Winfield High School Class of '58 Reunion 1998, October 2, 1998

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Following is a list of classmates attending the reunion.

Gerald McGee (Fri), Jim Davis, Darrell Jordan (Fri), Joe Crumpton, Edward King, Richard King, Harriett Lipperd, Carole Geu, David Bear (Sat), Sandra Kinnamon, Bev McCaslin, Leota Casebolt, Jerry Norton, Scott Higginbottom, Janet Groom, Marion/Judy (Clower) Watt, Alan Lewis, Walter/Cheri (Jones) Nichols, Larry Thiel, Jenny Houston, Mel Brown, Larry Cooley, Pat Stevenson, Judy Harris, Barbara Kelly, Loretta Fox, Sheila Feeler, Marcia Metz, Sonja Burrow, Nancy Bergdall, Gene Kellum, Roxie Harding, Arvenia Lewis, Janet Hiatt, Robert Barron (Fri), Sandra Husted, Gwen Matthews, Evelyn Reuther, Sandra Porter, Leon Ahlerich, Gunter/Sheilah Liebherr (Sat), Ellen Thompson, Ralph Rush, Bruce Williams, Rhea Gordon, Charles Cranston, Ron Mozingo, Rol Mozingo, Bill Bottorff, Karen Simpson, Stan Scudder (Fri), Gib Overby, Gloria Davis, Roger Casebolt, Carole Lumbert, Kay Lytle, Darrell Horst, Louise Reed, Jackie Miller, Don Brewer, Nola Pack??.

Following is a list of classmates getting married after the reunion.

Gib Overby and Gloria (Davis) Farley

(from Bonnie Mountain Miller)
Dear Classmate:

The 40 year reunion of the Winfield High School Class of 1958 is history now.

Those of you that attended know there were several classmates that attended their first reunion this year. Two classmates that were re-united were Gloria (Davis) Farley and Gib Overby. They wanted me to let you all know that they will be married in Lubbock Texas on Valentines Day. They will be living in Monteagle, Tennessee after the 14th.

I am requesting a card or e-mail shower for them. If you would like to send congratulations please do so by the 14th.
Isn't this the perfect ending to a great reunion.
Happy Valentines Day!
Bonnie Miller

Gloria: 3304 31st Street, Lubbock, TX 79410
Gib: PO Box 434, Monteagle, TN 37356

Sorry this is late, but sometime ye olde webmeister is a little slow.

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Send some. Bonnie is NOW ONLINE
Bonnie Miller <>

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