OF THE

                                                     CITY OF WINFIELD,

                                             COWLEY COUNTY, KANSAS.


Containing the Names of the Inhabitants, Business Houses, Public Buildings, Corporations, Churches, Societies, Plat of City, Streets, etc.

                                                             PRICE, $2.00.

                                           COMPILED AND PUBLISHED BY

                                                         W. E. DOCKSON.

Wichita, Jan. 1885. Newton, March 1885. Sedgwick, March, 1885. Halstead, March 1885.

                                                     WINFIELD, KANSAS,

                                                  Telegram Steam Print. 1885.

                                         [Note: Above was considered Page 1.]

Page 2.

Plat of streets running north and south. Very confusing.

Numbers were shown for each street listed. [Skipped by me.]

Listing streets only:

Main Street, Third Avenue, Fourth Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Sixth Avenue, Seventh Avenue, Eighth Avenue, Ninth Avenue, Tenth Avenue, Eleventh Avenue, Twelfth Avenue, Blandon Avenue, Riverside Street, Maple Street, Walnut Street, Park Avenue, Osage Avenue, City Limits.

             [Note: Directory consistently shows “Blanden” rather than “Blandon.”]

Read, Lowry, Walton, Stewart, Mansfield, Menor, Manning, Millington, Loomis, Fuller, Andrews, Bliss, Platter, Maris, Harter, Davis, Thompson, Cherry.

Lincoln, Colorado, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Park.

Broadway, Frankfort, John, Plum.

Page 3.

Plat of streets running east and west.

Listing streets only:

Ninth Avenue, City Limits, John, Frankfort, Harter, Maris, Platter, Bliss, Andrews, Fuller, Loomis, Millington, Main, Manning, Menor, Mansfield, Stewart, Lowry, Read, City Limits.

Third Avenue, Fourth Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Sixth Avenue, Seventh Avenue, Eighth Avenue, Tenth Avenue, Eleventh Avenue, Twelfth Avenue, Blandon Avenue, Riverside Avenue, Maple Avenue, Walnut Avenue, Park Avenue, Osage Avenue.

             [Note: Directory consistently shows “Blanden” rather than “Blandon.”]

Pine Street, Olive Street, First Avenue, Second Avenue, Lynn Avenue, Myrtle, Howland, Ann, Elizabeth.

Numbers were shown for each street listed. [Skipped by me.]

At bottom of Page 3...

EXPLANATION.—To locate a number, find the corresponding number on Main St. or Ninth Ave., and trace at a right angle to the street desired.

Example: John Smith, residence 810 East 12th Ave.; find number 800 or 9th Ave., which shows No. 810 to be between Maris and Harter streets.

Page 4.


Having labored for several weeks, I dedicate to the citizens of Winfield a General and Business Directory which I trust will meet the wants of the people. The labor necessary to make a Directory is considerable, especially in cities that are so rapidly changing. I have endeavored to be as near correct as possible in compiling the names. I have been to all the stores and residences in the cities. For the uniform courtesy with which I have been treated in my rounds from house to house, and in reply to my inquiries, I return my hearty thanks to the citizens. I hope that this work will merit a liberal patronage. Respectfully,

   Winfield June, 1885.                                                        W. E. DOCKSON.

Page 5.


The banner city of the Arkansas Valley is situated 265 miles southwest of Kansas City. It is about 38 miles south of Wichita and is one of the main points on the Southern Kansas railway, a direct line to Kansas City; also a branch of the A. T. & S. F. R. R. passes through the city. It is the county seat of Cowley County, one of the best counties in the state, located about 105 miles from the eastern limits of the state, and borders on the south line of Indian Territory.

Winfield derives its name from Winfield Scott, a noted Baptist preacher. Winfield was first settled in 1870. The Winfield Town Co. was organized Jan. 13th with E. C. Manning, president; W. W. Andrews, vice president; C. M. Wood, treasurer; W. G. Graham, secretary. A newspaper was started in Winfield on August 13, called Cowley County Censor. J. A. Fuller and D. A. Millington arrived August 15th. E. C. Manning was the first Post Master. The first celebration was July 4th, 1870. In 1871 Winfield contained about 800 acres. Winfield was incorporated as a city of the third class February 22, 1873, and on February 27th, 1879, it was proclaimed a city of the second class, it having over 2,000 inhabitants, and at present we find it a flourishing city of about 6,000 souls. It is the business centre of the county, it has three flouring mills, four elevators, various manufactures, and some of the finest buildings in the state. Winfield has three weekly and one daily newspaper, one of which claims a greater circulation than any other county paper in the state. At present the probabilities are that the D. M. & A. R. R. and K. C. & S. W. R. R. will be built to the city. By the fall the former will traverse the county east and west, and the latter north and south. The State Imbecile Asylum is to be located here.

Page 6.

                                              WINFIELD CITY OFFICERS.

Mayor: W. G. Graham

Police Judge: W. H. Turner

City Treasurer: John D Pryor

Treasurer, Board of Education: G. W. Robinson.

Justices of the Peace: G. H. Buckman; J. E. Snow.

Councilmen 1st ward: Jas. W. Connor; W. R. McDonald.

Councilmen 2nd ward: A. H. Jennings; T. B. Myers.

Councilmen 3rd ward: W. J. Hodges; G. H. Crippen.

Councilmen 4th ward: J. P. Baden; J. N. Harter.

Board of Education, 1st ward: A. G. Wilson; W. O. Johnson.

Board of Education, 2nd ward: J. S. Mann; Geo. Ordway.

Board of Education, 3rd ward: Jas. H. Bullen; W. C. Robinson.

Board of Education, 4th ward: B. F. Wood; W. H. Smith.

Constables: H. H. Siverd; T. H. Herrod.

City Marshal: B. McFadden.

Assistant Marshal: A. H. Glandon.

                                            COWLEY COUNTY OFFICERS.

County Commissioners: S. C. Smith, Chairman; Amos Walton; J. A. Irwin.

[Note: Directory showed “Anos Walton” and “J. A. Erwin.” WRONG!]

Treasurer: J. B. Nipp.

Clerk: J. S. Hunt.

Clerk of the District Court: Ed Pate.

Register of Deeds: T. H. Soward.

County Superintendent: A. H. Limerick.

Prosecuting Attorney: Henry E. Asp.

Probate Judge: H. D. Gans.

Sheriff: Geo. H. McIntire.

Surveyor: N. A. Haight.

Coroner: Dr. H. W. Marsh.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: A. H. Limerick.

Auditor: M. G. Troup.

State Senator: F. S. Jennings.

Representative 66th District: Ed P. Greer.

Representative 67th District: Lewis P. King.

Representative 68th District: J. B. Maurer.

                                               TELEPHONE DIRECTORY.

                                           [Skipping numbers: giving names only.]

A.     Adams’ Express Company. Arkansas City. Albright, P. H. & Co. A T & S F Depot.

B.     Bangs, Arthur, residence. Baden, J. P., store. Bliss & Wood, office. Bliss & Wood, mill. Bliss, E. H., residence. Brown & Son. Brettun House. Berkey, D., residence. Black, C. C., residence. Beach, D. C., office. Beach, D. C., residence. Bahntge, Charles, residence.

C.     Central Hotel. Court House. Courier office. Curns & Manser. Cooper & Taylor. Conklin, J. S., residence, Conklin, J. S., office.

D.     Doane, A. H. Doane, A. H., residence. Dennis, J. L. & Co., coal office.

E.      Emerson, Dr., residence. Emerson, Dr., office.

F.      First National Bank. Farmers’ Bank. Fuller, H. G., office. Friend, F. M. Fair Ground.

G.     Geuda Springs. Glass, Q. A., store. Greer, Ed P., residence.

H.     Hackney, W. P., residence. Hackney & Asp’s office. Horning & Whitney. Holmes & Son. Hoosier Grocery.

I.        None listed.

J.       Jennings & Troup. Jarvis, Conklin & Co. Jennings, F. S., residence.

K.    Kraft & Dix.

L.      Long, J. C., store. Lee, W. A., office. Lynn & French’s store.

M.   McDonald, J. Wade. McDonald & Webb. McMullen, F. F., office. McIntire’s office. McMullen, J. C., residence. Millington, D. A., residence. Manny, Frank, residence. McDermott & Johnson’s office. McMullen, J. F., residence. McMaster, A. H. & Co.

N.    None listed.

O.    None listed.

P.      Pryor & Pryor. Park, Dr., office. Park, Dr., residence.

Q.    None listed.

R.     Read’s residence. Robinson, M. L., residence. Rodocker’s Gallery.

S.      Soward, T. H., office. Shaw, G. B. Spotswood & Wallace, store. Schmidt, Chas. Stone quarry. Southern Kansas Depot.

T.      Telegram office. Tribune office.

U.     None listed.

V.     None listed.

W.   Wallis, R. E., residence. Wallis & Wallis’ store. Wright, Dr. W. T., residence. Wright, Dr. W. T., office. Winfield Bank. Wells, Fargo Express. Whiting Bros.

