City of Winfield, KS. Maps

North Main in Winfield,
Range - 8th to 6th & Manning to Millington

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North Main St., Winfield

 Year  Block 105  Block 106  Block 107  Block 125  Block 126  Block 127
 1884  105-84.htm  106-84.htm  107-84.htm  125-84.htm  126-84.htm  127-84.htm
 1886  105-86.htm  106-86.htm  107-86.htm  125-86.htm  126-86.htm  127-86.htm
 1893  105-93.htm  106-93.htm  107-93.htm  125-93.htm  126-93.htm  127-93.htm
 1899  105-99.htm  106-99.htm  107-99.htm  125-99.htm  126-99.htm  127-99.htm
 1905  105-05.htm  106-05.htm  107-05.htm  125-05.htm  126-05.htm  127-05.htm
 1912  105-12.htm  106-12.htm  107-12.htm  125-12.htm  126-12.htm  127-12.htm
 1918  105-18.htm  106-18.htm  107-18.htm  125-18.htm  126-18.htm  127-18.htm
 1925  105-25.htm  106-25.htm  107-25.htm  125-25.htm  126-25.htm  127-25.htm

Page Size Maps of Individual City Blocks

  • Downtown Winfield, range - 8th to 11th & Manning to Millington
  • Blocks 108, 109, 110, 128, 129, 130.
  • North Main in Winfield, range - 8th to 6th & Manning to Millington
  • Blocks 105, 106, 107 125, 126, 127.
  • East Ninth Avenue in Winfield, range - 8th to 10th & Millington, Loomis, Fuller
  • Blocks 148, 149, 168,169, 188, 189.

  • The matrix is arranged by block and year, for the published years of :
    1871(platt map), 1884, 1886, 1893, 1899, 1905, 1912, 1918, 1925. The first column represents the maps of Block 108 for each of the mapping years. These maps are intended to be printed so you will have nine sheets for each Block, which you can compare year by year. Each row represents the set of six blocks for one year. Let me know of any errors. My typing is not perfect.

    The goal of this exercise is to build a database of businesses, addresses, buildings and people to know who was where when, doing what, with whom.
    Send information or comments to bbott.

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