Cowley County History Meeting
1:30 PM, Sunday, May 2, 1999
Winfield Public Library
605 College Ave., Winfield, Kansas

First, let me apologize for the conflict with KANZA DAYS, it just worked out this way.

An irregular group of those of us who are interested in the history of the area are meeting Sunday, May 2, at the Winfield Public Library meeting room to :

  1. Meet each other, those of us from out of town have been dealing with people whom we have never physically met, only in the ether of the net.
  2. Discuss our individual projects and share knowledge about the resources we have discovered.

This is a list of people who have said they are coming to the meeting. Anyone wishing to add their name and email to the list please contact me and I will add you. Bill Bottorff<>, if you want to be deleted, same thing. I will be in Dallas on April 28, 29 & 30 and will drive to Winfield the evening of the 30th. You can contact me, or leave a message at Jim Davis' house at 316-221-3249.

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Jack Banks (Winfield, KS) History of Music/Band, Genealogy
Bill Bottorff (Austin, TX) History of Winfield/Cowley County/Area
Mel Brown (Topeka, KS) Family History, Winfield History, Life and Death of Edison Ogrosky
Joan Cales (Winfield, KS) Winfield Public Library
Robert (Bob) Davis (in absentia) Twigg Massacre of Camon Band
Jim Davis (Winfield, KS) Family History
Bruce Hedrick (Ark City, KS) Bank History, Bank Notes, Old City Photos
Bryan Pearce (Winfield, KS)Re-enactments of Historical Events
Mike Smith (Smilyville, KS) RedMan - Indian History
Mary Ann Wortman (Ark City, KS) Transcription of old newspapers, History of Cowley County
Several more people have said they will "try" to come. Several of them are researching specific individuals who are thier ancestors. The have collected material and are looking for more.

This is an OPEN meeting, anyone interested in local history is invited. If you would like to post your interest below send me email! The whole point of this meeting is to promote communication. We know there are a lot of people interested in local history because of the activity at the library in checking out books and doing research on genealogy. I got started in the library when I looked at the microfilm of the murder of Constable Siverd in 1893. The library staff told me about a couple in Ark City who were entering the old microfilm newspapers into their computer. This put me in contact with Richard Kay and Mary Ann Wortman. Jim Davis and Bob Hartung had already introduced me to the picture files in the Cowley County Historical Museum. Bob Hartung also provided the scrapbook of Edison Ogrosky's sister which provided his story. Mary Ann Wortman has tirelessly entered the text from the local newspapers from 1869 up to 1887. Jack Banks has dug out his own family history and has helped many others to find theirs. He has shown many the way to use technology to learn about history. Mike and Sheila Smith spent some time in Arizona and have collected a wealth of information about the indians of that area. Bryan Pearce has been a focal point into the local business community and has chased down contacts and facts. Bruce Hedrick recently moved back to the area and has been digging for nuggets of gold in the old bank note area. He has also helped Robert Davis find early city maps to show what was where when Twigg started shooting.

We know there more of us out there! Make yourself known!

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