    [Note: Telephone Directory ended with “W.” That portion was printed on Page 7.]

Page 7.



Rev. Wm. Davis, pastor. Services 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Prayer meeting on Thursday, 7 p.m. Sunday school 3 p.m.


Rev. J. H. Reider, pastor. Services 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Prayer meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, 7 p.m. Sunday school 9:30 a.m.; Samuel Dalton, Superintendent.


Rev. Father John F. Kelly, priest. First mass 8 a.m.; second mass 10 a.m. Benediction and sermon, 7:30 p.m. Mass held on the first and third Sundays of each month, and on holy days.


J. S. Myers, pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Prayer meeting on Wednesday, 7 p.m. Lord’s-day school, 10 a.m.; T. R. Bryan, Superintendent.


Sunday-School at the court-house, 10 a.m. W. H. Smith, Superintendent.


Rev. Ira Putney, pastor. Services 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., beginning Feb. 15, every other Sabbath after that date at the court-house.


Services at court house. W. H. Smith, Superintendent.


Rev. B. Kelly, pastor. Services, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Prayer meeting on Wednesday, 7 p.m. Sunday school, 8 p.m. Prof. A. Gridley, Jr., Superintendent.


Rev. Dr. W. R. Kirkwood, pastor. Services 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Prayer meeting on Wednesday, 7 p.m. Sunday school, 3 p.m. T. B. Myers, Superintendent.


Rev. J. H. Snyder, pastor. Services, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

                                        SOCIAL AND SECRET SOCIETIES.


Meets at the Masonic Hall on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. A. P. Johnson, W. M. L. D. Zenor, Secretary.


Meets at the Masonic Hall on the second Monday of each month. A. Howland, H. P. J. M. Stafford, Secretary.


Meets in their asylum on the third Friday of each month. J. W. Johnson, E. C. J. D. Prior, recorder. [Wrong! J. D. Pryor is correct.]


Meets at their hall on Friday night of each week. S. G. Gary, M. W. Lewis Conrad, Recorder.


Meets every Friday night, at the A. O. U. W. Hall. J. E. Snow, S. C. T. J. Harris, Recorder.


Meets at the I. O. O. F. Hall every second and fourth Wednesday evenings. Sid Cure, P. C. J. E. Snow, adjutant.


Meet on Saturday evenings at Odd Fellows’ Hall. F. M. Jones, Capt.; Robt. Nipp, Adj.


Meets at the I. O. O. F. Hall on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 2 o’clock p.m. Mrs. E. P. Hickok, President. Mrs. Brown, Secretary.

                                       [Directory showed “Hicock, President.”]


Meets every Friday night at the I. O. O. F. Hall. Frank Greer, W. C. T.; Ella Garlick, Recording Secretary.


Meets at the residences of the different members of the society every two weeks, on Tuesday afternoons, at 3 o’clock. Mrs. Dr. W. R. Kirkwood, President; Mrs. Frank Finch, Secretary.


Meets at the Presbyterian Church on the second and fourth Fridays, and Baptist Church on the first and third Fridays of each month. Mrs. E. D. Garlick, President; Maggie Herpich, Secretary.

Page 8.


Meetings held monthly, or oftener, at the direction of the executive committee. A. H. Limerick, President; S. H. Jennings, Secretary.


Mrs. E. D. Garlick, Kindergartner. All the apparatus and appliances found in a first-class kindergarten. Terms $3 per month for single pupils, or $5 where there are two pupils from the same family. Pupils taken as far as the Third Reader.



Meets every Tuesday evening at the I. O. O. F. Hall. J. E. Snow, C. C.; L. H. Webb, K of R and S.


Meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, at the N. U. Hall. S. H. Myton, Regent; W. G. Graham, Secretary.


Meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Lewis Conrade [Conrad], President; A. Howland, Secretary.


Meets every Thursday night at their hall. Geo. Headrick, N. G.; J. M. Reed, Secretary.


Meets every two weeks alternately, with the W. C. T. U. Mrs. D. A. Millington, President; Mrs. Gates, Secretary.


Rooms over A. T. Spotswood’s grocery. Open Wednesday p.m. and Saturday p.m. of each week. Mrs. Dr. Van Doren, President; Mrs. Mullen, Librarian.


Meets on the first and third Mondays of each month, at the Masonic Hall. H. D. Gans, Dictator; W. G. Graham, Reporter.


Meets on second and third Fridays of each month, at Workmen’s Hall. Mrs. Julia L. Caton, Lady of Honor; L. Conrad, Secretary.


The Cowley County Horticultural Society holds its regular meetings in Winfield the first Saturday in each month. J. F. Martin, President; Jacob Nixon, Secretary.


Rooms 1117 Main. Business meetings every alternate Monday, beginning February 23rd, 1885. Semi-annual meetings the first Mondays in June and December. Chas. Black, President; W. J. McClellan, Secretary.


Annual meeting first Thursday in March of each year, under the management of a board of thirteen members, who may call a general meeting at any time. S. B. Schuler, President; T. H. Soward, Secretary. [Note: They had Shuler.]


Holds special meetings upon call, and an annual protracted meeting. S. B. Strong, President; F. A. A. Williams, Secretary.


Directors meet at the office of A. H. Doane & Co., two Fridays in each month, at 10 a.m. Fair of 1885, Sept. 21 to 25. J. F. Martin, President; D. L. Kretsinger, Secretary.


M. L. Robinson, President; O. F. Bahntge, Secretary; D. L. Kretsinger, General Superintendent.


J. C. Fuller, President; Ed Greer, Secretary; W. Whiting, Superintendent.

                                                     PUBLIC BUILDINGS.

County Court House, 311 East 9th.

County Jail, 309 East 9th.

Opera House, 819 Main.

Masonic Hall, 720 Main.

Odd Fellows Hall, 801 Main.

Santa Fe R R Depot; Lowry & West Riverside.

Southern Kansas Depot, 5th Avenue & Main.

Post Office, 828 Main.

2nd Ward School House, East 12th & Fuller.

1st Ward School House, East Ninth & Andrews.

Fire Department, 612 Main.

Water Works & Reservoir, northeast of City.

Riverside Park, West Riverside.

Island Park, north of City.

College Hill, northeast of City.

Highland Park, northeast of City.

Catholic Cemetery, southeast of City.

Fair Grounds, west of City.

West Side ½ west of Main.


Courier Cornet Band, G. H. Crippen, Leader.

Winfield Juvenile Band, Harry Holbrook, Leader.

Winfield Union Cornet Band, Jes [?] Brown, Leader.

The Dockson’s Winfield City Directory begins with “A” on Page 9. I am not familiar enough with all the names inserted in it to determine which are wrong! Only when I am certain that they have inserted a name incorrectly, will I point it out. MAW

Page 9.

                                DOCKSON’S WINFIELD CITY DIRECTORY.


Abbott G W, millwright, res 1412 Main

Abrams Jos, stock dealer, res 802 e 8th

Abrams Miss Josie, res 802 e 8th

Abrams Miss Serepta, res 802 e 8th

Acton S W, farmer, res 1616 Menor

Adams Exp. Co, A Snowhill agent, 108 w 9th

Adams H L, clerk, Brotherton & Silver, res 609 e 8th

Aga Chas, laborer, res 804 e 8th

Albright P H & Co, loans etc 118 e 9th

Albright P H, res 913 e 10th

Albro W H, res 1315 Loomis

Alden H W, manager, Chicago Jewelry Co., 717 Main, boards Brettun

Aldrich Mrs. D R, widow, res 711 Menor

Aldrich Miss Nellie, res 711 Menor

Aldrich Miss Alice, res 711 Menor

Alford H, carriage maker & trimmer, works 114 e 8th, res 711 e 7th

Page 10.

Allen & Caldwell, real estate and insurance, 909 Main

Allen G H, res 1003 Stewart

Allen J F, laborer, res 512 e 5th

Allen W C, laborer, res 914 e 5th

Allison Robt, real estate, res 209 e 10th

Allison Sylvester, stock dealer, res corner Myrtle & Broadway

Albach H O, engineer Bliss & Wood’s mill, res 614 e 5th

Amasa        , works stone quarry, boards 520 e 4th

Ambrose Alex, works stone quarry boards, res 706 e 7th

Ammon L C, res 421 w 12th

Anderson Gus, laborer, boards Lindell

Anderson J S, plasterer, res 1605 Menor

Anderson Miss Nina, clerk, Kleeman’s, res Mansfield

Andre M V, agent Wells-Fargo exp, 110 w 9th

Andrews & Losure, house and sign painters, 1120 Main

Andrews Chas H, painter, boards Main

Andrews Miss Hattie, clerk, Kleeman’s, res 202 e 5th

Andrews Miss Minnie, res 202 e 5th

Andrews W W, res 202 e 5th

Applegate Geo Z, res 1020 Manning

Applegate John D, res 1020 Manning

Appling Mrs. E H, English Kitchen, 808 Main

Arion Quartette, Messrs. Buckman, Blair, Shaw and Snow

Arment A B, furniture, 1007 Main, res 1115 Manning

Arment G W, res 1115 Manning

Armstrong & Reeves, carpenters and builders, 123 w 8th

Page 11.

