M. shows your independence. "____ Nellie / compliments of C. M. Scott. Will you attend a social at Rev. Laverly's with me tomorrow evening?" Ark City - Wednesday, July 27, 1881.


Friday, August 1, 1881. Orie Clendenning here this morning. Ordinance regarding stacking hay was published March 18, 1874. Tobe come in.


Wednesday, August 3, 1881. Tobe came in last Monday. Weather warm again. Ark river up and dam of canal broken.


Friday, September 2, 1881. Tobe left this afternoon. I went to Winfield with him. Was here about a month


Tuesday, September 6, 1881. Bought some lands and town lots at the tax sale. Slight rain and turned quite cold. About to engage in sheep for great profit or considerable lots. Feed scarce.


Thursday, September 8, 1881. Rained this morning.

Mail contract began July 1st, 1878.

Mail contract expires July 1st, 1882.

Bid for each year 104 trips twice a week: $228.00

Extra service ordered May 1st, 1879: $14.00

Whole amount for 1 year: $342.00

Amount of express [___ let @ $150 per trip: $224.00

Amount above expenses per year: $118.00

Pay of cash trip from P. O. Dept.: $2.20

Case ..... by carrier: $1.50.

Send above expenses - each trip: $.70

Expenses per week: $2.10

Expenses per month: $8.40

Expsenses per year: $118.00

James Rennick quit December 2, 1879.

Wm. Ruckman began Dec. 2, 1879.

John L Wright began Oct. 14, 1881.


Tuesday, September 20, 1881. Went up to Topeka Sept. 13th with 26 Cheyennes and Arrapahoes and got back at 2 this morning. Then went over to Salt City with Topliff. Bought 2,000 head of two year old sheep @ $2 per head. Think we could [SENTENCE NOT FINISHED] Went Friday Sept. 22, 1881, and paid for them.


Saturday, September 24, 1881. Sold three horses to Dell Servis [?] Galva [or Salva], Illinois, for $15 and made $18 clear on the lot. The Brown Washita filly I held just one month. The bay horse bought on the check of Stewart I held 1 mo. and 1 day and the brown colt I paid Joe Sherburne $2 for last winter. Went to Winfield Sunday to see sheep man. Have 19 head of ponies left. 4 on island, 1 at Swarts, and 14 in Adams' pasture.


Tuesday, Sept. 27, 1881. Went over to Beaver water Delta [???] [someone wrote "Beam Cr."] and she agreed to undertake So. Beam dairy a great deal of work lately. Rained last night. Her 80 acres is worth $400 anyhow. I trade the 127-1/2 ____ [?] arid nake $270.50. Good enough. Last Saturday I made $18 and today $270. besides drawing my $3 per day. Am doing well enough.

[Written later by someone: "Traded for SR"]


Thursday, September 29, 1881. Completed the trade on the Cary tract today. Raining again. Sent Aunt Lou Shirley photo of myself and "Black Cejata." [LOOKS LIKE CEJATA ???]

Also one to father, one to mother, Rob., Julia, William, J. D., Mary Belle Scott, Mrs. St. John. Gen. Noble, Sudlie Devendorf [?] and Uncle James Scott.



Sunday, October 2nd, 1881. The Ark. river is up again. A dam of rock ten times as strong as the dam across the Ark. Built on piers drive down 25 feet - washed out and ___ brush one will go with the first rise. The sides of the canal are caving in already. Sell all my town lots and the Sanford building. C. M. Scott, you see it. It will pay to devote time to selling. Newman, Haywood, and the Canal Co. will be bankrupt before another year.


Monday, October 3, 1881. Told Jim Peuton [?] to fix canyon [?]. Kershaw sold his 80 lots to Jno. C. Brady for $600. Ruckman to begin building canal on 6th @ $1.25 per rod for 4 ft. fence.

9-1/2 base and 12 in. at top. The ponies are poor and will have to put on good grass.


Tuesday, October 4, 1881. It don't pay me to hold more than ten horses (Just what will live in the pasture.) unless I hold 60 head.


Thursday, October 6th, 1881. Went over to Salt City Tuesday night. Drove the sheep to Rice's Wed. and to the spring at Cary's today at noon. Grass good, especially on the late burn.


Tuesday, October 11th, 1881. Drove the ponies out.


Sunday, Oct. 9th, 1881. Dave King began herding Sunday.

Yesterday Old Mr. Cary put one day ______________________.

Ruckman came himself - put in half a day, and Chas. Nulks [?] one day.


Wednesday, October 12th, 1881. Old gent / Aaron Cary put in a full day quarizing [?]. Ruckman one day, and Roupe [?] with oxen one day @ $65.


Thursday, October 13, 1881. Rained in the morning and cold. No frost however. Cary and son, Rickman, Dave King, Chas. Milks began work. CMS smashed his thumb and came into town / sent 50 lbs. beans and some rice to camp by Harkins.


Friday, Oct. 14, 1881. Made note/mortgage to Richard Lyons of Cadiz, Ohio, on 160 acres 4 miles above Winfield. Beaver Creek 100 acres and Sanford home, all valued at $1,000 each, for a loan of $1,000 @ 9 percent. Due Oct. 15, 1882.


Saturday, October 15, 1881. Devendorf check for $25. Raining again. Henry Wilson one armed man ___ __ Beaver farm.

Sam'l Clayton on Miller's place - _______ __.


Monday, October 19, 1881. Thos. Anderson [above Anderson wrote in Armstrong] Shot/Killed James Reily [?]


Saturday, October 22, 1881. Hattie Slunk here - call this morning. Took one horse May 13, 1881. Bert covered her. Call 5-1/2 mos. gone. Jimmy (Uncle) Smith went to work on the quarry yesterday noon. 12 rods laid up and stone on the ground for the west end. Raining again.


Thursday, October 27, 1881. Just in from Sheep Ranche. Received $1,000 check of Richard Lyons. Rained this morning. Sent out barrel of salt and sulphur for sheep. Corral about 2/3 completed. Expect sheep from Orie Sat.


November 1st, 1881. Expect the sheep in tonight - 227 in one car of two decks. Fair weather today. Ponies on the island doing well. Jim Miller's female dog in heat in my stable.


Estimate of Stone Stable.

18 by 24 ft.

12 ft. high; 18 in. wall.

16-1/2 ft. by 18 inches wide is one perch [?].

Each end 18 ft. wide by 12 ft. high = 216 ft.

Each side 18 ft. wide by 12 high = 288 ft.

Stable is estimated 3 ft. high 54 ft.

by 18 long = 531 ft.

Add 6 inches to make 18 in. wall or 1/3 1.593

1.593 cubic ft. divided by 16-1/2 ft. = 75 ft. perched [?]





November 2, 1881. Heavy frost again that took most of the nice green grass. Green grass among long old grass was not injured much. Ponies gaining in flesh. Joe Sherburne pony very thin but gaining.


Friday, Nov. 4, 1881. Nip came on with 50 Rams and 174 Merino ewes. Freight $169. Feed etc. $30. Eleven days on the road.


Saturday, Nov. 12, 1881. Nip went home this morning. I went as far as Winfield as I had to appear on the Armstrong murder trial. Weather fair again. Last Thursday a fearful cold rain storm fell. We lost one weather. Just getting the shedding up. Grass good yet. Have not fed anything yet.


Monday, Nov. 14, 1881. Got excused from Armstrong's trial. Brought in Hattie last Sunday. She is fearful this will mean the call from her.


Topliff has: C. M. Scott has:

758 -1/4 Colorado ewes 379-1/8 Colorado ewes

728 Colorado weathers 364 Colorado weathers

34 Merino Bucks 16 Merino Bucks

119 Merino ewes 59 Merino Ewes

___ ___

1,639-1/4 sheep in all. 819-1/8 sheep in all.




Thursday, December 14, 1881. Have had a month of cold weather with a few warm days intervening. Colorado sheep fat on the range. Haven't begun feeding them yet. Merino ewes feeding on Naylor [?] wheat field, doing well, except a few of them.

Feeding Merino ewes / rams / bu. corn per day.

Grass some green yet. Nov. 28th.

Dave King let 500 get away. We lost 11.

Completed the house yesterday.

Thompson began yesterday.

Dipped the sheep two weeks ago. It took 2-1/2 days with 5 hands.

Beauty's pups a little over four weeks old.

Fanny's pups about two weeks old.


Nov. 29 - Turned the Rams in with the Colorados.


Nov. 18 - Turned rams in with Merino ewes.

Have 2,215 Colorados

173 Merino ewes

200 rams


December 2, 1881. Gov. St. John to be here to go on a hunt today. Quit the service for 1881 on Nov. 30th. C. W. Zuling [?] here making a snap of Cowley Co. to be delivered Aug. 1881 for $10. C. M. Scott took one copy. John P. Edwards, 31, South 6th St., Phil., Pa., is Republican. Bought two pairs of boots of St. Horn for $3.50 and $3. Parsons - Custodian here.


Sunday, December 10, 1881. Just back from a seven days hunt east of Ponca with Mat. M. St. John, John Higgins, Jim Ritchey, and Fleming of Olney, Illinois. Expenses $62.37. Got two deer.


Monday, Dec. 11, 1881. Millard to begin herding. John Forbes to quit. One sheep died and one drowned since I went on the hunt. Making 13 lost this month so far. Pink Fout's has but 60 ton of hay for 3,500 sheep. We have about 70 tons for 2,000. Weather warm, range good. Digging a well on the line. Began feeding Hattie one tablespoon per day of 1/2 misture of:

1 bb. sulphur

1/2 bb Salt petre

2 oz. copperas

1/2 bb. raisin

I will take $150 for Sanford building. It pays now 9-4/9 percent, after deducting taxes - Tax $30.


Thursday, Dec. 16, 1881. Weather continues warm. Sheep and ponies all looking well. Rode Grif from Ranche to bridge in 36 even .... etc.





December 24, 1881. Berger died last week. Fine weather again. Grass growing green.


December 26, 1881. Mr. Joseph Evans, Capt. U. S. boat, Wichita, here. Took drive with Bob. Mitchell. Christmas. Weather fine yet.


December 27, 1881. C. M. Scott installed as Capt. of Host in Burnett Chapter No. 41. Little cooler today.


January 4, 1882. Time rolls on rapidly. I am kept very busy on my tax titles, and with the sheep ranche, hog ranche, etc. In the first page of this book I estimate my worth at $5,000 in 1878. Now I will reach near $12,000 in 1,300 acres of land; 350 town lots, a great amount of tax purchases, etc.


January 7, 1882. Attended the theatre at Winfield last night. Today is as fine a winter's day I ever saw. Chickens are crowing, and the weather is splendid. Started to Sheep Ranche and met Lamb / Carlos Thompson coming in. Drove spotted mare and colt and S. H. No. 1 to Whitney pasture. Ruckman moves to Hay Ranche next week. Horses are just getting in fair condition. The nail on my thumb is half grown.


January 12, 1882. Raining today. Nez Perces here. Didn't do much yesterday, except write items for Traveler and Courier. Am having a little leisure time for a day or two.


Friday, January 13, 1882. Just began to wonder what to do next, and taking it a little easy when in came a dispatch from Pink Fouts [STILL NOT SURE OF NAME] for me to come to Harper to buy 1,200 sheep and I had to pack up and go at once. Was absent just a week at an expense of about $12. Came back after $1,632 for 1,088 sheep and went immediately back.


January 24, 1882. Paid A. G. Ware and Dr. Losee [?] $1,632 for 1,088 sheep and drove across the Medicine and camped and skinned 2 sheep. Found 30 unmarked / turned [? buried ?] them.


Wednesday, January 25, 1882. Next day. Camped at night on Dry Sand Creek. Hauled [? Traveled ?] 18. No wood. No water.


Thursday, January 26, 1882. Skinned tow and hauled 55.


January 27, 1882. Camped at the Deep Red Hole and then drove to Sand Creek. Skilled 6 and a coyote. Pink left for the Willows to be gone ten days. Drove to Two Creeks and camped. Fearful cold wind storm. Three sheep died in the morning.


Saturday, January 28, 1882. Five dead sheep to haul. No time to skin. Drove to Beeson's dry and 10 dead.


Sunday, January 29, 1882. Skinned 17 and started for Anthony, and left 36 pelts at Gaines [? Cains ?] and Stevens.


Monday, January 30, 1882. ___________. Three inches snow on the ground. Lou skinned 3 sheep Sunday, 4 today.


Tuesday, January 31, 1882. Skinned 11 sheep. Sheet got away from Lou last night. Skinned all told today 22 sheep.


Wednesday, February 1, 1882. Drove to canyon crick. _______[?]


February 2nd, 1882. Skinned 12. Sun out - warm.


February 3rd, 1882. Skinned 4, moved down the creek to the lake on __________________[?]


