Image of Winfield

Island Park

This is Island Park at the full resolution of this image The full image is
win123n.jpg (this is a 2.5 megabyte compressed image file)
click below to force a "save to disk"

The file win123n.jpx

This is a two and a half megabyte JPEG image of Winfield from high altitude. It was taken October 2, 1991. The image expands to about 25 megabytes when loaded into a photo package like Photoshop or equivalent. Since it is not practical to load this file directly into your browser, I have renamed it with an x on the end, .jpx. This should force your browser to download the file to your computer. Then you can rename it to .jpg and load it into your Photoshop or whatever. It is a lot of fun to zoom and pan around in this image. Resolution is sufficient to see individual houses. It just takes a little time to get oriented since there are no street signs. Today in 2011 you can see all of this in Google Map. Now you can compare and see what it looked like 20 years ago.

Bird's Eye Image of Winfield, Ks. in 1878

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