Armstrong Daniel T, res 308 e 8th

Armstrong C W, res 310 e 7th

Armstrong B, carpenter, res e Riverside

Arrowsmith J W, deputy county treasurer, res 415 e 12th

Ashcraft Mrs., widow, res 610 e 4th

Asp Henry E, attorney at law, 302 e 9th, res 718 Millington

Atkinson Wm, tailor, 1019 Main, res 407 e 12th

Austin C D, house sign and carriage painter, 1022 Main, res 1202 Manning

Austin C B, painter, res 1202 Manning

Austin Miss Minnie, dressmaker, 1018 Menor, res 1519 Main

Austin Ezra, plasterer, res 1519 Main

Axtell E A, pressman, “Telegram” 112 e 8th

Axtell T F, Winfield bakery and restaurant, 920 Main, res 1017 Millington


Bacastow Geo, proprietor Central hotel, 922 Main, res same

Back L E, confectionery at park, boards 521 w 11th

Baden J P, groceries and dry goods, 1000-1002 Main, res 719 Manning

Bahntge Chas F, teller 1st National bank, 903 Main, res 1217 Loomis

Bailey S Evaline, physician, 220 w 9th

Bailey Dr. H C, dentist, 106 w 9th

Baird A E, “New York store” dry goods, 921 Main, res 314 e 11th

Baird V A, lunch room, 902 Main, res 1609 Main

Page 12.

Balliet J F, loan agent Farmers bank, 816 Main, res 1413 Millington

Bangs Arthur C, bus line, res 1011 Menor

Banks Anderson, works livery stable, res 812 Millington

Banks N H, cook at Central hotel, res 1208 Manning

Bard Samuel, res 403 e 11th

Barker W H, shoemaker, works 106½ e 9th, boards 9th Avenue Hotel 

Barnes Aaron, del clerk, Cooper & Taylor, 1009 Main, res 115 e 10th

Barnes Miss Anna, res 821 e 9th

Barnes Jas W, painter, res 406 w 9th

Barnes Mrs. Jane, widow, res 821 e 9th

Barnes Miss Laura, res 821 e 9th

Barnes Lorenzo, boarding house, 119 w 9th

Barnes Wm, school teacher, res 821 e 9th

Barnthouse J M, “city bottling works,” 611 Main, res 302 e 7th

Barnthouse T J, works 611 Main, res 302 e 7th

Barlow Mrs. P, widow, res 1721 Manning

Barr Jas, stonemason, res 419 e 7th

Barr Chas, printer, “Tribune,” res 419 e 7th

Barrow Joe, teamster, res 1721 Manning

Barrow W H, res 1721 Manning

Barrows Miss Mollie, res 1414 Main

Barry Johanna, domestic, 801 Menor

Bartlett & Co, grain and wool, 907 Main

Bartlett V R, res 502 e 4th

Bartlow B F, clerk, Commercial hotel, res same

Barton F J, harness maker, works Sydal, boards 517 e 6th

Barton W A, works stone quarry, boards 703 e 4th

Page 13.

Bassett & Bertram, pumps and windmills, 711 Main

Bassett C M E, pumps, res 307 e 8th

Batchelder John, grocer, 113 e 9th, res 810 e 9th

Bates & Wells, contractors, carpenters and builders, 113 w 8th

Bates F E, carpenter, boards 811 e 10th

Bates J S R, carpenter, res 821 e 10th

Beach & Denning, real estate, 116 e 9th

Beach David C, attorney at law, real estate etc., res e 9th

Beard V A, groceries and confectionery, 902 Main, res 1609 Main

Beaver D E, carpenter, res 513 e 8th

Beck Frank, clerk, Myton’s, res 1317 Manning

Beck H, photographer, 111 w 10th, res 311 w Riverside

Beck John B, works Brettun house billiard hall, res 1302 Main

Beck Miss Katie, res 1302 Main

Beck Lewis S, grain dealer, res 1302 Main

Beck Wm S, works Bangs, res 208 w 9th

Bedilion Edward S, real estate, 100 e 9th, res 320 e 11th

Beeny Edward, clerk, Horning’s, res 1502 Loomis

Berkey D, hardware and furniture, 115 e 9th, res 617 Menor

Berkey Miss Eva, clerk, P O, res 617 Menor

Berry Mrs. A C, widow, hair dresser, 104 w 8th

Bertram A C, pumps and windmills, 711 Main, boards Axtell’s

Best D F, machines and music, 916 Main, res 210 e 11th

                                              MISSING: PAGES 14 AND 15.

Page 16.

Brown Anderson, laborer, res Loomis

Brown Arch, laborer, res 306 e 11th

Brown Ellen, cook Lindell hotel, boards same

Brown Frank, teamster, res e of city

Brown G S, works Bullen’s lumber yard, res 1410 Menor

Brown & Son, druggists, 805 Main

Brown Henry, drugs, residence 805 Main

Brown Lewis, drugs, residence 805 Main

Brown Jesse, works Dr. Emerson, 321 e 11th

Brown J J, painter, boards Lindell

Brown Mrs. M E, widow, proprietor, Old’s house, 321 e 8th

Brown R J, clerk, Smith & Zook’s, res 1211 Manning

Brown Will, stone cutter, res 1614 Main

Brown W H, harness maker, works 109 w 9th, res same

Brown W Z, proprietor novelty works, 513 w 11th, res 521 w 11th

Brown Mrs., widow, res 1806 Loomis

Bryan T H, laborer, res 509 e 3rd

Bryan T R, loan office at Kansas City, res 402 e 5th

Bryant John, well digger, res 719 e 3rd

Bryant Miss Mary, res 909 Stewart

Bryson Samuel O, teamster, res 610 e 4th

Bryson          , teamster, res 610 e 4th

Buck Miss Amy, res 318 e 5th

Buck Edward, laborer, res 1805 Millington

Buck Rueben [?Reuben], shoemaker, works 106½ e 9th, res 318 e 5th

Buell S W, gardener, res 1408 Main

Buford H C, stock dealer, res 709 Millington

Buhrlage J W, carpenter, res 506 e 7th

Bull F H, dentist, 910 Main res 905 e 9th

Page 17.

Buckman C H, justice of peace and city clerk, 903 Main, res 1114 Menor

Bull Geo, cabinet maker, res 210 e 11th

Bullen Jas H & Co, lumber yard, 1112 Main

Bullen J G, lumber, res 118 w 10th

Bullen C A, lumber, res Eau Claire, Wis.

Bullene Frank E, clerk, Baden’s, boards 303 e 6th

Bumgardner John, engineer, res 1803 Manning

Burch Mrs. C R, widow, res 1608 Menor

Burdette D, works Crary, 915 Main, res same

Burdine Chas, laborer, res 1208 Manning

Burgauer A J, dry goods etc., 819 Main, res 714 Millington

Burgauer Miss Ida, res 714 Millington

Burgauer Miss Jennie, res 714 Millington

Burgh Mrs. Marion, res 1102 e 11th

Burgheim Edward, clerk, P O bookstore, res 620 Millington

Burnett John, laborer, res 814 Mansfield

Burney J S, farmer, res 1611 Millington

Burns C P, clerk, Shaw’s lumber co., 528 Main, boards Brettun

Burroughs John F, brick layer, res 100 w 8th

Butler Jos T, teamster, res 708 e 8th

Byers E L, clerk, Baden’s, res 616 e 8th

Byers J D, cigar maker, works Wilkinson & Co., res e Maple

Byers R C, res 602 e 8th

Page 18.


Caldwell Noble, insurance and real estate, 909 Main, res 703 e 7th

Callahan Lum, runner Brettun, boards same

Callison Henry, carpenter, res 402 e 7th

Camery Wm, hides, furs and wool, 1015 Main, res 303 e 10th

Canine Mrs. Emma, res 902 e 7th

Carnes D, laborer, 209½ e 9th

Carrington W A, works Lee’s, res Millington

Carson J J & Co, clothing and gent’s furnishing, 812 Main

Carson J J, res 1112 Millington

Carter Jas W, painter, res 1710 Main

Carter Miss Lillie, widow, clerk, Hahn’s, res 1221 Millington

Case Geo, carpenter, res 511 w Blanden

Case John, carpenter, 123 w 8th, res 1015 Lowry

Case Miss Jennie, res 603 w Blanden

Cassell Miss Carrie, works Friend’s, res Manning

Catlin H C, plasterer, res 1706 Loomis

Caton W B, marble works, 206 e 9th, res 1610 Millington

Caughling Miss May, widow, res 1005 Millington

Central Hotel, Bacastow & Crampton, proprietors, 922 Main

Cessna Johnathan, peddler, res 620 w Blanden

Chadwell Chas, laborer, res 1612 Menor

Chadwell G W, laborer, res 1612 Menor

Chadwell Martin, laborer, res 1612 Menor

Page 19.

