Winfield, Ks. August 1997

List of Things that are GONE from Winfield

Old Winfield Downtown Pictures in date order
Then and Now Comparisons
Panoramic Pictures of Downtown Winfield

Trollys, Murals, Tractors and Memorial Square

The New Trolley

The Old Trolley
Ark Valley Interurban
The Famous 3 Way Crossing
The Mystery Hotel on East Ninth Avenue

"The Story of Winfield" Mural Painted by Dr. Sue Jean Covacevich-Boys in 1951-52 in the First National Bank (Now Corner Bank)

Mural on Mrs. Frankie Cullison's Lumber Yard Building on on 9th Street
(destroyed by fire after these pictures were taken)

photos by Mel Brown

The New Mural on 5th st. 3 blks. from Main

Maggie Bicker - artist

Maggie Bicker - artist and Floid McCord - patron of the arts
you can contact Floid at Joe's Carpet

Model of the work in Joe's Carpet store with Floid, alias "Joe" in background

the model

the real thing!

Memorial Park in Winfield

Cowley County Courthouse

photos by Mel Brown

The Steam & Gas Tractor Fest in Winfield, Aug. 1997

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