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This photo is from my own collection. I apologize for its size but an 8" X 10" is all that I have of it and I don't know how to scan it in and send it to you in any smaller format. It was taken in 1928 at my uncle's Shell service station that was located on the east side in the 1100 block of South Main St. in Winfield. The attendant on the right is my uncle, Wallace McRoberts, and the first name of the attendant on the left is Earl but I can't find anyone who can remember his last name. There is a lot to see in this picture when one takes the time to look. Note the Stuber Brothers Ford Garage at left and the dome of the Presbyterian church visible above Stubers at the far left. Of course, that church dome is still there to this day.
Bob Lawrence, Feb. 11, '00

Shella.jpg The image above.
Shellb.jpg Attendants and pumps in the center.
Shellc.jpg "Change Your Oil, Crankcase Service" sign at left.
Shelld.jpg Truck and drive up ramp at right.
Shelle.jpg Detail of Shell Gasoline sign and street lights.

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