Chaney J W, clerk, Myton’s, res 113 w 11th

Cherry Jasper E, res 206 e 6th

Chettick Miss Minnie, tailoress, works Herpich

Chicago Jewelry Co, H M Alden, manager, 717 Main

Chicago Lumber Co, 115 w 8th

Chicago Millinery House, Mrs. D E Kingsley, manager, 808 Main

Childs Samuel, laborer, res 1214 Lowry

Chiverall Arthur, foreman carriage works, 114 e 8th, res 507 e 6th

Christie W E, butcher, res 1719 Manning

Christy Wm V, teamster, res 412 e 6th

City Bottling Works, J M Barnthouse, prop, 611 Main

Cisler Daniel W, house porter at Brettun, boards same

Clark D T, carpenter, res 402 w 4th

Clark J R, real estate agent, res 718 e 7th

Clark John, engineer and machinist, res 1313 Manning

Clark Marion, works Bangs, rooms 208 w 9th

Clark W H, proprietor English Kitchen, 808 Main, res same

Clarkson Miss Sophia, res 209 e 11th

Clatworthy J H, carriage painter, 1106 Main

Clause G H, proprietor transfer line, office at “COURIER” Office

Claussen Mrs. L, midwife, res 1314 Main

Cleary Isaac O, farmer, res 318 w Riverside

Cleaves C H, carpenter, res 1509 Mansfield

Clem W F, clerk, Tyner’s, 1010 Main

Page 20.

Clifford John, miller, res 1505 Mansfield

Cobean John, works Myton & Read, rooms at Read’s

Cochran Andy, 505 e 7th

Cochran, Mrs., widow, res 1006 e 10th

Cochran Edmund, clerk, grocery, 913 Main, res 116 w 7

Cochran F W, res 1416 Loomis

Cochran Mrs. J. D., widow, res 116 w 7th

Cochran John R, butcher, res 1417 Manning

Cochran Oscar, bookkeeper, “Tribune”, res w 7th

Cochran W J, res 609 e 7th

Cochran        , druggist, res 1006 e 10th

Cohen C, dry goods, 801 Main, boards 600 Millington

Coil Geo, works Keck’s stable, 802 Main, res same

Cole Dr. D V, 811 Main, res 716 e 10th

Cole Ed G, druggist, 811 Main, res 716 e 10th

Cole Miss Nellie, res 716 e 10th

Coles Chas, manager skating rink, boards Main

Colleasure W H, pumps, res 1607 Manning

Collins A R, teamster, res 606 Maris

Collins Alonzo, laborer, res 803 e 6th

Collins Albert, plasterer, res 803 e 6th

Collins C, livery stable, 114 w 9th, res 821 Menor

Coleman W A, tailor, boards Lindell

Commercial House, F M Freeland proprietor, 1011 Main

Compton S E, drayman, res 1307 Main

Conklin J E, brick and stone, south end Mansfield, res 706 Millington

Conklin R R, loans etc., south end Mansfield, res 706 Millington

Connely R M, carpenter, res 1617 Menor

Connor James W, stonemason and contractor, res 615 e 6th

Page 21.

Conrad L, agent Burgess steam washer, res 1209 Main

Constant G E, boarding house, 215 e 10th

Constanzer & Co., meat market, 907 Main

Constanzer R, butcher, res w 11

Coons F S, stone cutter, res 1617 Menor

Cook S A, architect 1000 Main, res 508 e 10th

Cookson Elisha, laborer, res 918 e 5th

Cooper & Taylor, groceries, 1009 Main

Cooper Jas A, grocer, res 1604 Mansfield

Cooter J M, clerk, McDonald’s, res 315 e 8th

Copeland Wm, blacksmith, res 415 e 6th

Copelin Geo, clerk, Hahn’s, res 620 e 9th

Copple S, tunnel mills

Corcoran Andy B, stonemason, res 505 e 7th

Cronwell C H, blacksmith, works 118 e 8th, boards Lindell

Corwin Geo, clerk, Spotswood’s, rooms 923 Main

“Courier” Cornet Band, Geo Crippen leader

Courier Printing Office, Greer and Millington, editors and proprietors, 901 Main

Cousins John, stonemason, res 1810 Menor

Cox Walter, works Bliss’ mill, rooms 1203 Mansfield

Craig Robert, res 1718 Loomis

Craine M R, plasterer, res 502 e 7th

Craine J W, mason, res 1413 Millington

Crampton Frank L, proprietor, Central hotel, 922 Main

Crandall Stanley, job printer, works Courier, boards Commercial

Crane O J, eclectic physician, 610 e 8th

Crapster Brettun, clerk, Brettun, res same

Crary E J, confectionery etc., 915 Main, res 421 w 6th

Page 22.

Crawford & Holbrook, carpenters and builders, 816 Millington

Crawford S H, carpenter, res 822 e 11th

Croco J, farmer, res 501 e 11th

Cronin James, stonemason, res 602 e 12th

Crow W W, teamster, res 708 e 5th

Crowell G W, drayman, res 516 e 5th

Crooks J M, res 417 w 11th

Crippen Geo, grain dealer, res 1001 Lowry

Craig Jas, laborer, res Loomis

Cruikshank David, engineer, boards Lindell

Curnine Mrs. Emma, widow, res 902 e 7th

Curns & Manser, real estate, loans, etc., 913 Main

Curns J W, real estate, res 1117 Mansfield

Curry J C, bookkeeper Bliss & Wood’s mill, rooms 923 Main

Curtis Wm., blacksmith, 114 e 8th, boards Lindell

Cuthbert J W, contracting carpenter and builder, res 911 e 11th

Cutright I T. works skating rink, 1320 Main, res same


Dages John, works mill, res 1109 Lowry

Dale D A, carpenter, res 511 e 6th

Dalton & Madden, attorneys at law, 812 Main

Dalton Samuel, res 515 e 9th

Dantzeisen Wm., stonemason, res w 11th

Dautschman Anton, butcher, 119 e 9th, res 1711 Millington

Davenport A, res 1108 Lowry

Davenport Leroy, works Horning & Whitney, res 409 Andrews

David Herbert, works R R, res 415 e 7th

Page 23.

Davis Isaac, carpenter, res 406 e 6th

Davis Mrs. Mary, res 322 w 8th

Davis B T, editor, “Tribune,” 812 Main

Davis W W, general manager, Tribune printing office, 110 e 8th

Davison Emery L., coopering, res 1409 Manning

Dawson W H, marble works, 1317 Main, boards Brettun

Dayton Eliza, waitress at Brettun

Dayton Lizzie, waitress at Brettun

Defenbaugh Adam, teamster, res 1103 e 11th

Delay Charles, wood worker, 114 e 8th, res 221 e 9th

Denning Miss Cora, compositor, “Telegram,” res 705 e 9th

Denning Walter, real estate and auctioneer, 116 e 9th, res 705 e 9th

Dennis J L & Co., coal and wood, 516 Main

Dennis H C, mason and plasterer, res 1702 Loomis

Devine Peter, stonemason, res 520 e 7th

Dickerson A, laborer, res 1716 Main

Dickerson J B, laborer, res 1716 Main

Dickey Fred N, broom factory, 108 e 12th

Dillman Miss Laura, res 1114 Menor

Dillon D W, photographer, res 1101 Lowry

Dillon Theo, horse breeder, res 704 e 5th

Dix Benj, res 920 e 8th

Dix Daniel, drayman, res 421 e 6th

Dix David, well digger, res 920 e 8th

Dix John W, butcher, 809 Main, res 405 e 6th

Doan C C, clerk, Long’s grocery, res 708 e 8th

Doane A H, coal, 122 w 9th, res 901 Mansfield

Doane Frank W, clerk, Myton’s, res 206 w 9th

Page 24.

Dockson W E, directory publisher, boards Commercial

Dodds Miss Eva, stenographer for Hackney, res 1119 Platter

Dorothy C H, marble polisher works, 1317 Main, res 113 w 11th

Doty Charles, works Bliss & Wood’s mill, res 212 e 12th

Doty David, real estate, res 212 e 12th

Doty Henry, clerk, Pixley’s, 715 Main, res 212 e 12th

Dougherty O J, coal and wood, 516 Main, boards Central

Douglas D E, barber, 917 Main, res 1605 Main

Downey H J, M D, physician, 911 Main, res same

Drake Mrs. M B, res 417 w 11th

Dresser G H, works photograph gallery, 903 Main, res 306 e 7th

Dressha Leander, laborer, res 1003 e 5th

Dressie N W, works R R, res 509 e 8th

Dukes T W, carpenter, res 1018 Menor

Dunbar Marshall, res 702 e 6th

Dunstan Miss Annie, res 408 e 12th

Dunstan Basil, res 408 e 12th

Dunn F M, carpenter, res 1603 Fuller

Dunn W H, stock driller, res 517 Maris

Dunn Wm., Tunnel mills

Dupoy Hugh, assistant cook, Lindell hotel, boards same


Early Leonora, domestic at Fleming’s, 215 e 8th

East Boarding House, J. Bobbitt, proprietor, 300-306 e 9th

Eastman Frank, res Holland’s addition

Eastman & Cochrane, slat and wire fence, 1118 Main

Page 25.

