Winfield Pictures from Bob Lawrence

All of these pictures I'm sending you this evening are from the collection of my father-in-law, Keith Becker of Wichita, KS.
Bob Lawrence, Feb. 11, '00.

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  1. Bob's first car.
  2. Bob's dad with his delivery truck
  3. Art Arfons Green Monster visiting Winfield in 1964.
  4. Charles O. Cheever in the car.
  5. Charles O. Cheever standing by the car.
  6. Roy Becker in Wells Fargo wagon.
  7. The old Copple home place.
  8. Snow storm in Winfield.
  9. Looking north on Main from 11th. St. James hotel on left.
  10. Harry Mauk's place with Bowling beneath. Winfield Cash Grocery.
  11. Joe Michler's Meat Market
  12. May 6, 1910 Winfield KS. Traveling in style.
  13. Interstate highway in Cowley County
  14. The Cowley County Fairgrounds in Winfield from the Smoke Stack
  15. Auto races at the Cowley County Fair Grounds.
  16. Program from Stock Car Races at the Fair Grounds.
  17. Shell Station in Winfield
  18. The Walnut River from the smoke stack of the power plant at the Fair Gounds.
  19. Tunnel Mill Dam in dry times.
  20. East 9th Ave. during the flood of 1923.
  21. More East 9th Ave. flood of '23.
  22. North Main flood of '23.
  23. The Winfield reservoir before the disaster.
  24. The day the resevoir broke, June 6, 1916.
  25. Looking from the broken resevoir toward Observatory Hill.
  26. Devistation of the broken resevoir.
  27. Looking toward Baden Hall from the broken resevoir.
  28. Two boys surveying the damage.
  29. Santa Fe 1434 into the Station on time.
  30. The new Santa Fe Super Steam Engine, September 18, 1911.

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