Winfield, Kansas - Train Depots

The following are images scanned from photographs provided by the the Cowley County Museum in Winfield, Kansas. This is an informal project of several individuals who are interested in such things. We are trying to further identify the pictures and to collect history about the Train Depots in Winfield. Only one depot building survives today, the old Santa Fe freight depot on Main Street, between Fifth and Sixth Streets. It is a Pizza Shop now, but it still exists. The most beautiful and historic of the old depots, the Santa Fe Passenger Depot was torn down (?? year) and the site is used for storage. For more on the Winfield Depot model see WSFDTD.HTM.

For information on the Arkansas City Santa Fe Depot see SFAC.HTM .

To see a map of the railroads in Winfield in 1925 see 1925rr.htm.

First Train into Winfield

Atcheson, Topeka and Santa Fe Depot, Topeka, Ks. 1880

Horse Drawn Cabs at the Station

Steam Train Pulling out of Mo-Pac Station

MOPAC Station

Freight Handlers at the Southern Kansas Depot May 13, 1910

Winfield Station w Water Spout

Santa Fe Passenger Depot

Santa Fe Passenger Depot

Santa Fe Passenger Depot

Early Version 3D Model With Locomotive of DM&A

Santa Fe Passenger Depot

Santa Fe Passenger Depot

Famous Three Way Crossing and Railroad Maps of Winfield

Mural on Mrs. Frankie Cullison's Lumber Yard Building on on 9th Street

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