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A&W Root Beer Stand on South Main & 19th St. in 1972, (see note below).

  1. w60awa.jpg The image above
  2. w60awb.jpgClose up of Taco Tico at left.
  3. w60awc.jpg Close up of Pizza Hut and A&W sign.
  4. w60awd.jpgClose up of A&W building and car in front.
  5. w60awe.jpg Detail of A&W building.
  6. w60awf.jpg Right side of image with A&W sign and building.

main st. pic with pizza hut
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 18:02:35 -0800
"greg teachman" <viking@powernet.net>
Moved to Las Vegas from Winfield several years ago. I really enjoyed the
photos. The main st. picture with the A & W and Pizza Hut was taken in
1972. The Pizza Hut and Taco Tico were both built that year While George
McCune was city manager. Just thought you might like to know. Your site
brightened my day here in tacky, no history Las Vegas. Thanks again. G.L.

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