Cowley County History Resources (CD ROM)

OLDNEWS - The Old Newspaper Files (Demo Link)

~BBOTT - Cowley County Photographs

REDMAN - Indians of the Four Corners

~FRETS - Spanish Sonatas, an Audio CD

- The History of Cowley County, Part I, The Beginning

This Compact Disc contains a variety of resources of value to the historian and to the historical writer. The bulk of the material is under the directory OLDNEWS. Other material has been included which may be of collateral value. In the directory REDMAN is contained the July/August 1997 issue of an online magazine called REDMAN published in Mike and Sheilah Smith about the Indians and Indian affairs in the Four Corners area of New Mexico. The directory called ~FRETS is the background material relating to the audio CD which mynephew, Stephen Marchiondia and I published in 1994. That was my first experience in publishing digital material. The Directory ~BBOTT contains the World Wide Web material from my internet site. This includes, Railroad and Transportation Pictures, Winfield Vikings, Winfield Main Street and other material.

This is a prototype CD ROM. That means that it is a test version. No attempt has been made to "slick" it up for presentation. We are still concentrating on the source material. This and the other menu have been included so you can get around but be careful, no returns are included on most of the stuff, and some of the return links that are included may be to absolute web addresses which may produce unpredictable results.

This material is provided only to workers in the field of history and genealogy research for their use as a tool. The accuracy of the material has not been verified and should not be used without verification from other sources.

All material on this compact disc is copywrited by TouchMedia. Copies of this compact disc may be ordered from TouchMedia 512-328-4747.


Appreciation is extended to: The Cowley County Museum The Cherokee Strip Land Rush Museum The Kansas State Historical Society The many individuals who have contributed time, knowledge and energy. Richard Kay Wortman who spent the last ten years of his life collecting Cowley County stories and tales. Mary Ann Wortman who has tirelessly typed year after year to convert the old newspapers into readable text.

Bill Bottorff

Austin, Texas
August 14, 1997