3D Stereo Images for Red/Blue Glasses

These are old StereOpticon Slides which have been processed so that they may be viewed with Red/Blue Classes. This is an experimental page. I hope to collect some local examples from Winfield.

Short "How To" Document


3DLOCC.GIF Across Main Gallery, Library of Congress, Washington, D. C.

3DRUSSBC.GIF Russian Troops on Review in WW I by Horse Mounted Officers.

3DTANKA.GIF Field Testing Churchill type Tank in WW I, in cloud of dust.

3DVMOLTC.GIF General Von Moltke with Officers in WW I.

3D_CAST.GIF Rheinstein Castle near Bingen Germany during WW I period.

PANAVINE.JPG Luxuriant Vines in the Panama Canal Zone

48IMAGE_3D.JPG Three D view of San Francisco (for more info. go to http://visearth.ucsd.edu/Stereo/

grand-1-large-red-green.gif Grand Canyon from: http://www.andromeda.com/people/ddyer/photo/anaglyph.html

Links about stereo imaging from Studio 3D: http://www.studio3d.com/pages/stereo_links.html

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