Feb. 4, 1882. Skinned 7. Froze a little.


Feb. 5, 1882. Skinned little lamb. Coyotes all around.


Feb. 6, 1882. Skinned 7. Windy.


Feb. 7, 1882. Cold rain, then cleared off.


Feb. 8, 1882. Started to ________. Met Gass [? Sass.] He has 7 hands.


Feb. 9th, 1882. F. J. Mack's on bluff. Bought $18 he carries 36 bu. @ 50 cts. Lou sheared 14 sheep. Mike Lowry began work.




Saturday, February 18, 1882. I have not been making any work count since I came back from Harper. Have bargained the sale of five lots with parties came to me to buy; but my office work has been neglected and I am stupid. Will go to taking quinine, etc.


Sunday, February 19, 1882. Fearful wind, rain, and snowstorm last night. Snow about 2-1/2 inches deep. Snowed and sleeted all day and still sleeting tonight. Got up an excursion to go to Winfield to hear Gov. St. John speak. Pink Fouts going out to the sheep in Harper Co. I occupied a seat with the Governor on the rostrum at Winfield. Guess I made a good bid on a mare.


Monday, February 20, 1882. Fearful storm. Snowing again. Boys skating on the streets. Sold lots 10 - 12, Block 93, to Wyckoff for $25. They cost $5.50 - made $19.50. Sold Lots 13 and 14, Block 14, for $27 to W. M. Randol; made $25.44. Some warranty deeds to both parties, and quit claimed. Lot 6, Block 79, to John Alexander for $80.00. Cost $194.50, making a dead loss of $114.50.


Tuesday, February 21. Went to Methodist oyster supper with Bell and John Krovert [?]. Gave them a half dollar. Ate some cove oyster. Didn't have any amusement. Lost a night's reading and work and don't care to go again.




Thursday, March 2nd, 1882. Went to Winfield yesterday. Sold Mark [?] K. Mark 8 lots, etc. While I am ostracized in this petty little town, I would not have time to fool away on society. I manage to put in all of my time at work and will have to look out for word for a time of pleasure when I have made my stake. Hattie is just getting in good flesh after feeding her all kinds of feed since ______.


Friday, March 3rd, 1882. Bishop says he will give Mrs. Reynard $30 for Lot 1 13 93. MORE FIGURES. Lots should sell for $118.30.

Lot 7 B 15 - worth $20

Lot 8 15 $20

Lot 1, Block 93, worth $30.00

Lot 4, Block 89, worth $20.00

Lot 19, Block 89, worth $15.00


Thursday, March 9, 1882. Sold J. [I. ?] B. Danield's 19 town lots - 16 @ $5 each; 3 @ $10 = amounting to $110, payable in installments of $18 each for 1-1/2 years. No interest. C.M.S. didn't mention the lots were all full, etc. NET $32.14.


Tuesday, March 13, 1882. Wrote Rob. I could loan $2,500 @ 10 percent on good farms, and I would guarantee him 8 percent on $2,500 would pay off Lyons and Leizure [?].




Saturday, June 24, 1882. I made $250 once by lending my name for Tom Berry's tradership, and $250 on a tax title speculation, and $250 working 2-1/2 months for the Government, which was all easy enough. I have spent $250 on a trip East and enjoyed it. I lost $250 on Kager's bond, and $250 would buy a man a buggy, an extra safe for my papers, would pay my board a year and a half, would buy 100 sheep, and pay for a lot for Julia's house; but I have lost $250 on John Walker, by sheer neglect of attention to business, and confidence in him. I can never make it as long as I lose it.


Friday, Sept. 1st, 1882. Sold 30 head of ponies for $712.50. Just $23.75 per head and made $352.50. Tiger has two pups. Yesterday was cold enough for an overcoat. C.M.S. has, counting Hattie, 17 horses left, to-wit: LISTS HORSES.


Monday, Sept. 4, 1882. Hattie's colt died.


Saturday, Sept. 9, 1882. Ranche set afire. Damage $168.89.


November 14, 1882. Judge Soward here. Still warm. Signs of rain. Have my corn crip in the stable full. Went to town from political rally with Nellie Swarts.


Thursday, November 16, 1882. Rain yesterday and today. Ed. Currier is at Winfield of horse Unif [?] trial with three Cheyennes with him. I am 34 years old today. Born Nov. 16, 1848. Dull rainy day.

1881 - one year ago - at the Ranche in the rain, building the corral.

Two years ago (1880) was traveling on the Cimaron.

Three years ago (1879) on the road from Texas between Ponca/Ark. City.


Saturday, December 2nd, 1882. Last night went with Nellie Swarts to Mrs. _____ lecture on Africa and tonight to hear Col. Copeland. Attended election of officers at the Lodge afterwards. She's going home next Monday.


December 4, 1882. Started East with $300 with Maj. Searing and N. Snyder. Dec. 5th: Stopped at Kansas City. Dec. 6th: 2 hours at Chicago. Dec. 7th. At Akron in the morning. ETC. TELLS ALL THE PLACES, PLEOPLE, HE SEES BACK EAST.


Friday, January 12, 1883. Attended Wilberforce Concert with Miss Nellie Swarts. Eva Swarts came down from Halstead today.


Wednesday, Feb. 21, 1883. Attend ball with Mrs. Lizzie Wyckoof. Good time.


Sunday, March 18, 1883. Drove over to Beaver creek with Benj. S. Phillips. Think I have sold him my 100 acres for $700.


Sunday, April 8, 1883. Attended a farewell party at Dr. Kellogg's to Miss Hattie Carry [? Corry ] last night. Hattie foaled a sound small colt, etc.


Friday, April 13, 1883. Went down to Osage Agency yesterday, back today with Ben Phillips.


Saturday, April 14, 1883. Zebon J. Miles here today and I made his bond for $60,000, as follows:

A. A. Newman - $20,000

C. H. Searing - $ 5,000

Stacy Matlack - $15,000

H. P. Farrar - $ 1,500

C. M. Scott - $10,000

???? DOES NOT ADD UP TO $60,000 ???


Tuesday, May 29, 1883. Out riding with Miss Maggie Gardner last night and to eat tonight, etc.


Thursday, July 24, 1883. Sold 17 steers today. Will weigh tomorrow. Fearful hot day. I will be 35 years old in about four months. I am not satisfied with my kind of life. Have everything I want. I'm worth nearly $20,000, but I am not contented. I have no companion. NO associate. I am alone in my room, and the evenings are fearful lonesome. I want some place to go to. Occasionally make a case on lady friends, but that is temporary enjoyment. When I am very busy with my books at night, it affords about as much as any. I am not contended enough to read.


Monday, September 3, 1883. Brought Grif in to drive. Miles here to make a new bond. I didn't go on the last one.


Saturday, September 15, 1883. Attended dance last night with Miss Maggie. Good time. Called on her tonight. She's a lovely girl and I'm getting to love her. Really - I'm becoming attached to her. Henry Pruden leaves Monday, etc.


October 15, 1883. Rob. still with me. Drove over to Geuda with Miss Maggie yesterday, etc.


October 24, 1883. Weather quite cool. Rob. leaves tomorrow. Made a stay of one month and 4 days, etc.


October 25, 1883. Rob left this afternoon. Beech swore out a warrant for me. My 20,000 lbs. wire came yesterday.


Saturday, Nov. 10, 1883. Met Miss Maggie accordingly today. She looked sweeter, handsomer than ever before, etc.


December 7, 1883. Returned from Otter Creek tonight. Dance in town tomorrow night. Finished Ranche house so as to move in last week. Three teams hauling posts from the sheep Ranche, etc.


Christmas Eve, Dec. 25, 1883. Went to a second class dance last night after an oyster supper and _______________. Took dinner with Miss Maggie, dinner with Standley, and spent evening with Miss Maggie Gardiner. Gave her a gold necklace and charm. Weather very fair.


December 26, 1883. Weather turned suddenly cold with strong wind from the North.


Saturday, Eny [?] 1883 - When first rode with Miss Maggie Gardiner. [ENTRY CONFUSING! NOT SURE OF DATE...HE MAY HAVE BEEN THINKING BACK!]


Sunday, December 30, 1883. Ark river frozen over at the dam. Called on Judge E. and Miss Maggie.


Friday, January 5th, 1884. Came from the Ranche in a fearful cold wind and Miss Maggie sent for me. Attended the leap year party. Extended time. Thermometer 6 degrees below zero. Moore has all the sheep / cattle mired Dunlop / Charley Harkins [?] hauling more to the Ranche.


Wednesday, January 2, 1884. Don't feel very well. Miss M. cried in the store. It's too bad. Getting warmer now. Have had fearful cold weather for six days. Snow about three days.


Friday, January 11, 1884. Still cold and freezing. Ice 12 inc. thick. Thermometer has been down to 14 degrees below zero. Went to Minstrel show with Miss Maggie last night.


January 15, 1884. Snowing again today but not very cold. Been to Winfield to see about Holloway's license.


January 19, 1884. Rained yesterday and cold, rainy today. James M. Gardiner of Hackensack, New York, came in today. St. Hurnter's [?] Opera Troupe here. Wrote Miss Maggie I am learning to love her too well, and would slack up.


January 23, 1884. Fearful wind storm from the north, turning very cold. Insured the chattels [?] in my room for $600. Ruckman began selling lots for me.



Sunday, February 3rd, 1884. Drove over to Otter Creek with Miss Maggie. Weather has been splendid for a week. Had a splendid time. In the evening, standing in the hall she promised we should never part and now She is my own dear good girl.


Monday, February 11, 1884. Went to Ponca with Rube Houghton Thursday for $10, fur [? four ?] days. Got back yesterday--3 days gone. Cold Thursday. Rain Friday, and sleet Sunday. This is a very hard winter on stock. [Made $15 ? $25 ?] Called on Miss Maggie last night. She assured me again she would ever be mine.


Tuesday, February 12, 1884. Worst storm of all this year on stock. Everything covered with ice and very cold. Lasted 3 days. This storm is fearful. Boys skating on the street. Sleighing. Cattle are with their backs covered with ice.


Wednesday, February 13, 1884. Storm continued all last night. Snow about 2 inches this morning. Don't try to keep stock another winter without sheds.


Thursday, February 14, 1884. Miss Maggie 20 years old today. Snow on the ground but weather moderated some. Sold Sorrel/ Iowa Grey Mare Flora to J. W. Locke for $225.00. Made $75 on Sorrel / $20 on Flora.


Friday, February 15, 1884. Thawed some yesterday, but turned cold, froze today. Fearful gail blowing tonight again. It beats all how cold it is and how long it holds on.


Sleeting like hell again tonight. It beats all. Will kill more stock than will be bred in six months.


Monday, February 18, 1884. Sleeting again and wind from the north. Told Mrs. Mary Jane Alexander of my engagement with Miss Maggie.


Tuesday, February 19, 1884. Snowed and fearful wind this morning. The loss on stock will be terrible this year.


Friday, February 22, 1884. Two nice warm days. Went to Winfield with Rube Houghton to perfect his lease with Nez Perces. Warm during the day but freezes every night.


Thursday, February 27, 1884. Been at Otter Creek two days. Fearful cold again. Posts driven to corner of Estus [?] wire fence. I have been fearful unlucky with those 8 Texas Horses - will have to sell four live ones to make up for the three dead ones and will have one left that will about pay for feed.



Friday, Febr4uary 29, 1884. Sold two roans to Francis A. [?] Shindler for $110. Paid for 8 head of Texas horses @ $40 = $320.00. Three died - 5 head worth. $20 Loss.

Poland China Sow Bessie had 3 pigs and the cows are having calves.


March 21, 1884. Came in from Otter Creek / Sheep Ranche today. MORE SAID THAT I SKIPPED.

Slight rain tonight. Weridson [? Windsor ??] and Roberts here. Chief Joseph here. Poulton took 55 head of cattle to sheep ranche yesterday. I have 86 head at the Ranche / at Poulton's.


March 29, 1884. Tops [?] - 17 head of cattle taken to Sheep Ranche. Tomorrow will ship four carloads of sheep to St. Louis.


April 5, 1884. Got back from St. Louis yesterday. Found a poor sheep marked: Nice day.


April 7th, 1884. Turned suddenly cold with strong wind from the North. Sheep can live on grass but too short for cattle.


April 10th, 1884. Took Hallie (1), Shore 2 (2), Hattie's colt (3), Iowa colt (4) Grey Texas mare (5) to Otter Creek / have two Texas Boys of Noisy Joints [?] there - 9 in all. Very cold last night. Water froze in troughs. Need rain. Grass backward. Sowing my sorghum, on Brown 80 acres.