Eastman Henry, tinner, works Horning & Whitney, res 514 e 8th

Easton John, gunsmith, res 909 e 8th

Easton Theo, compositor, “Tribune,” boards e 8th

Eaton John A, vice president Farmer’s bank, res 617 Manning

Eddy John, res 312 e 8th

Edwards H L, blacksmith, 110 e 7th

Edwards John A, works stone quarry, res 605 e 5th

Ekstromer Miss Kittie, res 408 e 12th

Elder Fred S, works brown & Son, 805 Main

Elder T H, physician and surgeon, 913 Main, res 1216 Menor

Eley John W, carpenter, res 1813 Millington

Elliott Samuel, laborer, res 1819 Fuller

Elliott Wm., teamster, res 502 e 6th

Emerson Dr. Geo., 100 e 9th, res 321 e 11th

English Kitchen, Burnett & Clark, proprietors, 808 Main

Evans J E, res 1201 Stewart

Evans John C, res 812 Walton

Everett Miss Hattie, res 1812 Fuller

Everett Mrs. Susan, res 1812 Fuller

Everitt J E, works stone quarry, res 908 e 7th

Ewart M H, cashier Farmer’s bank, boards Brettun

Ewing C D, wagon maker, res 1413 Manning


Fahey James, res 505 e 9th

Fahey Miss Minnie, res 505 e 9th

Page 25.

Fahey Miss Mamie, res 505 e 9th

Fahnestock J M, carpenter, res 1826 Fuller

Farmer A J, carpenter and painter, res 510 e 4th

Farmers Bank, 816 Main

Farnsworth R N, star lunch room, 109 e 9th, res 1101 Stewart

Farrow Ike H, carpenter, works 123 w 8th, res 309 Andrews

Fawcett J E, 121 e 9th, res e 5th

Ferguson Calvin, livery stable, 112 e 9th, res 1021 Menor

Ferris Charles, blacksmith, works Garrett, boards Axtell’s

Fibbs Edward, res 817 e 10th

Fike D S, painter and carpenter, res 1110 e 12th

Files & Russell, flour feed and machinery, 1016 Manning

Files W L, res e 10th

Filson Emery, Central hotel runner, res same

Finch Frank W, deputy sheriff, res 913 e 9th

Fire Department, hose house, 612 Main

First National Bank, 903 Main

Fisher W H P, carpenter, res 517 e 8th

Fisk C H, stone quarry, res 520 e 4th

Fisk C W, carpenter, res 1121 e 10th

Fisk Miss Delia, milliner, works 1004 Manning, res 1121 e 10th

Fitch Mrs. E J. dressmaker, res 102 w 8th

Fitch J C, works Whiting Bros., res over Lynn’s

Flag Drug Store, Dr. J. Fleming, proprietor, 818 Main

Fleming John, M D, res 215 e 8th

Fleming Greer, travel agent, res 1321 Millington

Fleming Miss Kate, res 1321 Millington

Fleming Wm., shoemaker, res 1321 Millington

Flemming & Austin, dressmakers, 1018 Menor

Page 27.

Flemming Miss Annie, res 1018 Menor

Flickinger J, tinner, works Myton’s, res 1118 e 12th

Flood Wm., clerk, Spotswood’s, boards Constanzer’s

Flowers John W, carpenter, res 205 w 9th

Foote J S, marble cutter, works Dawson, res 401 Andrews

Forgeay John, butcher, res 113 Maple

Foster G W, assistant freight agent, res near Santa Fe depot

Foults Harry, barber, 804 Main, res 718 e 8th

Foults W H, barber, 804 Main, res 718 e 8th

Foulks Mrs. J M, res 419 w 8th

Franklin Alex, laborer, res 1821 Millington

Franklin A F, laborer, res 1404 Main

Franklin Henry, laborer, res 1815 Manning

Franklin R A, carpenter, res 1619 Fuller

Fraser John, works Bliss & Wood’s mill, res 219 e 10th

Fraser L P, clerk at Douglas, res 403 e 11th

Frazee Bros., harness and saddlery, 120 e 9th

Frazee A J, harness maker, res 1504 Fuller

Frazee F M, harness maker, res 1420 Fuller

Frazee Miss Emma, res 1420 Fuller

Frazee Miss Lettie, res 1420 Fuller

Frazier Charles, plasterer, res 915 e 7th

Frederick & Son, livery and feed stable, 212 e 9th

Frederick Lincoln, stable, res 205 e 9th

Frederick Sol Z, stable, res 205 e 9th

Frederick Wm., teamster, works Bliss & Wood, res 809 e 4th

Freeland F M, proprietor, Commercial, 1101 Main, res same

Freeman E A, laborer, res 317 w 10th

Freeman W A, carpenter, res 317 w 10th

Page 28.

French A B, groceries, 721 Main, res 613 Menor

French Miss Sadie, clerk, Lynn’s, res 613 Menor

Friend F M, music and millinery, 911 Main, boards Central

Friend F H, clerk, Friend’s, boards Central

Frost A L, works Sam’s place, 810 Main, res same

Fuller C E, assistant cashier, Winfield National Bank, res 602 e 10th

Fuller H G & Co., real estate, 106 e 9th

Fuller H G, res 709 e 10th

Fuller J C, president, gas company, res 403 e 10th

Fulton Miss Emma, res 220 e 5th

Funk Mrs. M M, widow, res 1517 Millington


Gans H D, probate judge, res 220 e 5th

Gates Richard, plasterer, res 818 e 8th

Gates Stephen, res 805 e 11th

Gale G L, wool dealer, res 520 e 10th

Gale Mrs. M J, res 520 e 10th

Gardiner Henry, teamster, res 1710 Loomis

Garlick C A, wood worker, works 816 Millington, res 210 e 10th

Garver Charles, works Beach, 116 e 9th, res 415 e 9th

Garver Samuel, bridge foreman, R R, res 415 e 9th

Garvin J B, clerk, Curns & Manser, res e 8th

Gary S G, livery stable, 204 e 9th, res 809 e 9th

Garrett & Son, blacksmiths, 1106 Main

Garrett J, res 1218 Stewart

Garrett Geo. F, res 420 w Blanden

Gay Charles, harness maker, works Norton, res 417 w 10th

Gay Mrs. Mary, widow, res 1003 e 5th

Page 29.

Gearheart P L, tubular well company, 1118 Main

Gentry S S, carpenter, res 421 w 8th

George Wm., teamster, res 1205 Manning

German Wilson, horse trainer [No address given]

Gibbs P P, works stone quarry, boards 703 e 4th

Gibson E F, laborer, res 914 e 8th

Gibson M C, res 1407 Millington

Gibson Miss Mattie, res 1407 Millington

Gibson Miss Mary, res 1407 Millington

Gilbert E H, carpenter, res 619 e 4th

Gilbert Geo., carpenter, res 715 e 4th

Gilbert S L, real estate and insurance, 100 w 9th, res 420 w 10th

Gill John, laborer, res 1205 Manning

Gilleland T E, res 403 w Blanden

Githens & Bishop, Winfield carriage works

Githens H W, carriage painter, etc., 605-7-9 Main, res 600 e 7th

Glandon A H, city contractor, stonemason, res 214 w 9th

Glass A B, stable, 320 w 9th, res 316 w 9th

Glass Mrs. Ellen, widow, res 312 w 9th

Glass Quincy A, druggist, 1005 Main, res 1213 Millington

Glass Samuel, res 1201 Mansfield

Glass Uriah J, laborer, res 910 e 6th

Glass Wm. B, res 1220 Manning

Goczlewski Julius, merchant tailor, 806 Main

Goforth Will, res 318 e 5th

Gogle A, plumber, res 115 e 9th

Goldsmith Mrs. Hannah, widow, res 620 Millington

Goldsmith Henry, proprietor, P O bookstore, 823 Main, res 620 Millington

Page 30.

