Arkansas City Postcards from Talea

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    This is the Manual Training Center in Arkansas City. Later it was used as the Arkansas City High School. It was torn down some years back, not sure when.
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    This is Summit Street. The card is not dated.Caption reads: "Greetings from Arkansas City, Kansas Summit Street, looking south." Color by Artcraft, Arkansas City, Kansas
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    This is Summit Street in recent years. I picked this postcard up a couple of years ago. Caption reads: "Limestone buildings, some with turn-of-the-century architecture, grace Arkansas City's tree-lined business district. Founded in the 1870's, "Ark City" played a major role in the territorial developement of Oklahoma's Indian lands." copyright: 1994-Nancy Avery (ARK-1) 1994 Bluebird Graphics
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    This is the train in Wilson Park. I spoke to my mother last night & she remembers when the train was being installed. My grandfather did help put it in. My mom has expressed interest in trying to get a plaque installed near the train to honor the men who put it there. What do you think?
    Caption reads: "Santa Fe Engine #2542 Built in 1910 and located in Wilson Park, this engine is a favorite of area children. The park located on Highway 77, north of downtown Arkansas City, Kansas, in the site of the Docking Memorial Plaza, the Annual River Valley Arts Festival and the Ark City Open Tennis Tournament." Photographed by Keith Burton Convention & Visitor's Bureau P. O. Box 795 Arkansas City, KS 67005
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    This is the auditorium in Ark City. I am not sure if it is still there. Caption reads: "AK-4-Auditorium, Arkansas City, Kansas" Kansas Distributing Co., Junction City, Kansas Curteichcolor-3D natural color reproduction
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    This is the Cherokee Strip Museum in Ark City. I remember taking fields trips there when in grade school. Caption reads: "Cherokee Strip Living Museum Arkansas City, Kansas. Located on the Famous Cherokee Strip Tract, this museum is dedicated to preserving the history of one of the most tremendous events in U. S. History, the exciting Cherokee Outlet Run, and the culture of the peroid. The largest of it's kind in the area, it contains over 7000 artifacts."
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    This is one of a Cessna Airplane. They may have built this particular model at Strother Field. My mom worked there for some time. Caption reads: "'80 Cessna Ag Husky. Turbocharged for maximum power, efficiency and payload. 310 hp, 280 gallon hopper, 4400 lb. gross weight." "Fly Cessna. The worlds number 1 business airline" Cessna Aricraft Company. Wichita, Kansas 67201
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    This one is not from Cowley County but it was such a cool card, I thought I'd pass it along anyway. Plainville is located in North Central KS, in Rooks County. No caption but front reads: " Bird's-eye view of Plainville, Kans." Pub. by Kraus Mfg. Co., N. Y. for Plainville Pharmacy, Plainville, Kans.
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    This one is of the Flint Hills of Kansas. I am not sure but I believe it might be located in the Silverdale area. Caption reads: "Flint Hills of Kansas. Famous cattle grazing territory dating back to the days of the Chisholm Trail cattle drives."
    Photo by Harry Caplin Dexter Press, Inc. West Nyack, New York Dunlap Postcard Co., Omaha, Nebraska
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    This is a coyote standing near a limestone fencepost. These were used as property markers also. Caption reads: "Limestone posts of Kansas supported barbed wire fences throughout North Central Kansas since the 1870's. They reflect the sturdy character of the ingenious pioneers who conceived and erected them. A man-made "Garden of Eden" in Lucas, Russell Co., Kansas is the heart of stone post country. Pictured is a Kansas coyote (a small wolf of the western prarie whose weight average is 30 pounds.)" Dexter Press West Nyack, NEw York Pub. by Dunlap Post Card Co., Omaha, Nebraska 68114
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    This is Pheasants in the grass. Caption reads: "Kansas Pheasant Hunting. Kansas pheasant hunting season pays off each year and provides one of the longest ringneck seasons in the nation." Dunlap Post Card Co., Omaha, Nebraska 68114 Plastichrome colourpicture Boston, Mass. 02130
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    Kansas Turnpike route from South Haven to Kansas City. Caption reads: "Kansas Turnpike" Drawing done by Gene McConnell North Platte, Nebr. Dunlap Post Card Co., Omaha, Nebraska 68114, Plasticolourpicture Boston Mass 02130
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    Miniture Train from Arkansas City in the '50's. Possibly used for Arkalala. Does anyone recognize or know anything about this train?

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