Saturday, April 18, 1884. Moved into Brown house at the Ranche yesterday. Rained in the evening. Took 114 head of cattle over on Tuesday 15th of April. Grass good. The sorghum is in and cain being planted. Peas and beans up. Sold old sow. Hill horse to A. Burt for $122.50. South Haven had a boy - colt, Tuesday, April 15th. Will put all the cattle over next week. Burn a face guard - Warren bust-off [?] the N.W. 1/4. James Gardiner of Tokio, Japan, here yesterday. Went to Donover's Tennessean last night. First warm day of the season. Windows up.


May 1st, 1884. Still raining and turning cold. Ruckman began building his house.



C.M.S. OWES $15,000.

TOWN LOTS MAY 1, 1884.: 238 LOTS - $7,446. AND 194 r. r. LOTS.


Saturday, May 3, 1884. Just returned from Wellington stock sale. M. L. Mullen sued [? sold ?] for $40. Got seed [? feed] yesterday. Been raining every now and then for 3 days. Made arrangements to get bulls of Hyde Davidson. These cold rains are hard on cattle [?].


Monday, May 5, 1884. Cold this morning. Boys gone after the bulls at Wellington.


Saturday, May 10, 1884. Hattie had horse colt - about May 7th.


May 12, 1884. Brown mare South Haven took Ingram's horse. Very warm. 81 degrees in shade.


Tuesday, May 13th, 1884. Cold rain set in. Big sudden change of weather. Went to Otter Creek in the afternoon. Estus set out fire.


Friday, May 16th, 1884. Turned six polled bulls in on Thursday. Hattie took Snyder's horse this evening. Raining nearly every day. Heavy rain tonight.


Sunday, May 25, 1884. Had my hair cut yesterday. Saw Miss Maggie for the first time in a week last night. Went to Otter and bought 30 head of fat cattle @ $26 of Windsor/Roberts Friday and Saturday, bought [?] and branded 251 head of cattle I got of Enoch Meek. Magruders Silk -?] @ $20.


May 28th, 1884. Two men shearing. Rain every day.


May 29, 1884. Very heavy rain all day and windy. Bought 196 head of cattle of Wm. I. Collins, of Springtown, Benton Co., Arkansas, @ $15.532/100 [?]


May 31, 1884. Bought one yoke of oxen of Murphy for $90. They weigh 2274.


June 7th, 1884. At this time I have 228 lots in Ark City; 4 lots in Winfield; 1 lot in ___; 2 lots in Plymouth: 235 lots in all. 132 - Railroad. 267 lots in all. I have sold - not counting Railroad and corral lots - 199.


June 9, 1884. Made $69 on 9 c of lots 18 - 22, Block 62, to Hess.


June 21, 1884. Will finish branding 25 [? 250] head of [2/half circle underneath] cattle bought of R. K. Wyard [?] of Gonzales, Texas. Have the wool all off the sheep and in the car. Beginning to rain again every night. Weather warm - 90 degrees.


June 26, 1884. Came over from Otter last night with Top. Raining every night. Finished shipping sheep yesterday and finished shearing last week. Also finished branding the [2/half circle underneath] cattle last week. Roller skating. Made $93.00 on los 27-28, Block 76, to Douglas J. Hess. At this time I have 146 head of C.M.S. cattle and 23 calves - and I have 8 head outside of the pasture.



July 26, 1884. Counted out - Lambs 371

Rams 37

Sheep 1,824

TOTAL: 2,232

Paid for Shearing:

T. M. Butler $14.20

E. M. Maguire [?] 14.05

David Shields 8.45

Frank Henry 12.85

Will Roupe [?] 27.60

J. I. Johnston 22.45

TOTAL: $99.60


June 27, 1884. Iowa "Mol" took Snyder's horse.



July 1st, 1884.



HE SAYS: "All profits on cattle, etc.: $34,500"


"Otter Creek $20,000

Cay farm 4,000

Beaver 1,000

Caldwell 1,000

Hay lot 2,000

Town lots 5,000


Sheep 1,000

Hogs 500

TOTAL: $34,500


Monday, July 7th, 1884. Made $150 on lots 3, 4, 5, Block 120, sold today. Very warm. Closed the trade with Col. Dean for Miss Wilson. Spent all day at Arkansas with Maggie yesterday. Irwin went back to camp. Ark river has been up for six weeks and Walnut at Harmon's past fording.


July 12, 1884. Cutting up millett on Otter / putting up Hay. Poulton took over the shoats a few days ago. Sent out a machine July 4th. "Tiger" got killed yesterday. Grass drying up. Made $68.97 in two town lots today.


July 15, 1884. Been dry for three weeks but rained this evening. Putting up hay. I've been very weak and thin this summer. Cattle troubled with sore feet. Jim Cody [Cady ?] here. Arkansas been up 6 weeks.


July 16, 1884. Very heavy rain today. Grass will grow. Made $36.73 [$33.23 on lot 26, Block 77, g.c. and $3.50 on silver watch.]


July 18, 1884. Made $75 on lots 1 and 8, Block 130.


July 19, 1884. Made $100 on Wanyn [?] 80 acres sold to Rouch [?]. Saddle horses thin in flesh. Flus [?] bad.


July 22, 1884. Went to Caldwell for horses. C.M.S. appointed Notary for 4 years by S. W. Slick [? Glick ].


July 27, 1884. Got my stable moved this week. Rained this morning. Have only about 30 tons of hay left yet at Sheep Ranche and not sure more than 30 in Otter.


May 1st, 1884. Very dry spell. Water scarce in pasture on Otter. Otter creek stopped running. Chilocco's creek plenty of water. Cattle looking well. James McMasters came in at noon today. [ANOTHER SENTENCE IN THIS ENTRY THAT I COULD NOT READ!]




August 2, 1884. Made $68.64 on lots 6-7, Block 104.


August 4, 1884. Rain yesterday. Cold enough for a fire long in the morning. John Evans went to Iowa Friday. Will wean the lambs today. Bucks fat. Crooked tail sow has 8 pigs, 1 week old.


Saturday, August 16, 1884. Came back from Caldwell Tuesday. While there bought 100 picked mares of Dick Edwards of Fort Worth, Texas for $20 cash and sold horses to H. M. Brook, Blue Mound, Kansas. Made $1,200. I then bought 100 2 yr. olds of Edwards for $16 each and 12 saddle horses @ $35 each, and then 62 head of mares/horses and 7 colts of Andy Sudams [?] of Ponca Station, Dunn [?] Co., Texas @ $20 or $1200 for the lot. Cattle are fat. Rain a week ago and anotther today. Have up about 400 tons of hay.


August 18, 1884. Fearful heavy rain tonight. Bought Snyder's horse "Pedro" for $475.00 with harness.


August 21, 1884. 102 - 2 yr. old mares @ $16 of Dick Edwards will be over tomorrow. They are branded [HE SHOWS SIX BRANDS.]

About 23 horses and 79 mares.


August 28, 1884. One of the warmest days of the year. Six head of cattle died of blackleg last week. Putting up peaches. Potatoes at both Ranches all gone.


September 18, 1884. Quite cold last night. Tax Sale tomorrow.

U. S. Court at Wichita today.


October 3, 1881. Married yesterday at 1:30. Dance last night.


October 7, 1881. McMasters went back to sheep Ranche after being sick from Friday, September 26.


October 6th [??? After 7th entry]. Took 111 unbroken horses to Otter.

Left 9 saddle horses

2 Browns at Ranche - one dead.

1 Browns at Ranche - Mc horse.

1 down to Otter

2 down 2 yr. old breaking to harness

1 sold to sheep herder

2 sold to Crow

1 sold to mail carrier


3 strayed

7 out yet



Oct. 15, 1884. Branded calves at Otter. Hattie took Pedro.


Two entries:

Total amount of C.M.S. purchases of stock: $21,138.05

W.S.H. owes C.M.S. on expenses $794.77

" " " " purchases $550.70


Sunday, Nov. 16, 1884. C.M.S. 36 years old today. Living in House used to be School House. [HOPE I READ THIS CORRECTLY!]

C. W. Uhrich came in with 6 Bulls, 6 Heifers, 1 Calf, 6 pigs, 1 horse, 2 sheep: 22 head in all. Cold rain last night and appearance of snow. First snow of 1884. Melted next day. Ohio cattle went to Otter Nov. 18th.


December 16, 1884. Snow still on the ground and very cold. Mr. Irwin came back from Missouri. Will start to Cadiz tomorrow. Cattle are scattered on the prairie.


December 18, 1884. Left for Cadiz. Spent one day in St. Louis, one day at Julia's, one week at home. Two days at Akron. I returned January 5th. About 19 days. Weather comparatively mild in Ohio. But very cold in Kansas.


January 26, 1885. Snow begins to melt today. Paid Ertee $2 a day for hauling 2 loads of straw a day not to exceed 1-1/2 miles. Better pay 50 cents a load for having it hauled in summer. Cut down the cattle to what the Ranche will keep viz. not-to-exceed 400 head of cattle and barns.


February 27, 1885. Got in two cars of corn from Mulaven @ 30 cents. Snow melted today. Nearly all gone. Snow has been on the ground nearly three months. Have corn enough to last one month at Otter and enough for 60 days at Sheep Ranche. Shepherd slut [?] in heat. Wild geese plentiful. Jas. McMasters quit work on the 22nd [Washington's Birthday.]


March 3rd, 1885. Moved 161 cattle to Otter from Sheep Ranche; 13 Horses. Nice warm day. Brought in shepherd dog to put with bitch.


March 4, 1885. Took to Otter from Sheep Ranche--

161 head of cattle - 4 of them strays

13 head of Horses.

Left 111 head of cattle at Sheep Ranche

Left 3 teams of tun mares

Left 19 Hogs/6 Pigs of CMS.

Weather pleasant, but cool.


March 14, 1885. Rained several days. This week moved my stable Tues. 9th; made lot for chickens and hogs. Weather pleasant. Bridge and dam both down on the Arkansas.


March 20, 1885. Raining tonight. Irwin sick. McMasters to move tomorrow to town. Dora [?] before plowing at Hay Ranche. Only 80 head of Texas horses left. Itch finally cured on them. Grass starting on the prairie. Freezes acreage [?] every night.

Grover [? Srover ?] going to Arizona.

Clinton's eye sore - 40 pigs at Otter and 9 calves. No colts yet. Clem Houghton to be here tomorrow. Out of hay this week at Otter and out of corn in town. Sheep are still dying [?] with keg of corn in the corral. Sleet turned into snow. Cold/stormy.


March 23, 1884. Slight snow last night. Cold rain today. Irwin sick. Clinton going blind. I am billious. Such weather.


March 31, 1885. First warm day of the year. Planting artichokes on Hay Ranche.


April 6, 1885. Nice pleasant weather now. Shipping corn for Otter and Sheep Ranche. Began plowing last week at Otter, and will begin next week at Sheep Ranche. Will get in the artichokes at Hog Ranche this week. Childers moved out of Mason building May 3rd, 1885. Moved in September 29, 1884 @ $40 per mo. of Farrar. Tomorrow is Co. election.


April 14, 1885. Strong gale from the South. Irwin to butcher hogs today. "Dick" to come in today. Will finish plowing at Sheep Ranche tomorrow. Two horses shipped from Chicago Monday to C.M.S. Jas. Jordan to be here tomorrow. Weakley and Paugh and Howard have their sheep on the range. Dr. Brown to be here tomorrow. Rain and slight hail. Brought "Dick" in.


April 15, 1885. John Jordan here. Will drive all the Minn [?] cattle from Sheep Ranche to Otter tomorrow. Irwin sowing millett.


April 16, 1885. Dr. Brown come. Grover brought over 90 head of cattle from the Sheep Ranche to Otter and left 17 head. Two head of Pride ore Groves [?].


April 18, 1885. Hattie took "Dick" Horse.

Lewis mare took Pedro's @ $12.


April 23, 1885. Had 3 Otter Creek Ranche Houses insured for $350 to April 20, 1890. Rain every day. Ark. river booming [?].

Mrs. McCormack moved from Warner's C. S. Ranche April 22nd, 1885.


May 3, 1885. Judge Christian's mare took Dick yesterday. C.M.S. to have the colt for $50. The service of the horse is given in the case.


May 7, 1885. Began shearing sheep yesterday. Told Mike to turn the 17 head of cattle down on Chilocco with Caldwell's cattle. Snowing hard for two hours, but melting on the ground. Pork is in the stable spoiling. Tip to pup now in a few days (Tip puppies, May 17, 1885.)

Have the floor down in the new house. Grass very short on Sheep Ranche pasture but good at the Hog Ranche. W.S.H. agreed to extend contract 5 years from May 21st, 1884. Tip to be back Saturday. Took bay teams to Hog Ranche.


May 11, 1885. Took 87 steers to Gilbert's pasture.

We have now 311 cattle and horses to pasture.

251 cattle at Otter

51 calves at Otter

87 Shears - Gillard's

17 cattle - Sheep Ranche

1 cattle - Hog Ranche

274 cattle at Rube's.