Goldsmith Miss Hulda, res 620 Millington

Goldsmith Jac, clerk, P O bookstore, res 620 Millington

Good Joseph, blacksmith, res 206 e 6th

Goodrich         , res 822 e 11th

Goodwin Daniel, teamster, works Shaw’s, res 809 e 6th

Golsby Geo., printer, “Tribune,” boards east boarding house

Gordon Thos., carpenter, res 216 w 5th

Graham A B, cattle dealer, res 404 e 8th

Graham W C, physician, 110 e 8th, res 416 e 5th

Gram Edward, boards Pickerel’s

Gramm F M, carpenter, res 911 e 11th

Gramm D, farmer, res 917 e 11th

Gray D B, works R R, res 308 w 5th

Gray F M, carpenter, res 414 w 9th

Gray Geo. L, foreman, “Telegram,” res 921 e 8th

Gray Wm., bookkeeper, Myton’s, res 921 e 8th

Gray Will R, clerk, Albright & Co., res 921 e 8th

Greer Bert, printer, works “Courier,” res 819 Davis

Greer Ed P, proprietor and editor, “Courier,” res 918 e 10th

Greer Frank H, reporter, “Courier,” res 819 Davis

Greer Miss Nora, res 819 Davis

Greer Mrs. C H, widow, res 819 Davis

Green A H, real estate, 805 Main, res 1021 Manning

Green Miss Annie, res 1021 Manning

Green Miss Jennie, res 1021 Manning

Green Dolph Duff, res 1021 Manning

Green Dr. C C, 1000 Main, res 212 w 10th

Green M T, Chicago lumber company, res Chicago

Page 31.

Green Wm., blacksmith, 605 Main

Greenlee John, stock dealer, res 1421 Manning

Greenlee Miss Mary, dressmaker, res 1410 Menor

Gridley Ansel, superintendent, city schools, res 209 e 11th

Gridley Miss Emma, res 209 e 11th

Griffith Mrs. Mary, widow, res 1612 Main

Grissem Wm., laborer, res s w of city


Hackney & Asp, attorneys at law, 302 e 9th

Hackney W P, attorney at law, res 1121 e 12th

Hackney J T, res 310 e 9th

Hagerman H, res 1208 Menor

Hahn M & Co, dry goods, 819 Main

Hahn J N, rooms 917 Main

Haight A M, implements, res 521 w 9th

Haight N A, county surveyor, res 420 w 11th

Hall Frank, grocer at Ashland, res 202 w 10th

Hall J W, clerk at Spotswood’s, res 1211 Manning

Hall Thos., laborer, res 1003 e 10th

Hall Wm., carpenter, res 903 e 11th

Halyard Mrs. S C, widow, res 116 w Riverside

Hamill Miss Mary, res 1109 Mansfield

Hancock C A, res 602 Bliss

Hancock John J, shoemaker, res 602 Bliss

Hancock Miss Stella, waiter at Lindell, boards same

Hands & Gary, livery and feed stable, 204 e 9th

Hands W L, res 202 e 6th

Harlan J P, carpenter, res 1210 Stewart

Harmon Mrs. Alice, boards Lindell

Harmon W H, stonemason, res 515 Maris

Page 32.

Harper & Co., cigar manufacturers, 816 Main

Harper S D, res 521 e 7th

Harper Mrs. V, widow, res 521 e 7th

Harris A F, freight agent, S K R R, res 416 e 7th

Harris & Clark, land and loans, 104 e 9th

Harris T J, real estate, res 319 e 7th

Harris W L, grocer, 913 Main, res 1008 Menor

Harris Walter, carpenter, res w end Blanden

Harrod B F, res e 11th

Hart Miss Caroline, res 312 e 8th

Hart James M, carpenter, res 415 e 7th

Hart J T, laborer, res 1821 Manning

Hart Jack, works mill, res 1811 Manning

Hart M C, laborer, res 1821 Manning

Harter & Hill, proprietors, Brettun hotel, 623 Main

Harter Chas. L, proprietor, Brettun, res same

Harter D M, clerk, Harter’s drug store, res 621 e 8th

Harter Elam, tunnel mills, res s end Menor

Harter J N, druggist, 822 Main, res 603 Main

Harter Lewis C, miller, res s end Menor

Harter Robert, boards Brettun

Hartman Miss Alice, res 606 e 8th

Hartman B F, laborer, res 606 e 8th

Hartman Elmer, works carriage shop, 607 Main, res 606 e 8th

Harvey Alton, plasterer, res 602 e 8th

Harvey E A, laborer, res 1613 Fuller

Harvey P A, laborer [residence not given]

Harvey         , plasterer, res 404 e 7th

Hatcher Miss Belle, res 911 e 6th

Hatcher Miss Ellen, res 911 e 6th

Page 33.

Hatcher Mrs. M G, widow, res 911 e 6th

Hatcher P A, laborer, res 911 e 6th

Hatcher R W, works R R, res 911 e 6th

Hathaway Frank, carpenter, res 911 e 11th

Hattery Chas., works Baden, boards Commercial House

Havercamp A J, laborer, res 918 e 7th

Hawkins J S, real estate etc., res 1016 e 11th

Hawkins T J, stonemason, res 212 w 5th

Hayden James, delivery clerk, Hoosier Grocery, boards English Kitchen

Hayes Levi, laborer, res 613 e 3rd

Hazlett Adison [Addison?] (Santa Fe lumber yard), 1321 Stewart, res 902 e 7th

Hedges H B, res 909 e 9th

Hedrick Miss Fannie, res 901 e 7th

Hedrick Geo., clerk, O’Meara & Randolph, res 901 e 7th

Hedrick Miss Minnie S, res 901 e 7th

Hedrick M, laborer, res 1616 Mansfield

Hemphill Thos., res 719 e 10th

Henchet Mrs., widow, res 312 e 9th

Hendricks & Wilson, hardware, 919 Main

Hendricks A D, res 609 e 11th

Henry J M, painter, works carriage works, 607 Main, boards at Keller’s

Henry James, works stone quarry, res 520 e 4th

Hepler S J, transfer, res 1419 Menor

Heriford Horace, horse trainer, res 1105 e 9th

Herndon John, stonemason, res 706 e 6th

Herod Benjamin, res 209 e 10th

Herod Harrison, farmer, res 1118 e 11th

Herod Frank, res 209 e 10th

Page 34.

Herod Thos., constable, boards 1019 e 10th

Herpich Aug K, merchant tailor, 904 Main, res 1318 Fuller

Herpich Miss Maggie, res 1318 Fuller

Hertzag Henry, teamster, res 712 e 9th

Hetchler Elias, carpenter, res 1214 Stewart

Hetherington J H & Son, painters [address not given]

Hetherington W S, painter [residence not given]

Hewitt C S, merchant at Tisdale, res e end Riverside

Heyman A, clerk, Hahn’s, 819 Main, res same

Hickok E B, real estate at Protection, res 1515 Loomis

Higer Frank, works stone quarry, boards 703 e 4th

Hill J L M [Harter & Hill], proprietors, Brettun, res same

Hills P S, attorney at law, 118 e 9th, res 913 e 10th

Hilman Wm., blacksmith, 114 e 8th

Hindman M, laborer, res 1314 Mansfield

Hines Benjamin, laborer, res 1611 Manning

Hitchcock A C, contracting stonemason, res 1807 Manning

Hodge Thos., works railroad, res 921 e 6th

Hodges Charles, res 303 w Blanden

Hodges Miss May, res 303 w Blanden

Hodges W J, stock dealer, res 303 w Blanden

Hodges Mrs. N L, res 304 w 5th

Hodges Miss Sarah, res 318 e 8th

Hoffman Gus, works railroad, res 921 e 6th

Hohl Wm., stonemason, res 503 e 6th

Page 35.

Holaday J W, Marble cutter, works 1317 Main, res 1005 Lowry

Holbrook F L, carpenter, res 407 w 8th

Holden J W, carpenter, res 1609 Menor

Holland Geo., carpenter, res 412 e 12th

Holland Miss Lena, res 412 e 12th

Hollingsworth John, fireman, gas works, res 215 e 6th

Hollingsworth O, foreman, gas works, res 216 e 6th

Holmes & Son, coal, 1101 Main

Holmes Chas. F, coal office, 1101 Main, res 1101 Manning

Holmes Miss Lydia, dressmaker, rooms 1000 Main

Holmes J N, coal, 1101 Main, res same

Holloway S S, farmer, res 911 e 5th

Hook Thos. J, stonemason and carpenter, res 907 e 6th

Hord Miss Carrie, dressmaker, 806 Main, res 1719 Manning

Hord Nathan, res 1719 Manning

Horland Rufus B, clerk, clothing, boards Lindell

Horning & Whitney, hardware, 906 Main

Horning J L, hardware, res 1103 Menor

Hosmer H H, attorney at law, 913 Main, res 522 w 8th

Houk Samuel, flour and feed, 107 e 9th, res 110 e 7th

Houghton F E, artist, res 1012 Mansfield

Houx J O, dentist, 911 Main, res 215 w 9th

Howard & Klauser, carpenters and builders, 502 e 9th

Howard Marshal, stock dealer, res 419 e 9th

Howard Neal, res 521 w 8th

Howland A A, Dollar Store, 910 Main, res Cowley County

Page 36.

