Cowley County History Meeting
1:30 PM, Sunday, May 7, 2000
Winfield Public Library
605 College Ave., Winfield, Kansas

This is the fourth meeting of this type. The previous meetings were very productive and allowed many of us to meet for the first time. Several people have ongoing project and will be able to report progress on their projects and if they need reinforcements or other aid, hopefully we can respond.

This is an irregular group of those of us who are interested in the history of the area. Several of the local organizations are represented. This group is not an organization nor does it seek to be. Our goals are:

  1. Meet each other, those of us from out of town have been dealing with people whom we have never physically met, only in the ether of the net.
  2. Discuss our individual projects and share knowledge about the resources we have discovered.
  3. Results since last meeting are:
    1. Mel Brown picked up the old newspapers at the State Historical Society and delivered them to the Cowley County Historical Museum.
    2. Bob Lawrence has instituted his web page on Auto Racing at the Cowley Counry Fair Grounds.
    3. Joan Cales and Bob Hartung put together a display on Buildings That Aren't There.
    4. Carolyn Woods put together a "Murals of Winfield" brochure for Winfield Convention & Tourism.
    5. Bruce Hedrick is scanning more pictures from the Museum.
    6. Bryan Pearce is putting together a plan to acquire computers and scanners for the Museum
    7. Joan Cales is continuing in pursuit of a grant for the Library to include a web server etc.
    8. Winfield Main Street committee is continuing to process grant applications and give grants.
    9. Baden Hall committee is continuing the effort to save and utilize historic Baden Hall.
    10. Howard Buffum has produced several more interesting columns in the Courier on local historical mysteries.
    11. Roland Mueller has put together an event scheduled for Jan 27, 2001, sponsored by Robert and Mary Hartley for a writers competition on papers about Historical Winfield.

The List

This is a list of people who have said they are coming to the meeting. Anyone wishing to add their name and email to the list please contact Joan Cales, keeper of the list. at the Winfield Public Library. email Joan at Or you can contact me, or leave a message at Jim Davis' house at 316-221-3249.

Click on Name to mail: Click on Topic of Interest to go to Web Site
Jack & Dorthy Banks (Winfield, KS) History of Music/Band, Genealogy
Bill Bottorff (Austin, TX) History of Winfield/Cowley County/Area
Mel Brown (Topeka, KS) Family History, Winfield History, Life and Death of Edison Ogrosky
Joan Cales (Winfield, KS) Winfield Public Library
Robert (Bob) Davis (in absentia) Twigg Massacre of Camon Band
Jim & Pat Davis (Winfield, KS) Family History
Bruce Hedrick (Ark City, KS) Bank History, Bank Notes, Old City Photos
Bryan Pearce (Winfield, KS)Re-enactments of Historical Events
Mike & Sheilah Smith (& Mike's Mom Leoti M. Smith, all from Smilyville, KS) RedMan - Indian History
Mary Ann Wortman & son Kevin, (Ark City, KS) Transcription of old newspapers, History of Cowley County
Larry & Rogena Rhodes (Ark City, KS) Historical photography and old postcards. 1880 & 1888 City Directories, Winfield.
Jerry & Delia Wallace (Oxford, KS) Southwestern College Archivist, History of Southwestern College before 1952.
Nancy (Moss) Biddle, (Akron, CO) Histoy of Tisdale area.
Joe and Wanda Vann (Winfield, KS) General history and geneology.
Glenda (Moss) Linnabary, (Winfield, KS) History of Tisdale area.
Scott Higginbottom (Wichita, KS) Political history and old stone bridges.
Margaret Vanderlip (Wichita, KS) Granddaughter of C. M. Scott, first editor of Arkansas City Traveller.
Frankie Cullison (Winfield, KS) Cowley County Historical Museum.
Ron McIntire (Lake Tapawingo, MO) Family history.
Debra (Bryant) Teufel, (Arkansas City, KS)
Sally D. Wilcox, (Windield, KS)
Marilyn Johnson, (Winfield, KS)
Verna Davis, (Arkansas City, KS)
Lola Bernard, (Arkansas City, KS)
Ken & Shirley (Marsh) Everhart (Wellington, KS)
Pat & Bess Harder, (Arkansas City, KS)
Janell Hutchinson, (Arkansas City, KS) Women, Outlaws, Fiction

The following will be missing-in-action at this meeting

This is an OPEN meeting, We are especially interested in making contact with people who:

  • are using the history of the area in creative endevors. ie Books, Novels, Plays, Screenplays, Paintings etc.
  • are developing resources, such as lists, compilations etc.
  • are concentrating on certain topics or geographic areas.
  • are compinling their own family history.
  • We know there more of us out there! If you know anyone who need to come, Invite Them! Help them Make Themseves Known! Make Yourself Known! Gain some leverage! Network!

    Hope you can attend.
    Bill Bottorff
    Austin Business Computers, Inc.
    512-328-4747 Austin, TX.

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