630 cattle and 51 calves in all.

Then C.M.S. has 14 - Horses

19 - large hogs at Sheep Ranche.

9 - pigs at Sheep Ranche.

And Dan has 3 large hogs at Sheep Ranche.


Taylor began work again Sunday, May 10, after losing 10 days.

Dover [?] began May 10, last four or five days.

Bob. Montgomery is in town yet.

John Grover care of Dick for his board. Top got home Sat. last.


May 18, 1885. "Tip" had 7 pups last night. Fearful heavy rains every night. Grouse 15 feet high. Walnut out of its banks and Ark river within a foot of overflowing. Talking of bridge for Grouse. Corn drowning out, where it is listed. Tomy [?] Boiard "Jack" beginning to work.


May 19, 1885. Went to Winfield. Raining every day. Joe Adams quit. Irwin and Robt. and Mont. still in town doing nothing. Jas. Clinton at Sheep Ranche, etc. Pedro in town.


June 15, 1885. Curt portable horse to Otter. [?] I will take Pedro over tomorrow. Rob and Nip in England yet. He visited the grave of Timothy Scott, our great-grandfather, at Sowerly Bridge, Yorkshire, England. Timothy Scott died 1849. Aged 95 years.


June 17, 1885. Came in from Otter today where I have been since Tuesday. Building a 14 x 16 house for myself. Very heavy rain this morning. Dan Miller baby very sick. Dr. Brown out to see it. Raining tonight again. John Grover went over to Otter to stay. June 15th South Haven took Pedro. Stone cut finished for 22.05 [?] Irwin returned from Ohio and rendered card in town. Quite cool.


July 2, 1885. Been married 9 months today. Baby was born Sunday morning at 3:12. Judge 28th, 1885. James Clinton not working this week. Hogs strychnined. Smyley [?] of Cadize here. Tom Phillips began clerking for Dr. Brown. Hard rain last night.

__________ to move to Sheep Ranche Sunday. Got 2460 lbs. hay today @ $4 per ton. Moved out of my room July 1st. "Dick" and Pedro both on Otter.


July 5, 1885. Hard rain this morning. Clinton quit. Up to this time Dick has served 12 mares and Pedro 25 - See Ranche book. Old stock horse itch again. Grass good.


July 17, 1885. Came in from Otter last night. No rain this week. Taylor was discharged yesterday. Johnson and Badley began on hay. Went down the caves [?] Three mares died from being served of Pedro. Galloway signed the deed to his 175 acres to W.S.H. for $2,000 [$1,750 check and $250 cash and note due by January, 1886]. Building stone stable and crib. Miller's child buried last Sunday.


July 19, 1885. Went to Otter with Top., Capt. Potter, 18th. Deputy here to notify persons off of the Strip, as follows:

Newcome and Newlin

Mouland [???]


John William [?]

Brown and McD.

Chas. Seacord [?]

Wyckoff and Hallows [?]


Wm. Fleak

Dr. Harper

Botts [?]

P. S. Barnes

B. S. Cenn [?]



Bowman and Beaton.

Hogs in good condition. Horses getting thinner on account of flies. Corn nearly in roasting ear. Johnson, Badley have begun on hay. Buildng another crib.


July 24, 1885. This has been a cool, wet summer. Grass cuts two ton per acre. Been at Otter Creek since Wednesday. Weather getting dry. I will cut the millett next week. Put in a pump to dip horses with. Making sheds for the cattle.


July 26, 1885. Been splendid dry haying weather for two weeks.

Mucha [?] begin cutting millett tomorrow at Sheep Ranche. Weather very warm - 98 degress in the shade. New oats coming in at 20 cents. I have about 800 bu. old corn on hand. Roads are good. John Grover hauling corn to Otter.


August 1, 1885. Came in from Otter yesterday. Jim Clinton went to Territory. Muchow [?] cutting millett at Sheep Ranche and Conrad cutting on Otter. Slight rain last night. Been very dry and fears of corn crop being short. Summer well gone and I've sold none of my old stock off horses yet. Dipped all horses this week. Thermometer 98 degrees in the shade. Getting roof on stone stable and finishing my house on Otter.


August 9, 1885. Came in from Otter yesterday. Colonel Conrad buried. Lee gegan herding cattle in south pasture. Weather dry. Maggie's brother, Jim, expected today. Grover counted 79 calves and 280 cows and steers on Otter.


August 12, 1885. James McD. Gardiner and wife, Florence, and boy, Lawrence, left for Tokio, Japan, on Monday, August 10th. Sign of rain today. Has been very warm. Muchow [?] sick at Sheep Ranche.


August 21, 1885. Just in from Oklahoma where I have been since Tuesday with Maggie and the baby. Weather dry. Thermometer 100 in the House. John Grover sick. Sent out the horse hay fork. Deed of A. T. Stewart's land came today. Price $3,200 for 426 acres. Conrad is mowing [moving ? ____________ [THIS SENTENCE JUST DOES NOT MAKE SENSE...???]

Miller just made stone fence around, stacks, and Bob, charing around. Grover looks after the horses.


August 23, 1885. Warm and dry and windy. Sent Horse hay fork to Kansas Friday. Henry Mowry shot and killed Smith. Had Grif and M and shod all around and buggy seat fixed. Bought the Stewart Ranch for W. S. Houghton. [NOW WE KNOW WHO W.S.H. IS!]


August 25, 1885. Came in from Otter tonight. Weather has been very cool at night for a week. Got the horse hay fork to working. Plowing for rye. Cutting Galloway corn. Russell Baird moved last Monday.


September 5, 1885. Came in from Otter. Quite cool. Heavy rain Wednesday night. Mrs. Conrad's baby born Wednesday 2nd. Ready to sow wheat now. Davenport's hogs have cholera. Mamma at Dr. Vawter's [Vowter;s ??]. Grover and Frank Henry went to Robe H's after all the SCOT & TOP cattle.


September 26, 1885. M. J. Brown left today. Winfield fair


Sept. 22-23-24-25 of this week. C.M.S. got his Tax Certificate of !,294.97. Weather excellent. No frost yet. Mike Bruner lays off for a month. Grover and Frank Henry making second trip after cattle. C.M.S. has the 4 Bucks at the House fattening. Don Miller laying up the cellar of C.M.S. house on Otter. Bought a heavy pair of boots of Bob. N. today. Geo. Whiting lost 60 hogs of cholera. Cattle dying in Territory of fever.


September 29, 1885. Rained yesterday and cloudy today. Father leaves for Cadiz Oct. 1st. New corn 85 cents. No frost or cold weather yet. Slight rain on Monday Sept. 27. Very little new corn coming in. [MISSED WHEN HIS FATHER ARRIVED!]


October 1, 1885. Father left this afternoon. God bless his gray hairs and aged form. I love him, I am blue to have him go. Maybe I will never see him again. [This was the last time I ever saw him...notation made later.]


October 3, 1885. Quite cool today and overcoats warm. First slight frost of the year, but cleared off. Grover got in Thursday from Houghton's with 2 steers of Tops, 2 cows of Tops, 2 calves of Tops, 2 of C.M.S. Weather windy. Miller's mongrel dog got Tip with pup.


October 5, 1885. Bought my first load of 1885 corn @ 25 cents. Scott/Topliffs lease with Cherokees began September 15, 1884, and ends October 1st, 1888...4 years and 15 days...Top gave 8 notes of $64.04 payable semi-annually on 5,043 acres @ 8-1/2 cents.



Oct. 15, 1885. Received $29.15 for [shows drawing similar to ^] on [Jan and hip] steer shipped by Geo. Miller = check sent to H. R. Johnson. Jim Howard moved into house at Hay Ranche. Bought 33-2/3 bu. wheat to sow at Sheep Ranche. Ketchman [?] road comes up before the Co. Com. this week. About through cutting hay now.


Oct. 8, [? dated before last entry ?], 1885. Returned from Winfield on Ketchum [?] road. Weather warm and pleasant. C.M.S. to furnish 12,000 lbs. steers to Osage for Tom Hill. Grover and Frank Henry gather the 87 steers from Gilbert's. Round-up at Stewart and Hodges next Sunday. Tom Hill took the [BRAND...SHOWS WHAT APPEARS TO BE HALF A CIRCLE ABOVE A BIG Z] star.


October 12, 1885. Slight drizzling cold rain and cold wind. Really the first winter's day. Corn coming in very slow. Paid Richard Lyons' note of $1,000 @ 9 percent due Oct. 15, 1885 by W.S.H. check No. 16 of $1,000. C.M.S. check No. 545 of $91.

Maggie, Mamma, and the baby go to Yates Center tomorrow.


Sunday, October 18, 1885. Long continued cold rain. Rover and Bob on their way back from Osage. Grotcho died. Have cut out the colors but no roof on the shed yet. I think this will be the beginning of winter. Maggie and the baby are at Yates Center. O how I would feel to be without them always. She is the girl of my choice and I love her dearly. Without him I could not be contented anywhere. I want to get out of this however and go to living with some conveniences and a home. Tonight is a raw, cold, night and I have to sit near the stove to keep warm.


October 23, 1885. Took cut to Winfield to meet Maggie. She didn't come. Warm day.


October 24, 1885. Maggie, Momma, and baby got back from Yates Center today. Warm today and heavy rain tonight. Conrqd brought in two cows and calves and took back Loomis cow and a load of oats. John Grover has been in town since Monday last--Oct. 19th. Booked up Bob's buggy with Brown's stable. Have clearly all the sheds covered at Otter. Ice on below the spring at Otter Oct. 21st and last Sunday the cold rain hurt the stock fearfully. Got a load of wood from Hog Ranche. Muchow [? Muchon ?] fencing the small hay [? hog].


October 30, 1885. Been to Otter since Tuesday with Maggie and the baby. Have four teams hauling hay and will have two hauling corn next week. Weather pleasant yet ice forms on the creek. Grass is green yet. Gover at the S. R. and Jim Howard on the Hog Ranche. Went to theater tonight. Have all the sheds completed except in the hog pen and in the draw above Lewis'.


November 12, 1885. Very slight snow. Ice on Otter. Been at Otter all week with Maggie and baby. Finishing of the grainery and making managers for cattle. Nov. 10 cut out Top's 16 cows and appraised them at $16.75 cash and six calves at $10 each. Sold dun mare $30; bay mare $50; black mare $50. J. P. Leddell for $130. Note due Sept. 11, 1886. Big sow died of cough. I am feeding the two Ohio cows 7 ears of corn twice a day and giving them all the hay they can eat. They came in Oct. 24th. See how long it will take to fatten them. Very pleasant weather lately except very windy. Railroad grading on 13th street.


November 14, 1885. Soldiers here and made Burt's boys throw off two loads of my hay. Had Grif shod near in front of old shoes AC. Set behind ol Hoskins and McCombs. Mailing all around for corn, some cows. Horses a little thin.


November 15, 1885. Drove over to S. R. to look after the hay.

[Mal. Hauck and Snyder's cattle are destroying ???]

Capt. J. M. Hamilton of 5th Cavalry on Shilocco.

The little grey mare at Dr. Brown's got her foot in the halter and nearly killed herself.


November 16, 1885. 37 years old today. Beautiful day. First snow of 1884 was on this day last year.


November 19, 1885. Just in from Otter with Dr. Brown. Bust [?] fire guards on smak [?] line, around the Badley stacks, Miller's house and sheds ain Millar draw, Taylor draw. Got the cellar finished. Conrad roofing the 2nd crib.


November 26, 1885. Thanksgiving. Took dinner with Judge Christian. Cold rain all day. Muchow [?] hauling in baled hay from Shilocco. Corn coming in pretty fast at 30 cents. I have two cars from [? Montoane ?] tonight at 29 cents. Soldiers burning Oklahoma. Weather for two months has been very dry. New railroad got in yesterday. Weather has been very pleasant for two weeks. Got the shepherd dog back about a week ago. Tip is heavy with pup. Bought Frazier's tools.


December 16, 1885. Went to Otter yesterday in a sleigh and came back in a buggy. Sowed grass seed. Conrad was feeding 60 bu. corn per day. Sent 16 teams out loaded with corn today. Snow still on the ground, but melted in the road. Johnson arrested for transferring corn. Will have 4 more cars of corn in and then I will quit buying for awhile. One C.M.S. full at Otter and a part of another. Hay--the hay nearly all moved from Shilocco. Weather pleasant but freezes every night. All stock of mine is looking well.


December 31, 1885. Been at Otter since Christmas with Maggie and the baby, got a lot of work done--making cellar steps, fixing fences, _______ hogs, etc. Also fixed to dope the horses although there is no sign of them being sick yet. Grover went back from Loomis Dec. 15th. Hawk. is to come in and quit tomorrow. Bob went back Dec. 30, after being in town a week. Marshall, Hackler, and Tom [?] are losing hogs by cholera or measles. Got the seeds from Torrrance Dec. 25. The ground is dry and branches dried up. We have six calves. One at Johnson died of black leg.