Hoyt Frank, works stone quarry, boards 703 e 4th

Hubble John, cook at Brettun, boards same

Hudson Miss Addie, clerk, Hudson’s, 908 Main, res Millington

Hudson Bros., jewelers, 904 Main

Hudson Geo., jeweler, res 621 Millington

Hudson Will, jeweler, res 1402 Manning

Hudson Henry, finisher, carriage works, 114 e 8th

Hudson J A, clerk, McGuire’s grocery, res 707 e 7th

Hudson R Jr., jeweler, 908 Main, res same

Hudson Robert, baths, 109 e 7th, res same

Hudson W H, wagon maker, 820 Millington, boards Commercial Hotel

Hughes & Co., fancy goods, 1006 Main

Hughes C L, res Parsons, Kansas

Hughes Miss Blanche, millinery, 1006 Main

Hughes Melissa, domestic for Bliss, 518 w 8th

Huls Miss Belle, waiter, Commercial Hotel, res 1107 Manning

Huls Henry L, res 1107 Manning

Huls Miss Rebecca, waiter, Commercial Hotel, res 1107 Manning

Humphrey John S, harness maker, works 106 w 9th, res 1312 Main

Hunt Asa, works Frazee, 120 e 9th, res n e of city

Hunt Miss Annie L, res 1113 Millington

Hunt Fred C, clerk, Jarvis, Conklin & Co., res 1220 Menor

Hunt Grant, marble cutter, works 206 e 9th, res e 4th

Hunt G W, merchant tailor, 120½ e 9th, res 719 e 4th

Page 37.

Hunt J S, county clerk, res 113 Millington

Hunt Mrs. S C, res 919 e 7th

Hunt Miss Sue, dressmaker, 801 Main

Hunt W M, marble-cutter, res 1017 Stewart

Huntley Edward, teamster, res 921 e 9th

Hurrle Nick, blacksmith, 1022 Main

Hurst Fred, printer, “Telegram,” res 518 e 7th

Hurst J A, stonecutter, res 518 e 7th

Hutchison James, baker at English Kitchen, 806 Main

Huttoe John, plasterer, res 619 e 6th

Huyck Mrs. M, rooms 1008 Main

Hybarger W A, sewing-machine agent, res 1513 Manning

Hyde A H, mechanic, res 1502 Manning

Hyder Jos. R, carpenter, res 1703 Loomis


Iliff Mrs. M A, widow, res 1221 Millington

Iry Wm., farmer, res e end Myrtle

Isaacks John, res 1812 Fuller

Isaacks Samuel, laborer, res 1812 Fuller


Jackman Geo. R, blacksmith, works 1022 Main, boards English Kitchen

Jackson H L, barber, 1001 Main, res 511 Maris

Jackson J B, blacksmith, res 607 w Blanden

Jackson Mrs. L, widow, res 1210 Lowry

Jameson Albon, res 803 e 9th

Jaques Rose, works Brettun, boards same

Jarnagin J N, plasterer, res 517 e 3rd

Page 38.

Jarvis, Conklin & Co., real estate and farm loan, 1001 Main

Jarvis S M, real estate, res Kansas City

Jarvis H N, res 1510 Loomis

Jarvis J E, real estate examiner, 1001 Main, res 1302 Menor

Jenkins A H, laborer, res 613 e 8th

Jenkins Mrs. S, widow, res 306 e 7th

Jennings & Bedilion, real estate, 822 Main

Jennings A H, real estate, res 403 e 12th

Jennings & Troup, attorneys at law, 903 Main

Jennings Frank S, cigar manufacturer, 914 Main, res 814 e 12th

Jennings Geo. S, cigar manufacturer, 914 Main, res 814 e 12th

Jennings S H, res s end Millington Street

Jimison W E, works fence company, 709 Main, res 1715 Manning

John Jas H, real estate agent, res 618 e 5th

Johnson A P, attorney at law, 100 w 9th, res 619 e 10th

Johnson Mrs. Annie M, widow, res 519 e 10th

Johnson Miss Hattie, res 304 e 12th

Johnson H G, res 811 e 10th

Johnson H H J, carpenter, res 1002 e 12th

Johnson M V, carpenter, res 1215 Fuller

Johnson Theo J, carpenter, res 304 Lincoln

Johnson Wm H, laborer, res 816 e 4th

Johnson Wm., teamster, res 412 e 7th

Johnson W O, manager, Shaw’s lumber company, 523 Main, res 715 Loomis

Page 39.

Johnson Mrs., widow, res 304 e 12th

Johnston Miss Ida, res 1102 Menor

Johnston, J. W., furniture, 918 Main, res 1102 Menor

Jolly J A, laborer, res 918 e 7th

Jones Al, painter, res 514 Maris

Jones D F, butcher [address not given]

Jones E, painter and grainer, res 304 e 12th

Jones F M, painter, res 115 e 9th

Jones T J, painter, res 402 w Blanden

Jones T L, sale stable, 220 e 9th, res e 9th

Jones Will, works Bliss & Wood’s mill

Jordan James, real estate loans, 903 Main, rooms Main

Journey A M, clerk, Hendricks & Wilson, res 1311 Mansfield

Judd Mrs. Evelyn, res 803 e 10th


Kadau Aug., shoemaker, 106½ e 9th, res 713 e 3rd

Kaesewieser Chas., laborer, res 1619 Main

Kann Jacob, works stone quarry, res 509 Platter

Keck J M, livery stable, 802 Main, res 1103 Millington

Keef [Keefe?] C W, stonemason, res 321 e 6th

Keeney Mrs. H, widow, res 1620 Mansfield

Keller John P, carriage maker, res 216 e 6th

Kelly Rev. J F, Church of Holy Name, res 410 e 8th

Kelly M F, photographer, 812 Main, res same

Kelly Miss Sarah, res 420 e 8th

Kelly W B, teamster, res 912 e 7th

Page 40.



Page 41.

Krookshank Alex, engineer, Kirk’s mill, boards Lindell

Kropp A F, house mover, 813 Manning, boards Lindell

Kuhn Miss Annie, res 818 e 11th

Kuhn Geo., plasterer, res 818 e 11th

Kuhn Jesse L, plasterer, res 818 e 11th

Kuhns Wm. A, blacksmith, 605 Main, boards Lindell

Kyger Ira, second hand store, 1017 Main, res 218 e 12th


Lacey Mrs. Eliza, res 1809 Fuller

Lacey G W, plasterer, res 1809 Fuller

Lambright Mrs. Anna, widow, res 319 w Riverside

Lamont Edward, grain dealer, office 820 Main, boards Brettun

Lamott J P, res, corner w 4th and Manning

Land J H, farmer, res 816 e 4th

Lathrop C W, clerk, O’Meara & Randolph, res w Riverside

Laughlin John A, farmer, res 701 e 8th

Laughlin W F, laborer, res 701 e 8th

Lawrence A, gardener, res 1618 Loomis

Lawrence Henry E, works Holmes & Son, res 1715 Millington

Laws Lewis L, carpenter, res 700 e 6th

Laycock Geo., works Chicago Lumber Company, boards e 8th

Laycock D R, real estate, 620 Main, res 1120 e 10th

Leakey J E, insurance, res 307 w Riverside

Leavitt C M, attorney at law, Courier office, res 608 e 10th

Lee Fred, works Bliss & Wood’s mill, rooms 1203 Mansfield

Page 42.

Lee W A, agricultural implements, 109 w 9th, res 704 e 9th

Leerman Leonard, blacksmith, res s e of city

Legg Mrs. Carrie, widow, res 218 w 9th

Leland F F, attorney at law, 106 e 9th, boards Brettun

Le Masters, Edward, laborer, res 405 Andrews

Le Masters Wm H, baggage-master, S K R R, rooms 713 Manning

Leopard Daniel, works stone quarry, res corner Howland and Broadway

Lett Mrs. Dicy, res 318 w 5th

Lett R A, carpenter, works 123 w 8th, res 318 w 5th

Lewis Geo. W, teamster, res 1102 e 12th

Lewis Otis, carpenter, res 313 w Maple

Liermann George, harness maker, 108 w 9th, res s e of city

Limbocker Bert, res 218 e 8th

Limbocker Frank, res 218 e 8th

Limbocker Miss Maggie, res 218 e 8th

Limbocker & Albright, real estate, 118 e 9th

Limbocker W W, real estate, e 9th, res 218 e 8th

Limerick A H, county superintendent, public instruction, res 902 e 9th

Lindell Hotel, Fred Pearson, proprietor, 702 and 704 Main

Lobdell James, works Keck’s barn, res 511 Main

Loeblen Miss Libbie, res 217 e 12th

Long Charles L, barber, works Foults’, res Manning

Long J C, grocery, 815 Main, res 304 e 8th

Long W, barber, works Brettun, res e 9th

Longenecker Miss M C, domestic at Long’s, 304 e 8th

Lorenzo Mrs. Sarah, res w end 7th

Losure Mariot, painter, 1120 Main, res 417 w 10th

Page 43.

