B. H. Dunlap was the first livery stable keeper. Location of his livery stable was not given.

Samuel Darrah moved his livery stock from Dunlap’s old stand to Eighth Avenue just east of the Lagonda House.[July 1872]

The Lagonda House, corner of Main and Eighth Avenue, was run by S. A. Weir & Co. in March 1873. Samuel Darrah, livery and feed stable, was located on Eighth Avenue, east of the Lagonda House. [March 1873]

For a short time Darrah gets out of livery business. He sells the livery and feed stable that he had to O. N. and George O. Morris circa May 1873.

Emanuel Davis, commonly known as “Capt. E. Davis,” was the proprietor of a livery, feed and sale stable on Eighth Avenue and Main Street in January 1873. He was also proprietor with T. G. Peyton in the Lagonda House, located on the corner of Main Street and Eighth Avenue. In May 1873 Capt. Davis sold an interest in his stable and stock to Mr. S. H. Fargo.

Samuel Darrah purchases the Davis & Fargo livery stable. [August 1873]

New Location: Corner of Main Street and Eighth Avenue.

W. B. Doty becomes a partner of Samuel Darrah. The two proprietors handle the livery and feed stable located on Main Street, south of the Lagonda House.

Name of stable: “Winfield Livery and Feed Stable.”

A. G. Wilson. Wilson, from Elk Falls, buys Doty’s interest in the livery stable in July 1875.

In October 1875 Samuel Darrah is at Ft. Gibson, putting up hay to ship south via the Arkansas River during the coming winter. His death was noted in the paper.

Winfield Courier, November 18, 1875. The sudden and unexpected death of Samuel J. Darrah caused a shock in this community. He had been for some weeks near Ft. Gibson putting up hay and being unwell, had started home. He failed so fast that death overtook him at a trading ranch fifteen miles below Elgin, in the Territory, Nov. 10th. None of his family were present. His wife had heard of his sickness and immediately started to meet him; but alas, was too late. His spirit had departed. His remains were brought here for burial.

Matters got worse. In January 1878 Probate Judge Gans ordered the partnership estate of Darrah and Doty to prorate $700 to creditors, which paid about 42 cents on the dollar.

A. G. Wilson, the surviving partner of the firm of Darrah & Wilson, sold on April 15, 1878, at public sale, ten horses, two double top buggies, one double buggy, one two seated spring wagon with top, one open road wagon, and harness, saddles, bridles, etc., said property being the complete livery stock belonging to said firm. On July 15, 1878, he sold the horse owned by the widow of Darrah. The Darrah dwelling sold for $500, and the barn for $400. A. G. Wilson bought the barn.

Winfield Courier, March 1, 1877.

A. G. WILSON, (Successor to Darrah & Wilson)

WINFIELD LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE, at the old stand, south of Lagonda House, WINFIELD, KANSAS.

C. L. Harter becomes partner of A. G. Wilson...

Winfield Courier, September 20, 1877.

Wilson & Harter have some new buggies. Try them.

Winfield Courier, October 4, 1877.

Wilson & Harter’s livery stock earned them $375 in the last thirty days.

J. L. M. Hill purchases A. G. Wilson’s interest in livery business. This makes it Harter and Hill Livery Stable...

Winfield Courier, October 11, 1877.

J. L. M. HILL has bought A. G. Wilson’s interest in the livery business.

C. L. Harter and A. D. Speed, successors to A. G. Wilson.

New name: “Winfield Livery, Feed, and Sale Stable.

[Nothing in ad indicates that J. L. M. Hill ever bought A. G. Wilson’s interest.]

A. D. Speed has bought the interest of J. L. M. Hill in livery business of Harter & Hill. New firm: Harter & Speed.

Winfield Courier, April 25, 1878.

A. D. Speed has bought the interest of J. L. M. Hill in the livery business of Harter & Hill. The new firm will be Harter & Speed. They will continue to improve their livery stock and will add to the present array of nobby outfits.

Winfield Courier, January 2, 1879.

HARTER & SPEED. (SUCCESSOR TO A. G. WILSON) Winfield Livery, Feed, and Sale Stable, At the Old Stand, South of Lagonda House, Winfield, Kansas.

John Moffitt, lumber man in Winfield, purchases C. L. Harter’s interest in livery stable of Harter and Speed.

Winfield Courier, August 21, 1879.

Mr. John Moffitt has purchased Charley Harter’s interest in the livery stable of Harter & Speed. Mr. Moffitt will make a popular liveryman.

Speed & Moffitt. Address given in 1880 Directory: Main Street, east side, between 8th and 9th Avenues.

John Moffitt sells his interest in livery stable to James Schofield, of Maple City...

Winfield Courier, May 5, 1881.

John Moffitt has sold his livery business to Mr. James Schofield, late of Maple City.

Name of new firm: Speed & Schofield.

A. D. Speed sells his interest in livery stable to John Keck, Winfield.

New firm: Schofield & Keck.

John M. Keck sole owner of livery business: buys out partner, J. B. Schofield...

Winfield Courier, July 10, 1884.

John Keck bought the interest of his partner, J. B. Schofield, in the livery business of the firm and is now going it alone.

John M. Keck sells livery stable stock to Frank Schofield and George Applegate, connected with barn for some time. Keck retains the livery building...

Winfield Courier, Thursday, June 11, 1885.

The fat and jolly John Keck, having become a bloated bond and lucre holder, has retired to walks of leisure. He sold his entire livery stable stock Friday to Frank Schofield and George Applegate, who have been connected with the barn for some time. The new firm will be Schofield & Applegate.

Frank Schofield, sole owner of livery business: G. O. Applegate sells out...

Winfield Courier, Thursday, November 26, 1885.

G. O. Applegate has sold his interest in the livery business to his partner, Frank Schofield. Mr. Applegate will remain with us.

Old livery barn (owned by John M. Keck) to be moved on North Main Street and placed next to old foundry building. Frank Schofield to continue livery business there.

A. H. Doane pays John M. Keck $9,000 in November 1885 for the two lots where the old livery barn stood: lots 2 and 3, block 128, Winfield.

                        This ends the saga of the Winfield Livery and Feed Stable.