Men on the Ranche now:

Conrad $25; Miller $25; Taylor $15; Mike $16; Grover $16; Bob $__.

Johnson has the team I took back from Lawton. Jim Howard is to go on the S. R. Beautiful weather now. Taylor came in after grub today.


January 1, 1886. Went to masked ball last night. Danced until 2-1/2 a.m. Tom Phillips to to leave Dr. Brown next week. Munchow [? STILL NOT SURE OF HIS NAME ?] in from S. R. Heavy rain all night. Little Red Ohio cow thin yet, and has access to all the corn she can eat. The other cows are getting fat. Grif and Maud are fattening up. All the cribs are full of corn at Otter. Grouse will be up to the roads bad for two weeks now. Marshall and Harblerood [?] have lost most of their hogs. Steve Splame [?] went down the cave last week.


January 7, 1886. At daylight the most terrible blizzard ever experienced here came with blinding snow and hurrican wind. Thermometer indicated 20 degrees below zero. We got in the stew and everything and lost but 4 hogs and one calf. Storm lasted Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Grouse frozen over. Taylor worked Thursday, but not Friday or Saturday. Bob sat around the fire all the time. Conrod, Miller, Mike, Grover, with myself did the rustling. Calf died at C.M.S. stable. Will begin butchering hogs next week. Ketchum road ordered by Co. Com. Tuesday, January 5. 50 feet wide from Ketchums S. W. Corner road to Maple City road.


January 10, 1886. Snow on the ground, but weather moderating. Dr. Workman [THIS TIME WORKMAN] and George coming here. Came in tonight.


January 11, 1886. Thermometer 8 degrees below zero this morning and snowing again. I have overchecked $1,800.


January 13, 1886. Turned warmer today and snow began to melt in the road. M. H. Johnson discharged Dug [? Guy ? Dry ?] Saunders. Jim Howard brought in a load of hay to C.M.S. stable. Sowed grass seed in my block on the snow. Dr. Wortman and George and daughter and wife here last night.


January 15, 1886. Came in from Otter with Dr. Wortman and George in a cold snow storm. We have had three snow storms in succession and the drift is 3 feet in the back lot yet and the ground has been frozen ten days. Six hogs died of cholera since last Friday.


January 16, 1886. Started to S. R. today, took Dr. Wortman, went to Top's farm, found it too cold to go on. Top shipped his steers last week. Cold piercing wind all day. Thermometer 20 degrees above zero. Judge Christian and family will be here for dinner tomorrow. Got a clamp [?] for barns made. Good thing.


January 17, 1886. Staying cold today. Thermometer 10 degrees above zero. Snowing again tonight, making four snows in succession and none of it melted. Streets frozen. Also a sheet of ice and roads almost dusty [?]. Dr. Wortman going home tomorrow. Would like to see spring, but it is a long way off yet. 2 months off at least.


January 18, 1886. Went to Winfield for Grover's license with Geo. Wortman, the doctor. Was taken sick at night. Fearful cold.


January 19, 1886. Cold all day. Thermometer 8 degees below zero. Sick in the house all day. Snowed again, then turned warm in the night.


January 20, 1886. Sick all day again Grover came in from Otter. Tom Phillips slipped [? skipped ?]. Snow melted some today, but freezing cold tonight again. Thermometer went up to 20 degrees above zero, but fell again. Feagan's begins hauling the millett to Otter tomorrow.


January 25, 1886. Went to Winfield and got John Grover's license and tax sale certificate. Tax on tax certificate: $479.89 + $13.73 [Tax on hay lot and pasture]: Total 493.62.

Redemption $342.47.

Weather cleared off warm, considerable snow melted; but the drift is in the back yard yet. Grover in from Otter, two big hogs and one little one died at S. R. [S. R. STANDS FOR SHEEP RANCHE, I BELIEVE.] Train left the new depot this morning: January 26, 1886. Went to Winfield on Indian trial. Considerable of a thaw but the ice did not break upon the Walnut. John Grover came in and was married by Rev. Witt. Went to theater. Millett all moved from S. R. - five hogs died of cholera at S. R. Snow drift in back yard yet.


January 30, 1866. SKIPPED MOST OF THIS. Jun Hovard moved to

S. R. Capt. Hamilton of ____ Cav. here again. Ice has not broke up in Grouse, Walnut, or Ark river yet.


January 31, 1886. Last day of January - Sunday. Was out walking with the baby with thermometer 38 above zero, when the heaviest [8 degrees above freezing] snow of the season began falling.


February 1, 1886. Turned cold before snowing in the morning, which will leave the drift in the back yard a few weeks longer. Snowed all day - 6 inches deep and turned cool at night. This makes 15 snows or more this winter. There seems no end to it. The railroad will be blocked again, and the road to Otter. Although we have had a great amount of snows, yet the winter has been a dry one.



February 3, 1886. Wind has gone down but thermometer was 8 degrees below zero in the morning. Corn - Car No. ____ came in from Belle Plaine. W.H.J. is putting it in the old stable. I am making a new diary and keeping close to a hot stove these past four days. This time last year there was a sow at both Ranches and horses and cattle dying - 7 and 2 a day [?]

Mollie Christian to be married tonight. Railroads blocked: no mail for two days. Jim Howard counts 46 pigs and hogs at S. R. 4 pigs dead.


Feb. 6, 1886. One cow and one colt died during the late storm. Pleasant morning. Wind light and from all directions, will probably settle in the south. Thermometer 12 below freezing. It will blow some today, but the drift in the back yard will be there a week yet. Dr. Brown attending Mrs. Wagoner. Dug. Saunders to move to Hay Ranche Monday Feb. 8th.


Sunday, February 7, 1886. Posting my diary all day. Geo. Wortman dislocated his arm. Thawing today and water flowing like a creek in front of our house. Have the doors open. Warm and pleasant. Tip terrible sick.


February 11, 1886. Beautiful day. Drift in back yard gone. C.M.S. made chicken coop. Tip nearly dead. Fire in north part of town. Grouse up yet.


February 12, 1886. Tip died. Beautiful morning. Clarence Brown came. Tommy at New Orleans. Ice gorge at Irons ford on Grouse. Thermometer 43 degrees above zero at 10 a.m. Ordered Globe Democrat [$1.00] for Miller; Toledo Blade [$1.00] of Ed Kings for Maggie. Trcy's [?] trying to sell the house for $1,500.


Feb. 13, 1886. Beautiful day. C.M.S. and Dr. Brown resided at Capt. Hamilton's camp in the Jack Oaks. Top came down in the evening.


February 14, 1886. Maggie's Birthday. There continued [?] rain. Loggy. In the house nearly all day. Took a walk to the Block in the evening. I feel indisposed of late and lack energy. Dr. and Mrs. Chappel called. Chickens cackling as though it were spring.


February 16, 1886. Branded the W.H.J. mule. Ark river broke the banks. Walnut up. Snow drifts going to Otter yet. Conrad came in. His baby has two teeth. Turned Duke in to the milk cows. Put 15 steers in to Hog corral. Ponies picking some thing on the range. One Texas cold with Tommy at Melissn [?] Plenty of water in the creeks on Otter. Sold calico to Geo. Wortman.


February 23, 1886. Drove to Otter with Tommy and Geo. Wortman. Dr. Brown came at night. Nice day.


March 1, 1886. Windy but warm enough. Grass will continue to grow this weather. Trade a couple of loans [?]

Linda Christian to be married March 16.

Ella Brown's baby a year old on March 5th.


March 2nd, 1886. Thermometer at freezing. Slight rain on the 21st day of March. C.M.S. and W.S.H. will have been in partnership two years, during which time to January 1st, 1886, we have expended $25,875 for stock and $16,022 for expenses [$41,897]. January 1, 1886, the stock invoiced $20,000, showing a loss on stock alone of $5,875 besides the loss of feed and labor. The total loss of stock being $12,000. Drizzling rain tonight. Looked like a storm all day and I didn't go to Otter. Mr. Irwin here. Innacks [?] to move tomorrow.


March 3rd, 1886. Drizzling rain all day but not cold. Went to Frank Patton's to dinner with Tommy. Grass coming up green on the townsite. Had artichoke bills printed. I will send "Maud" to Hog Ranche to feed. She is getting heavy. Farmers planting early potatoes. Spring is coming soon. Hurrah!


March 5, 1886. Froze a little last night and cool this morning. But pleasant. Spring is here! Tommy expecting four more Ohio men today. I start for Otter. Rode around the Ranche with Mr. Irwin. Geo. Wortman came out.


Saturday, March 6, 1886. At Otter. Cool in the morning. Cow died calfing. Irwin prospecting for coal and gold. Rained.


March 13, 1886. Tommy left for Cadiz. Was here nearly three weeks. Pleasant day but windy at night. Johnson arrested for assaulting his wife.


March 15, 1886. Very nice day. Geo. Wortman branding his calves. Taylor lost a dog at Hay Ranche. Johnson's trial came off. Sued Waldroupe. Irwin went to S. R.


March 16, 1886. Very nice warm day. Wind slight - wind from south. Sowed some wheat today. Linda Christian married Will Danields.



June 1, 1886. Very warm all day. Shaved off my whiskers.

Capt. Geo. F. Price of 5th Cav. rounding up intruders on Cherokee Strip.


June 2, 1886. Rain this morning, appearance of heavy rain tonight. Agent Keeler says Sho-ne-Ka-she, a Kaw, Otwain [?] Pappon [?] know all about "old name [ravine ??]" where Osages had a fight with Cheyenne. [????]


June 12, 1886. All day trying the horse case with P. S. Burries [?]. Sunday morning the jury of six returned a verdict in favor of C. M. Scott. Irwin finished millett at Otter.


June 16, 1886. Waiting to hear argument for new trial before Kreamer. Got a team for Craig to go to his Ranche.









Be careful to address


Arkansas City, KANSAS

as there is an Arkansas City

in the State of Arkansas,

on the same Arkansas River

and on the same Frisco R. R.














Wednesday Sept. 1st, 1886. Drove in from Otter after doctoring Andrew H. Reed, looking at the lead mine, measuring Andy Lewis - tons of hay. Quite cool in the morning and threatening rain. Taylor cutting corn. Nearly all of the corn cut. W.S.H. house nearly ready to shingle. Blakesley, Johnson, and my men putting up hay. Steers doing better since the cool weather. Second growth of grass up on the mowing nice and fesh. Mrs. Conrad's baby's hand sore. Dan Miller to bring in sheep tomorrow. Henry Green goes to the County Fair tomorrow. No water in S. E. corner of pasture at Barrier's.


September 2nd, 1886. Tomorrow is the last day of the Winfield Fair of 5 days. Strong wind from the south and cool. Dan Miller in. Expecting the carpenter in from Otter. Paid the Jim Brown note of $340 @ 8 percent. Alexander to furnish the lumber for the house for $695. Deeds on tax certificates due Sept. 5th, 1886. Tax sale this year Sept. 7th.


Sept. 3. Went to Winfield Fair. Nice day - went to Walnut in afternoon. Grif and Pedro ran off with the wagon. Heavy rain during the night.


Sept. 4, 1886. Flood of rain last night. St. Louis expected to be hit today. One month today since I ordered the wine of Kansas City. Drove to Chilocco with Maggie and baby to bid on the mule. Didn't get him. Roads muddy in places. Irwin in from Otter. Jun Howard in from S. R. [Sheep Ranche, I reckon.] W. J. Hamilton's mare took Pedro.


Sept. 5. Sunday. Drove to Walnut. River very high from recent rains. Weather cool and pleasant. Black colt very lame. I am looking forward to a time when I can have more rest. It is work all the time now. Subpoenaed to appear at Wichita tomorrow.


Sept. 7, 1886. Tax sale at Winfield. Lively competition. Came home at evening. Conrad in from Otter. Think of going to Wichita tomorrow.


Sept 8. Quite warm today. Almost sick and very tired. Old man A. H. Reed in from the Ranche. Phelps got word he is to have $110 for his horse lost in the service. John Badley sick at the hay camp.







September 9, 1886. Went to Wichita at 2:15 p.m. Arrived at 5. Slight rain. Met Capt. Zec [?], of ________ [LEFT BLANK], Lieut. Rice of 7th Cav., Benj. Clark, Bill Conner, Geo. Sharratt, Fisher, Inspector of Washington, D. C. Came back with us. Stopped at Manhattan House. Henry Greene got Searing derrick.


Sept. 10. Returned from Wichita at 12-1/2. Fair and pleasant day and cool breeze. Henry took Hickman to Otter to see lead mine. Momma starts to St. Louis tomorrow. Rogers and Mealey [?] working on the Arkansas river bridge. Dr. Brown at the Willows today.


