THE STORY OF WINFIELD - Mural at Corner Bank, 9th & Main, Winfield, KS


For this ambitious project of re-creating "The Story of Winfield" and preserving it for future generations, the First National Bank chose Sue Jean Covacevich-boys, a native Kansas and well-known artist of the Mid-West.

Dr. Covacavich-Boys attended Bethany College, where she studied with Birger Sandzen. She also holds art degrees from Southwestern College in Winfield where she resides, and Colorado State College.

She continued her studies during a twelve year residence in Mexico. She worked at the San Carlos Art School of the National University where she med Diego Rivera. Rivera served as a critic for her painting. In addition, she studied at the Escuela de Artes Graficos, and was associated with the artists of Rancho del Artista.

As a teacher, Dr. Covacevich-Boys had a distinguished career before her retirement in 1973. She taught primary, secondary, and college-level art for 43 years. She established the Art Department at Southwestern College in 1945. The art therapy classes she taught at the Winfield State Hospital and Training Center in 1952 were among the first in the state. She was active in the organization of the Winfield Art Center in 1962. The recipient of numerous awards, she was the Governors Artist of The Year in 1981, and in 1988 she was awarded an honorary Doctor of Arts degree from Southwestern College.

The mural was begun in 1951 and took a year to complete. It was revised in 1975 when the bank was expanded.

Dr. Covacevich-Boys has published two folios of prints; The Churches of Mexico and Impressions of Mexico. As part of our nation's Bicentennial Celebration, she created the sculpture at the entrance of Island Park in Winfield entitled "Gateway To The Future". Her work is in the print collection of the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library and private collections in this country and in Mexico.

(Cover design: Otis Hadley. Photographs: Enid Collinson, Rod James, Jane Richards.)
Printed by Gilliland Printing, Inc.

The Front Cover

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