The Illustrated Western World was a weekly illustrated newspaper, devoted to literature and home entertainment. It was published in Kansas City, MO. and single copies sold for 15 cents, or you could get a years subscription for $3.00. In No 15 of Volume IX a 16 page issue was dedicated to the Cowley County, Kansas. More specifically to Winfield. And more specifically yet to the firm of Ingman, Frink & Hornick, the big real estate firm of Winfield, and on page 7B they launch into a list of all of the special bargains available in Winfield. One of these may be Grandpa's farm.

This paper has been carefully saved for a hundred and twenty two years and now resides at the Cowley County Historical Museum in Winfield. I had the opportunity to photograph this wonderful old paper and digitally restore it to like new condition. Many thanks to the staff of  the Museum and to the Board of Directors for the opportunity to work with this fascinating old paper. Thanks CoNett Archer, Jerry Wallace, Jerry Aistrup and everyone else. And to Jim Davis for handling some of the logistics. Austin is a long way from Winfield. Prints of the restored paper are on display at the Museum. I am attempting to reformat the material into a form that is useful on the web. The reason I think it will be useful on the web is that the text pages below are in searchable form. And they are much easier to read. The illustrations from the paper will be up soon. Many were done by the Blongren Bros. and there appear to be two sets of initials, implying two brothers. Their work is incredible! There are other names if you look closely.

Pages (you have to look at the images at the Museum)

The following pages are presented here as searchable text.

3A Railways, Six are Projected,   Colleges, Banks
4A Wealth Winfield, Mayor Hackney, The Press, The Banks, Prominent Citizens,  Millington, Blanchard, Public Buildings
5A About Cowley County, about farm and crop production, about Col. H. C. Loomis and the Greatest Speculative Opportunity on Earth in Fairlawn.
7B A Few Sample Snaps! Offered by the Biggest Real Estate Firm in Southern Kansas. Ingman, Frink & Hornick, Winfield, Kansas.
8A Free Delivery or Mail, Advantages of a First Class Real Estate Firm. A NEW DEAL. Opening of the Winfleld Area Estate and Merchandise Exchange.