Sept. 11, 1886. Momma left for St. Louis. I have symptoms of a chill. Raind off and on all day. Checked out about $300. Expenses fearful and a house and stable to pay for soon.


Sept. 12. Sunday. Mr. Irwin in from Otter. Arttms [?] came in in the evening for lumber. Drove to Walnut with Maggie. Black horse better. Dr. and Ella Brown down in the evening.


Sept. 13. Loaded Arttms [?] and Wilky [?] one of W.H.J. teams for Ottter. Weather pleasant. Went to Walnut to hurry up the stone quarrying. Lafe Merrick [?] here. Irwin in from Otter again.


Sept. 19, 1886. Sunday. Drove to Sheep Ranche and Shilocco. Hogs at S. R. thin and no water. The last grass and millett straw is spoiling. Baled hay on Shilocco should be hauled in at once and a shed put over it.


Mon., Sept. 20. In town. Grover sick down on the Walnutt. Devil of a time getting rock enough for the stone cutters of Masons.


Sept. 21. Drove to Otter alone. Grouse creek up but a foot or more on the falls. Stopped at Grouse [?] to see the lumber and then drove to south line of pasture. Cattle and horses looking well and yearling calves especially nice. Have in my employ now fifty men counting carpenters, masons, quarry men and hay makers. Must cut down on everything after building or bust up. Measured ______ [LEFT BLANK] Blaskesly 99 tons of hay @ $1.00 at Taylor shed.


Sept. 22. Drove back from Otter with Zec. Arthur Whiting to attend Gilbert's round up tomorrow. Grass on new mowing very good. Measured W.H.J. hay. Burt still cutting. Will finish this week. 25 stacks. Carpenters will finish W.S.H. house next week. House on Walnut up to second story. Weather warm.






Sept. 23, 1886. Good strong breeze from the south. Cloudy and signs of rain. Zec [? Doc ?] went home. Almost sick today. Began taking pills. Gilbert rounds up today. Surveyors coming up the Arkansas. New corn coming in rather plentiful, selling at 30 cents.


Sept. 24, 1886. Went to Winfield and paid $30.80 for making 26 tax deeds; $30.00 for recording 28 deeds; and $292.00 for Tax Sale Cert. of 1886 and received [$1,145.54 + $57.93] $1,203.27 on Redemptions. Hard rain of half an hour about 5 p.m. Train 1-1/2 hours late as usual. John Conrad in to get lumber to finish W.S.H. house. Badley broke the hay press. Conrad sowed the wheat. Henry Greene [?] cut the Dun mare on barbed wire.


Sept. 25, 1886. Phelps not at work yet. Millford Brown went home Sat. afternoon. Hamill and team through making hay on Shilocco. Light rain in the morning. Scott up to the second floor of house. Covered the hay [?] with boards.


Sept. 26, 1886. Not feeling well all day. Drove to Walnut with Maggie and baby [ABOVE SOMEONE WROTE "MARY"] and got wet through in the River. Stopped at Whitney's. B's folks here. Next Wednesday an earthquake is predicted. Cool and pleasant after the rain. Don't hear anything of wild geese yet.




Sept. 28, 1886. Drove to Walnut and then to Otter. Very pleasant. Carpenters got through with their work. Stac [?] Sperling, J. B. Adams, and Aug. [?] and S. [? F. ?] H. Reed. Gibson to have sand at $2.25 a load, but didn't haul any yet. Andy Lewis, Burt, Willrey [?] and Blakesley still putting up hay. Has [?] two teams putting in wheat with the cultivator. John Grover working for John Irons, Phelps began cutting cockle burrs. Top at the Ranche. Been thee since Sunday. Maggie had a chill. Russell Baird moved.


Sept. 29. Irwin brought the carpenters to town. J. Davis of Winfield holding cattle with Top. ____ and Webb come often to the J D store I got of Joe Garris. Quite cold in the morning. Cut out the colors, rounded them and began wearin [?] them--56 in all. Hogs most all fat and ready for market. Grass very green and good.


Sept. 30th, 1886. Drove home in the afternoon. Earthquatek predicted today. Didn't come. Really cold. Maggie has a severe cold. Will soon have to have a fire. Top came in but goes back tomorrow.






October 5, 1886. In town all day settling bills, etc. Abe Sperling putting up the shed for baled hay. Robert Ecter [?] here. Rev. Witt tendered the money on the Hollenbeak [?] note. Bought 60 bu. corn in the ear at 35 cents per bu., etc.


October 7, 1886. Started about noon for Otter Creek with Kit [?] Sollitt. Drove around the Ranche and back to town after dark. The Charley horse just brought in and surry [?] up after beeing hurt one week. Heavy rain during the night. Two John's show at operat tonight.


October 8, 1866. Indications of rain today. Hay shed not completed yet. Threatening rain all day. Cattle of Hamilton bothering Badley's hay. Badley and Jim Howard and Kean all in today. South Arkansas bridge in bad shape. This is the day Father died, just two days before his 75th birthday, and one year, one week after he left here. He was born October 10, 1811, near Soverly [? Souerly ] Bridge, England. Was married at Danville, Ohio, August 20, 1839 - 47 years. Sad, sorrowful day for me, from the effects of which I can never recover.





October 25, 1886. Lieut. Paddock of 5th Cavalry here for



November 12, 1886. Strong cold wind. Fed the cattle and horses hay and fodder for the first time this year. Hacklerood [?] to bring up Geo. W. cattle today. Drove home in the afternoon by way of Warren's. Camfield putting two stoves in house on Walnut to keep plaster from freezing. Grass will still keep our stock.


December 7, 1886. Memorable day. Left the house I was married in and the baby was born in and began moving to the stone house. Everything upside down. Wells did not finish plastering the pantry, and carpenters are not through yet. Reed has the chicken house roof on. Ellis came in from S. R. Moved more loads to him to live in. Old Moe [?] very poor. Sent out some oats. THERE WAS MORE...I SKIPPED.


February 6, 1887. Sunday. Baby throwing up all night. Raining this morning. Thermometer 10 degrees above freezing. Doug Saunders' wife sick. Dr. Sparks out to see her. In the house reading all day. Baby has the measles. Johnson moved from Howard to Otter.







June 6, 1887. Strong south wind. Closed the trade with Perz [?] for 654 acres at $6.50 per acre - $4,857. Also compromised with Taylor on Gallert agreement - $120. Irwin here at night. Bob has a sore thub. Mr. Reed sick. Expect to leave for Fort Smith today or tomorrow.


June 7, 1887. Strong wing yet. Kellogg, Riggs [?], and Finley here. Left in the evening at 8:25 for Fort Smith. Fare $15.30. Arrived at Pierce City at 6 a.m. Laid over 2-1/2 hours, and then arrived at Fort Smith at 2-1/2 p.m. Stopped at Hotel Main, Montgomery and Stevens, Proprietors. At Pierce City, Mo. Brite and Wicks handle hay. (Lawrence Co. Bank, Pierce City, Missouri.)


June 8, 1887. At Fort Smith. Met Judge J. [I. ?] C. Parker and M. H. Sandels, U. S. Attorney, Stephen Wheeler, Clerk of U. S. Court, Senator Berry off Bentonfille, Arkansas. Walked all over the town. Population 12,000.


June 9, 1887. Went over to Van Buren and then started for home. Drove up on "Mountain View." T. Laurrent, Van Buren, Arkansas Dealer in hay. Saw Van Buren Canning Factory - W. H. H. Shirley [? Shibley] President. At 8:25 left Pierce City for Ark. City.

J. Z. [?] Morris died.




July 4, 1887. Fourth of July. Monday. Preparing to go to town and go to the Park in the boat. Beautiful morning. Wonderful 4th. Rowed up in a boat. River high and swift.


July 5, 1887. Norton and Hoffman over to see about oil. Got 13 doz. sheaf [?] opats of Rowell [Rawell ?]. Went in town in the afternoon, and sent out 15 bu. millett by Davidson. W. H. Johnson very sick. Read drunk.


July 13, 1887. Warm day. Will go to camp with Dr. B. today. Found Capt. W. C. Fobush [?], of 5th Cav, Troop L, and Lieut. J. B. Bellinger, Troop L, 5th Cav., at camp. Also Corporal Carl Barrenstine, 5th Cav. Put in a very pleasant afternoon. Got home at 11 at night. Mrs. Conrad's mother came on from Putnam, Illinois.











July 18, 1887. Monday. Still warm. Took Little Jim to Standley at 4 p.m. Drove to U. S. Camp on Chilocco. Looked over the range with Corporal Carl Barrenstine and Dr. B. Then drove to Beaby's [?] and home. Graysons stealing my grass. W. H. J. still ver sick. I will send his teams to the Ranche. Geo. [?] has his oats threshed.

In the matter of ordering beer:

6 dozen quarts - 72 bottles a barrel.

Costs $7.50. Express $2.25.

2 dozen quarts - 24 bottles - one case.

Costs $2.50. Express $.90.

6 dozen quarts - 72 bottles - three cases.

Costs $7.50. Express $2.70.

By ordering by the barrel, 45 cents is saved on three cases.


July 30, 1887. Wm. H. Johnson died at 5 a.m. this morning and was buried at Parker's at 5 p.m., after a lingering sickness of weeks. Ellis drove in seven large hogs from Gee's, all of which died. Thermometer 100 degrees in the shade. Dan Miller in.


February 14, 1888. Maggie 24 years old today and doing her own washing. This time one year ago completed the purchase of John T. [? Z ?] Creights [?] 160 acres. HE NEVER MENTIONS THE "BABY" ANYMORE...WONDER IF IT DIED!?




Travel Delayed and Telegraphic Communication Prevented in Northern Kansas.

ATCHISON, KANSAS, NOVEMBER 9, 1888. The most phenomenal snowstorm that ever occured in Northern Kansas began this morning, and has continued furiously all day. The trains are all delayed and the telegraph wires are prostrated in all directions, with the exception of one line to Kansas City. In Atchison over 200 telephone lines are broken and so tangled up with electric light wires that the electric light works have been suspended tp prevent accidents. The snowstorm is the heaviest that has occurred there at any season of the year since 1878. The extent of the damage cannot be ascertained, owing to the suspension of telegraphic communication.



August 4, 1890. Uncle George Pettis found dead in bed - age 68 years. Born at Blackwater, Isle of Wight, England. Came to New York when 9 years old with parents, brother and sister. [In margin: "Uncle Geo. died."]









December 16, 1890. Tuesday. Cool. McDonald went to Ranche and traded for black mules of ______ Huey assigned. Got my Certificate of John Harmon - McDowell Brothers in jail. Rented W. H. J.

house to whores @ $4.00 per month in advance.


December 21, 1890. Fire in Whitney's woods. Killed .....

Maggie and babies and CMS took long walk. [Gather this means he still has a child or two...NEVER DOES HE MENTION NAMES!]

Conrad went back to Ranche. Wrote for 9 fire extinguishers - $9 - 215 Dearborn St., Chicago, Ill. In 1889 10 men at work for market. In 1890 4 men at work and Bus and Fred makes six.

[Fred-CMS-Davis-Young-Beckley-Woods over here.]


December 22, 1890 - Monday. Warm day. All day in market. Bought 1440 lb. cow of Josiah Johnson - $45.20.


December 24, 1890. Turner vs. Scott. December 30. Scott vs. Northrop. January 12, 1891. Hess vs. Scott.


December 23, 1890. Tuesday. Cool north wind. All morning hunting up evidence on Turner horse trial [? bribe ?]. Sent in to market in afternoon.


December 26, 1890. Friday. Cold in morning. In bed till 8 a.m. Like spring in afternoon. Conrad brought 16 cows, 2 calves from Sheep Ranche where they have been since .... All morning at home posting books. Meeting of supervisors [?] of Ridecross bond.

Baby weighs 21 lbs. Mary weighs 47 lbs.


December 28, 1890. Sunday. Fearful strong south wind. Read all mrning. In afternoon Fred and Davis came over. Took pups on their first hunt. Coyote on the hill. Caught 5 pigs and cut them. Took sheep and goats to water 1st time. Wrote for

Traveler till 12 m.


December 29, 1890. Monday. Left for Winfield at 10 a.m. Turner trial dismissed in CMS favor. Attended Ora J. Gould's lecture. Baby went to Christmas tree and got the doll. Bought 3 deer and two turkeys and a lot of hides. Beautiful spring day. What a delightful winter. Grass green in the timber yet. Ches. Hatfield brought in his cow. Fifth Avenue oews $232.00 - A. D. Edwards over and left with M. Bob [?].









December 30, 1890. Tuesday. Beat today. Up at 7 a.m. and went to Winfield on Northrup trial. Lost it. A. D. Edwards went along. Back at noon. Afraid we are left for $232 on Fifth Avenue Hotel. Blowing colder tonight. Skiny til [???] that I had overchecked $21.00. Can't buy a turkey for New Years.


December 31, 1890. Garnisheed C. C. Stafford of Walnut Valley Lodge No. 354 Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen to secure $236.53 due us from Fifth Avenue Hotel. Will garnishee A. B. Johnson tomorrow.



On February 1, 1891, he states: "I must get out of meat market. Losing money."


March 12, 1891. Thursday. Cold in morning. Slight snow. Baby crawls. Maggie found the pup in town. A. A. Newman's new $40,000 house burned - 1-1/2 hours at 9-1/2 p.m.


March 14, 1891. Sat. Cool. Rented Island to Columbus Beisher for 11-1/2 months, to March 1st, 1892, for $50 cash for the tillable land and all he clears. One year ago Fred W. began in market. Tom Emery - Sioux Indian - camped on Walnut at S. H.

McDonald got tobacco steins to dip sheep.


March 27, 1891. Friday. Until noon cloudy and damp. After noon sun came out - warm. Reports say snow is melting at Garden City. Walnut out of its banks. Fred bought a cow and 2 caloves. Put in all day fixing [?] the animals and cleaning up the stone house for a work shop. Maggie, dear girl, has the grip. I am drifting along aimlessly. Don't know what to do. A. D. Edwards has sold his cattle to Capt. Burt. Harkleroad has sold his cattle tto Wetherspoon. Newman got $6,000 of Pryor for Kaw pasture. Newman gets 1/2 of Ponca Reservation - 65,000 acres @ _____. G. W. Miller gets 1/2 of Ponca Reservation - 65,000 acres @ ______.

Tom Hill gets 1/2 Tanqua - 55,000 acres.

___ Forsythe gets 1/2 Tanqua - 55,000 acres.

S. Matlack gets 1/2 Otoe - 50,000 acres.

Witherspoon - 1/2 Otoe - 50,000 acres.

C. E. Vandevort - Pawnee - 193,000 acres.


May 6, 1891. Wednesday. Cool. All day moving Market - taking partition down, etc. Put in two incandescent lights at $1.25 each.












January 7, 1892. In evening called on Mena Dawn - 91 Main St., Independence, Missouri - 9-1/2 east from K. C. - Fare 12-1/2 cents. Left at 7-1/2 p.m. Pleasant evening with her, but woe unto me an hour later. Struck with a motor car at crossing of 16th and Main Streets, and fearfully shocked. Leg crushed. Limped to St. James Hote on corner Missouri Avenue and Walnut St. L. [?] G. Alexander, Proprietor. Got in bed and suffered fearfully. Snow here yet and roads slippery.


January 8, 1892. Friday. In bed at Kansas City. Oh what a night! This morning no one comes near me. Damn. Telephone for Dr. W. F. Marrow - Times Building, K. C. Res. Tel. 2308. Surgeon of Met. Cable R. R. He came about noon. Harry Cassell, K. T. called Q. [? Z.] C. Alexander, Prop. Beef Haskell, K. T. C. in - that was a close call. Car wheel on my breast - "Oh, my God." Can't move and here I lay - Would like to be with my dear wife and babies.


January 9, 1892. Saturday. Rested well last night. Surprised to see how fast I recover. As the pain my leg ceases, the other begins. I have had a fearful Jam. Al Dean called to D. Jordan. Dr. and Ella Brown come. Will have to let my pass go and pay for a Santa Fe sleeper. Dr. and Ella Brown on their way to Cadiz.


January 10, 1892. Sunday. Up at 6 a.m. Dressed myself and ate breakfast. Went downstairs. Al Dean took me to depot. Got on sleeper. Met Mrs. E. N. Darling, New York City. Arrived at Arkansas City 7:50. Home once more. Hard time getting upstairs. My insurance policy expires January 12, 1892.


January 11, 1892. Monday. At home in bed. Weather the coldest of this winter. Played checkers with Maggie. Dr. McKay over and says it will be 3 weeks before I can get out. We'll see. Did see. Just one week before I could go downstairs.


January 12, 1892. Tuesday. At home and still in bed. Ac. Ins. Pol. of $2,000 in Standard of Detroit expires today. I draw $10 per week. Hard earned money. Dr. Chappel out and says I will be in the house for 2 weeks. J. W. Hiatt, Grand Summit, here. Rented him storeroom on Lot B for baled hay @ $2 per mo.






Sunday, March 13, 1881. Started out and met Pawnees.


Saturday 19, 1881. Started with Jim Leonard for Pawnee Agency. Camped at noon on Wolf Creek with Frank Davis and at night at the Willows with Charley Dorchester.


Sunday, 20. At Ponca at noon and at the mouth of Red Rock at night with Ed Walker and John. They have about 650 = WB brand on left side.


Monday, March 21. Rode from Walker's "tepe" at the mouth of Red Rock to Pawnee. Got in about 3 o'clock. 20 miles.


Tuesday, 22. Took dinner with Mr. Martin. Wrote Gov. [?] Tommy. Mollie Devendorf, B. C. Swarts.


Wednesday, March 23. Rode to branch of Cimarron to Berry's camp. He has 350 head of cattle branded B on left shoulder. Lost 70 last winter. Weather too warm for a coat. Grass just starting.


Thursday, 24th. Rode up "Stillwater" creek with Tom Berry. Some turkey here. Delaney of Keakuk's camp came in with a pack horse.


Friday, 25th. Fine morning. Rode up the Cimarron to Indian camp.


Saturday 26th. Laid around camp all day.


Sun. 27. Went hunting with King Berry.

CMS Ponies at Berry's Ranche.

"Milk and Cider roan" - 2 yrr. old - $8. Bar left s - spot in forehead mare.



Momday, March 28th, 1881. Fine morning. Went to Pawnee.


Tuesday, 29th. Rode to Ponca. Called at Whiting's.


12 days out--

Wednesday 30th. Came on to Ark. City. Met Lew Mathews and took dinner with him. Been out 12 days.


Second Trip - Tommy Scott along.

Tommy arrived at Ark. City, Thursday, April 14.

Saturday, April 16, 1881. Went to Nipp's camp.


Sunday, April 17. Stopped at Yellow Bull's at noon and at Libby's overnight.


Monday, 17th. Stopped a few minutes at Kincaid's camp on Red Rock. Also at Hatfield and Bedford Woods, and at night at Hutton's on Black Bear. Tom Welch - cook at J. T. Hutton's.

Bay horse - 7 yrs. ears split - one ear lopped. Branded [SHOWS BRAND] on left shoulder, right thigh IB.

One brand mare C. M. left ______ to Hutton.



Tuesday, April 19, 1881. Rode from Hutton's to Skeleton.

Ate dinner at Dean's upper camp and camped all night on a branch of Skeleton where Tommy shot a turkey.


Wednesday, April 20, 1881. Slept all morning. Hunted in the afternoon.


Thursday, 21. Rained very hard last night, but the wagon sheet turned it. Caught a fish this morning.


Friday 22. Hunted in the morning and rode to third creek east of where we were camped in search of Dean's lower camp.


Saturday, April 23. Started south west for Red Fork Ranche.



Sunday, April 24th. At one o'clock started for Cheyenne. Got in just before sundown. Camped with some Cheyennes at Sham's old house.


Monday 25th. Stopped at ____ Seager's. Attended the Government sale of horses, etc., at the Fort.

W. H. Eaton - Editor Transporter. Millford - mail carrier. Tony Robinson, Mr. Darlington. Met Maj. Randall and Lieut. Wood.


Tuesday 26th. Wrote the Governor, Miss Nellie [? Mollie,], and 5 others. Visited the Cheyenne school. Saw Frank Hutchinson


Wednesday, 27th. Leonard of the Washita here. Chas. Campbell - both grey horses - 6 hrs. -[BRAND SHOWS BAR ABOVE CH] shoulder and hip and E.M. 3 and hip - strayed April 18th. Went to trail crossing of the Cimaron in afternoon.


Thursday, April 28, 1881. Left the trail crossing on the Cimaron. Went to Helm's Ranche, then to the soldiers camp, and stayed all night at McCuller's mail ranche. Nell mail ranche on Deep Fork Camp Morris. Oklahoma 5 miles south of McCuller's ranche. Frank Marian - at the Ranche.


Friday 29th. Rode to Camp Morris. 35 mi. from McCullough's ranche and 35 mi. from Sac & Fox. Weather warm and mosquitoes bothersome. Tommy Scott still with me. No. of my old Merwin Hulbert, on the cylinder and barrel L541 and 509 on the butt. On the new one 7758 on barrel, and cylinder and 10331 on the butt. M. E. Millford has charge of the Morris State Ranche on Deep Fork of the Candadian.


Saturday, April 30th, 1881. Wrote postal to father yesterday. Tommy and I lounged about all day.


Sunday, May 1st. Rode to within sight of Black Jacks on Cimaron and camped on a small creek with shelf rock on U. Route through the black jacks nearly all day.


Monday, May 2nd. Rode to Berry's camp at noon. Rained both in the morning and afternoon and night.


Tuesday, May 3rd. Went over to the creek and got the small brown mare - 3 white feet. Brand B on left s. Rained very hard during the night. Otoes came over to camp. Got a pint of arnica for King Berry and sent it down.

18 days out--


Wednesday, May 4th, 1881. Went over to mouth of Stilwater with Tommy Scott. Little pony mare kicked me on left leg. Rained in the morning. Saw two deer.


Thursday, May 5th. Rode into Pawnee Agency. Took a bath in Camp Creek. Bought a 3 yr. old boy stud pony, one white foot behind, for $12.


Friday 6th. At Pawnee. Weather better. Rained in the morning.


Saturday 7th. Went up to see the beef issue of 13 beeves. Rained again. Cimaron up. Salt Fork also.


Sunday 8th. Rode to Ponca. Rained half the day. Stopped with Fred and Will [? Mill ] Whiting. TWO SENTENCES NEXT...FADED OUT.


Monday 8th. Left Ponca in the morning. We cut up to Will Whiting's camp on Bird's Nest in the afternoon. Names of creeks: Bird's Nest, Short-creek, and then Timber Creek - going west. Alfred Bass lost a large bay horse - severed [?] behind. Spot on left flank.


Tuesday, 10th. Went over to Barruss [?] day and with Will Whiting, saw about 100 cows, calves, and heifers branded [SHOWS BRAND...CIRCLE WITH A DOT IN THE MIDDLE] on right side.


Wednesday, 11th. Came back to Ponca. Man lost a large bay mare with harness on last Saturday on Salt Fork.


Thursday, May 12th, 1881. Started for Ark. City. Brown mare pony's saddle turned. Got in about 4 o'clock and went to Judge Christian's benefit in the evening with Tommy.


May 13th. At Arkansas City. Gen. McNeil here with the Otoes. I have 28 head of ponies now as follows:

Bert, Hattie, Hattie's colt, Buck, Saint, Grif, Dun mare, Swarts' mare, Swarts' colt, Roan mare, Bay pacing mare, Black mare, Black mare, spotted stud, Bay stallion at stud, bay mare, Mike's boy, Mike's grey, Tom - by stud, CMB - brown mare, Black itch - 3 yr. old, Pinto, Pinto's colt, Bell colt, Bay horse, Sorrel mare, Sorrel mare's colt, small black 2 yr. old. Sorrel 3 yr. old mare, South Haven, South Haven's colt.


May 18th. Bert has covered, so far, Hattie, Dun mare, Sweets mare, Sorrel's Indian mare. To be covered: Pinto mare and colt, South Haven, and those at Berry's ranche.

See James Rubers about making a lecture tour next winter, and write the lecture association.

Tommy leaves for New York May 23rd.


Third trip - C.M.S. - alone.

Friday, May 27. Rode to Gardenheir's camp near the mouth of Duck Creek, 30 mi. from Ark. City. He has 150 head of native-branded G. G. [?? S.S. ? 55 ?] an left him. [DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!]

I was in the state just two weeks this last time. Cardenheir the only cattle man on Dutch creek.

On Bodac there are: Weathers, 225 different brands, Dunn and Hill, 400 - H D of left turn [?]. Also J. H. Houghton, 150 - U on left side. Gardenheir is out--curly muly black cow, soat colored cow, and white 2 yr. old muly and curly S on left hip.

See Baldwin at Reno about Chas. Dorcheter [?] stealing [?] the bay horse 16 hands high. Also Babcock - the sheepman.



Saturday, May 28. Went as far as Nez Perce Agency and stayed at noon. Met Col. Pollack [? Pollock]. Then went on to Yellow Bull's. Rained hard in the evening.


Sunday, May 29. Three days out. At Yellow Bull's. Raining - showers. Salt Fork up. Saw Henry Rivers the half breed that was shot by Tom Hill. Called with Yellow Bull on "Yellow Head." Read the Inter-Ocean.


Monday, May 30th. Another short shower of rain this morning. Salt Fork still up. Will write Governor, Tommy, Leizare, etc., today. Enjoying myself well enough to stay here this day reading Tales of Jesse James.


5th day--

Tuesday, May 31st. Fine morning. Will start for Hutton's. Got as far as Hatfield and Woods - 20 miles. Hutton has moved so I will have to make Dean's tomorrow. Mosquitoes simply fearful. Taking out all the enjoyment of the trip.


Wednesday, June 1st, 1881. 6th day out. Will make Dean's before camping, about 25 miles. Camps as marked on Red Rock beginning at the head are:

Snake - 300 - w. s. on left hip; Hatfield and Wood - 800 - w. w. r. side. Geo. Greene - 100. Stewart's - 1,000 [SHOWS BRAND HALF CIRCLE ABOVE 1] left side. Libby and Wiley. Lewellens. 1st creek last of Woods camp on south side - Elk Horn. 2nd Beaver cr. 3rd short creek all on south side.

1st one west of Wood on south side.

Turkey creek - ord Fawn, 1st on north side Deadwood - above Woods camp. 2nd Pawnee. Rode to Dean's, 20 miles, by noon. Met the round up party of 100 men.


Thursday, June 2nd. Rode from Dean's to Red Fork. Started at 7 and arrived at 2 p.m. Sun very warm and no breeze.

2 doz setts assorted steel hands, watch - hour, minutes and second hands. 5 doz. arst crystals. 1/2 doz. main springs.

A. C. Bast, at Dean's Camp - Timber Springs P.O.

Will R. Jordons a herder at Deans--is from Ark. City.

Three herd of horses came up today. 1st of 220 head. 2nd about 60. 3rd - Hitchcocks - 400 head.



"2,500 head of J. D. Reed, of Ft. Worth - going to Colorado. passed."


Cattle and Horses gone up the Trail.

June 1st, 1881. A. Z. Haines, 319 horses for Nebraska.

I. P. Z. Oline - 620 horses. Nebraska.

F. D. Davis - 200 cattle - Caldwell.

R. P. Edwards, 370 horses - Caldwell.

E. R. Jenson, 600 horses. Caldwell.

Fairclo and Small - 500 cattle Dest. Col.

D. H. Clyne - 85 horses - Dodge

June 2nd. J. A. Simpson - 225 saddle horses - Dodge.

June 3rd. C. W. Lindner - 335 horses.

Wiley and Henderson - 1100 cattle - Ark. City [?].

Northrup Bros. 300 cattle


June 4th. Jas. D. Reed - 2,500 cattle - Colorado.





Friday, June 10, 1881. Fifteen days out. Joseph Yellow Bull, Red Elk, Espanojas [?], Henry Rivers, Yellow Head, 5 Times Over, Earth Blanket, Coming Chief, "Black Road," and seven other Nez Perces came along and we all went to Cheyenne Agency, stopping at the camp 4 miles below spring.


Sat., June 11th, 1881. Sixteen days out. Called on Agent Miles.


Sunday 12th. Attend the Nez Perces dance. Learning the sign language.


Monday, June 13th. Went up to the Post and Cheyenne, help shoot the beeves. Lots of fun.


Tuesday, 14th. Four days at the Cheyenne camp. Indians lying around lazily. Read Cowley Co. papers this morning.


Wednesday, June 15th. Sick at the stomach today. Have not eaten anything yet. Called on young chief "Porcupine" this morning.


Thursday, June 16. (21 days out - 6 days at Cheyenne.) Helped Eaton run off the "Transporter." Stayed at Seager's last night. Wrote Nellie would be at Macomb July 12. Gov. gone leave of absence of 10 days from July 4th. Wrote Devendorf to send pass to Ark. City in reg. letter. Wrote a number of letters.


Friday, June 17th (22 days out - 7 at Cheyenne.) Came to camp this morning from the Agency.

Summary: 1 day - Gardenheirs.

4 days - Yellow Bull.

1 day at Wood. 1 day at Dean's.

One week getting to Red Fork.

One week at Red Fork.

One week at Cheyenne Camp.


Saturday, June 18, 1881. Went up to Reno this morning, met B. C. Keeler of "Times" of Chicago. Was very cordially entertained by the officers. Wrote the Gov. and Chicago "Times."




1. Chief Joseph - Im-me-to-gou-lok [LOOKS LIKE BUT I AM UNCERTAIN]

2. Yellow Bull.

3. Red Clk

4. Espouzas [Espanzas ?]

5. Black Road.

6. Henry Rivers.

7. ______ Blanket.

8. Lillie Wolf.

9. Yellow Head.

10. John Andrew.


Monday, 20th.



Finished reading Prentiss "Kansan Abroad." The Nez Perces will begin to return today.


I have lived now ten days in an Indian camp and learned much, especially of the sign language - and did considerable reading besides. I sang the songs that I sang to Tommy with a 1,000 songs within hearing. Cheyennes stole my rope and halter last night - turning the horse loose. New halter cost $2.50. Rope cost 30 cents. Corn $1. [Corn ??] Expenses up to date - $5.00 at Hoods. Indian, corn, etc. $4. In all about $12 and I've been out 25 days. Average 50 cents per day so far.


Tuesday, June 21, 1881. At Seager's at Cheyenne (26 days out from Ark. City and 11 days at Cheyenne.) Took my horse down to Ed. Seay's place for grass. Received draft No. 1141 for $75 on W. C. Brown's tax dated June 15, 1881.





September 20, 1881. Topliff and I purchased 1,137 ewes @ $2.00 per head. MUCH MORE...SHEEP, SHEEP, SHEEP!


FROM C. M. SCOTT DIARY, April 6, 1882.

"Topeka, Kansas, April 5, 1882.

C. M. Scott:

"You can enter at once on your duties as Scout in the Indian Territory on same terms as last year. Answer.

Jno. P. St. John."

Wrote him April 6th I would enter at once and went to the Sheep Ranche for ten days.


Wednesday, April 26, 1882. Went to the Ranche with Chas. H. Burgess and H. P. Standley. Rode around with Burgess. Met Yellow Bull at my office, also had a talk with Jacob Lollowegger [? Lollomeyzer ?]. The Cheyennes butchered Capt. Nipp's mare and stole the colt last fall. Had a talk with Cap. about it!


May 8th. Wrote Governor I held contract with Cheyennes and Arapahoes, Pawnees, and Nez Perces. Told of Capt. Nipp's mare and of Fleck's dog and 2 ponies the Cheyennes marked.


May 24, 1882. Top and I went down on Shiloco, and nearly drowned my horses. Arkansas, Walnut, Salt For, and all streams up full.


June 12, 1882. Raining all evening and the streams all full again. Walnut been up for two weeks. Can't do any riding.


June 24, 1882. Big Bow of the Kiowas was at Ponca and Otoe camps, trying to induce Indians go make a break with them. I am to meet Major Woodin on the matter today at this place. Counciled Joseph on the 21st about it and Yellow Bull is to be here in a few days. Letter from Retta states Cheyennes are fighting among themsleves over some ponies, and Miles is going to come.


June 30, 1882. Just back from Camp. Case. at Topeka. Went up Monday 26th. Yellow Bull to come in from Cheyenne Agency and report what Cheyennes are doing.


Sunday, July 2nd. Yellow Bull here to see me and C.M.S. at Shee Ranche. He went back.


July 4th, 1882. At Arkansas City: Joseph, Yellow Bull, White Eagle.


Friday, July 14th. Went over to the Sheep Ranche then down to Saunders sheep camp thence to Cole's, then to the Willow's. Saunders has 2,000 sheep marked X on left hip. Cole has 2,000 mark 0 on the hip. Fouts are marked with a spot, also.


Saturday, July 15th. Rode to Nez Perce Agency, and met with Joseph, Yellow Bull and James Ruben. Will go to Cheyenne with them Monday.


Sunday, July 16. Frank Lorry -? Terry ?] came down and served [?] Salt Fork.


Monday, July 17. 4th Day Out. Left Yellow Bull's at 2 p.m., and followed James Ruben to Rance [? Ranche ?]. Mile east of trail and camped. Rained very hard. Ten Nez Perces along.





1. James Rubens

2. Tom Hill

3. Wolf Head

4. Captain Jack

5. Yellow Bear

6. Jay Gould

7. Daniel Jefferson


9. Earth Balnket

10. Mat Whitfield


Tuesday, July 18, 1882. 5th Day Out. Left the lot Ranche at 6 a.m., crossed Salt Fork. Camped at noon on Red Rock.


Met Hayes and got Beard and Day's horse of the one eyed Indian and Black Coyote when they were stolen last year. At night camped on Skeleton. Got half a beef of Robinson in charge of Montgomery's herd. Saw JP steer and 0 on left side dun yearling strays.


Wednesday, July 19th - 6 Days Out. Left Skeleton and nooned at Buffalo Springs. Weather cool. Water plenty. Camped at night at Red Fork Ranche. Met Mr. Canby, Charley Cleveland, Mr. Moffett. Cimaron up.


Thursday, July 20th. Read to move on. I stopped until 4 o'clock and then rode to Caddo Springs, and camped with Nez Perces. Got wire at noon after a three hours ride after night.


Friday, 21st. Went down to Cheyenne. Stopped with Murphy and Keller. Put my mare (Hattie) in Connell's stable, and tied up the dogs [?]. Raining all day. Sgt. Miles notified Commission that the Cheyennes were not on the war path. Woodin and Jordan had both written they were "to a certainty." Condee [?] has two B ponies - B on right hip.


Saturday, July 22, 1882. 9 Days Out. On trip with James Robino [?] to Cheyenne. First trip of 1882. Looked over 40 head of Cendee [?] ponies branded L on left shoulder and C on left hip. He offers them at $13.50 each. Some of them are very old. Damp and drizzling. Bought 45 @ $12 each.


Sunday, July 23. (10 Days Out.) Went up to Nez Perce camp.


Monday, July 24th - 11 Days Out. Bob Wood and Mat Camfield [?] Nez Perce go north with me. Checked Connell $1 drawers, $1.25 undershirt. Frank Hutchison $3.50 for "Our Wild Indians," and $3 horse feed. Sold Campbell one of the horses for $25. Been four days at Cheyenne.



Tuesday, July 25th, 1882. (12 Days Out.) Will start this morning for Kansas, with 44 ponies, purchased @ $12 per head. Corraled at 11 o'clock at Kingfisher.


Wednesday, 26th. (13 Days Out.) Drove 20 miles to Bull's Foot. Ponies got more grass today.


Thursday, July 27th, 1882. (14 Days Out.) Drove from Bull's Foot to Skeleton and held the horses in a bend of the creek. First night they got their bellies full.


Friday, July 18. Drove to Salt Fork Springs. Mosquitoes fearful. Bob night herded. Gray pony very tired. Held horses on high prairie. No wood, no water.



The Wrong Scott.

Quite a little excitement was rife in the city last week over the killing of Capt. C. M. Scott in the Creek nation. It was not our Scott at all, but a Capt. Nero Scott who was killed. The following item from the Transporter, of the 25th [?] inst., shows that C. M. was tearing around in good shape in the western part of the Territory while his namesake was being slain in the eastern part.

James Reubens, with a party of nine Nez Perce Indians, are making a friendly visit among the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians this week. They are accompanied by their friend, Capt. C. M. Scott. Among the number were Lieut. Tom Hill, Yellow Bear, Jay Gould, and Capt. Jack.


July 29, 1882 (16 Days Out). Robert and I nooned at Jacob Smith's Ranche. Camped on the upland west of Bitter Creek. Good moonlight night.


July 30, 1882 (17 Days Out). Drove to the Sheep Ranche by 3 p.m. Paid Mat Whitfield for 6 days work driving horses @ $1.25 = $7.50, and Bob Wood $10. Came into town that night and found the report rife that I was killed. Also dispatches from my folks in Ohio.


Friday, Aug. 18th. Agent Haworth here. Assisted in locating Indian school.


Thursday, Sept. 7th, 1882. Left Ark City at 3 p.m. for Dodge City. Arrived at 3 in the morning.


Friday, Sept. 8th, 1882. Went to stock yards. Met Liet. Valaise [?], Co. F, 9th Cav., and Col. Geo. G. McClure, Paynia [? Pawnee's ?] ter. of Leavenworth, Kansas. Gen. Noble gone west.


Sunday, October 29, 1882. Lafe Merritt here. Stages leave Caldwell at 2 p.m. Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays. Also at Cheyenne Agency 10 a.m. of next day.




Elephant lives 400 years - Gestation: 21 months.

Tortoise lives 1000 years - Gestation: 14 months.