Lowe Samuel, res 902 e 5th

Lowe Sidney L, laborer, res 1106 Main

Lowenthal L M, watchmaker, C. J. Co., 717 Main, boards Brettun

Lowry & Back, confectionery and ice cream at Riverside Park

Lowry Thos. S, res w Riverside opposite park

Lowry John & Son, ice dealers, w Riverside

Lowry John, farmer, res 909 Stewart

Lowry Geo., res 909 Stewart

Lowry Miss Virginia, res 909 Stewart

Louis Walter, tailor, res 610 e 12th

Loyd J E, pat [?] slat and wire fence company, 709 Main, boards Commercial

Lucas Miss A S, res 1606 Loomis

Lucas James, assistant cook, Brettun, boards same

Lucas S L, carpenter, res 1606 Loomis

Lueger Gus, plumber and gas fitter, works H & W, 906 Main, res 809 e 11th

Lynn A F, shooting gallery, res 220 e 6th

Lynn & French, dry goods, 723 Main, res 302 w 7th

Lynn J B, dry goods, 723 Main, res 302 w 7th

Lynn, carpenter, res 212 e 4th

Lyon A J, stock-breeder, res 719 e 10th

Lyon J S, plumber and gas-fitter, works H & W, 906 Main, res 303 e 7th


Mabee E A, livery and sale stable, 216 w Riverside, res 220 w Riverside

Madden W T, attorney at law, 812 Main, res 511 e 10th

Page 44.

Maddox, Wm., cook, Commercial House, boards same

Mahan O S, works livery stable, 204 e 9th, res 215 e 9th

Maher Peter, res 610 e 8th

Major Charles, laborer, res w end Riverside

Malone Patk [? Park], works Commercial House, boards same

Mann J E, blacksmith, 1021 Main, res 1414 Main

Mann J S, clothing, etc., 909 Main, res 1205 Millington

Mann Luther, delivery clerk, Lynn & French, res 602 e 3rd

Mann Miss Mamie, res 1414 Main

Mann Miss Mollie, res 602 e 3rd

Mann Wm., teamster, res 602 e 3rd

Mann Wilson, res 1414 Main

Manning J L, res 610 e 5th

Manning J W, laborer, res 810 e 11th

Manning Lewis, laborer, res e 9th

Manny Frank, ice dealer, res 804 e 3rd

Manser G S, real estate, 913 Main, res 1305 Millington

Mansfield, Miss Josephine E, millinery, 915 Main

Marley A A, bootmaker, works Martin, 1006 Main, boards Winfield House

Marley Mrs. Ella, res 1018 e 12th

Marshall Miss, clerk, registration office, res 209 e 10th

Martin G W, shoemaker, 1006 Main, res 1003 Manning

Martin G W, res 302 w 6th

Martin I, clerk, Youngheim’s, 819 Main, res Popp building

Martin S M, butcher, res 906 e 9th

Martin W H, carpenter, res 918 e 6th

Mason John, stonemason, res 709 e 6th

Page 45.

Mater & Son, blacksmith, 1022 Main

Mater Daniel, res 220 e 11th

Mater J S, res 12 miles s e of city

Mathews J W, barber, 903 Main, res Main

Maurer Peter, carpenter, res 706 e 7th

Maus C W, stonemason, res 1113 Stewart

Maus Herman, butcher, Main, res 1102 Manning

Maus John A, mason, res 613 Millington

Maus J S, foreman, Bliss & Wood’s mill, res 802 Walton

Maxey J W, laborer, boards 119 w 9th

Mays C H, stonecutter, res 715 e 10th

Meixel E C, proprietor, Hotel Stewart, 1301 Main

Meixel J L, res 1301 Main

Merrifield H L, clerk, Central Hotel, boards same

Mendhenhall W S, physician and surgeon, 119 e 9th, res 907 Millington

Merrill & Merrill, blacksmiths, 118 e 8th

Merrill J J, res 812 e 7th

Merrill W T, res 715 Millington

Meyer Charles, butcher, res Ann Street

Meyers J G, carpenter, res 413 w 11th

Michael Mrs. Etta, widow, res 57 e 6th

Michael Morgan M, works R R, res 517 e 6th

Millard E A, examiner, J C & Co., 1001 Main, res Burden

Miller Dan, blacksmith, 803 e 3rd, res same

Miller Fielden, farmer, res n end of Main

Miller G W, cattle dealer, 907 Main, res 602 Manning

Miller Geo. W, works R R, res 604 e 5th

Page 46.

Miller Henry B, works R R, res 604 e 5th

Miller John, res 508 Maris

Miller J F, laborer, res 518 e 3rd

Miller Lizzie, domestic at Kirk’s, 116 w 8th

Miller Miss Mary E, res 604 e 5th

Millington D A, proprietor, “Courier,” and postmaster, res 420 e 10th

Millington J L, clerk, P O, boards Brettun

Millington Miss Jessie, res 420 e 10th

Millspaugh L A, travel agent, boots and shoes, res 905 e 9th

Mitchell David, teamster, res 413 Bliss

Mitchell R B, stonemason, res 602 e 4th

Mitschler Joe, butcher, works Dautschman, res 1415 Menor

Moir Mrs. M E, hair-dresser, 920 Main, boards Central

Monforte & Rogers, carriage and wagon works, 114 e 8th

Monforte J C, res 3 miles n e of city

Monroe John, barber, works 105 e 9th, res 701 Main

Moore H P, stock dealer, res 802 e 9th

Moore Bros., stone cutters and masons, 1112 Lowry

Moore Luther, res 1112 Lowry

Moore Luzern, res 1112 Lowry

Moore Wm. & Son, stone sidewalks, res n of Bliss & Wood’s mill

Moore W S, stonemason, res 1119 Lowry

Moore Wm., carpenter, res e Myrtle

Mooso Bros., billiard hall, 902 Millington

Mooso Ed H, res 806 e 10th

Page 47.

Mooso J C, res 806 e 10th

Moorehouse W L, lumber dealer, res 1117 Menor

Morford Miss Bertha, res 1217 Loomis

Morford Mrs., widow, res 1217 Loomis

Morris Clinton, sewing machine agent, res 1314 Mansfield

Morris H, sewing machines, res 1518 Menor

Morrison F G, farmer, res e 9th

Morrison Samuel, carpenter, res 209½ e 9th

Morton Harry, cook, Brettun, res 508 e 6th

Mount Edwin S, stonemason, res 709 e 8th

Mount John H, stonemason, res 709 e 8th

Mount M H, carpenter, res 709 e 8th

Mullen W L, real estate, 106 e 9th, res 206 w 10th

Mundy W M, miller, res 1509 Mansfield

Murphy Wilbert T, works restaurant, 111 e 9th, res 219 e 9th

Musgrave Joseph, farmer, res 1416 Manning

Myer James W, delivery clerk, Long’s grocery, res 417 w 11th

Myer John S, carpenter, res 417 w 11th

Myer Miss Nettie E, res 417 w 11th

Myers T B, res 703 e 11th

Myton S H, hardware and implements, 718, 720, 722 Main, res 721 Menor


McAllister J R, laborer, res north of city

McAllister John, proprietor, Ninth Avenue Hotel, 110 e 9th

McAllister Miss Rose, clerk, Ninth Avenue Hotel, 110 e 9th

McArthur Miss Sadie, res 1305 Millington

McBride Daniel, farmer, res 1016 Lowry

McClanahan Mrs. E J, widow, res 1520 Manning

Page 48.

McClean O, laborer, res 1812 Fuller

McClellan Will J, clerk, P O, res 614 Millington

McCormack Nettie, domestic at Millington’s, 420 e 10th

McCormick Harvey, works grocery, 807 Main, res 1504 Menor

McCormick M S, grocer, 807 Main, res 1504 Menor

McCormick Minnie E, domestic, 321 e 11th

McCormick Orley, clerk, grocery, 807 Main, res 1504 Menor

McCormick Ol, painter, 607 Main

McCoy Miss Annie, music teacher, res 1217 Millington

McCoy M P, attorney at law, res 1105 Lowry

McCoy Miss Nettie R, music teacher, res 1217 Millington

McCreary James B, laborer, res 906 e 6th

McDermott & Johnson, attorneys at law, 100 w 9th

McDermott James, lawyer, res 204 e 12th

McDonald Miss Alice, res 502 e 8th

McDonald Miss Lizzie, res 502 e 8th

McDonald & Webb, attorneys at law, 116 e 9th

McDonald J Wade, dry goods, etc., 1001 Main, res 502 e 8th

McDonald W C, real estate, 909 Main, res 603 Manning

McFadden B, city marshal, res 901 e 8th

McGhee Charles, clerk, Lynn & French, res 307 e 11th

McGinnis J D, carpenter, res w end 7th

McGraw Wm., carpenter, res 605 Millington

McGuire Bros., groceries, etc., 900 Main

Page 49.

McGuire J E, res 1504 Main

McGuire T M, res 601 Millington

McGuire Thos., section foreman, R R, res 1802 Fuller

McIntire G H, sheriff, res 708 e 9th

McIntyre John W, carpenter, res 208 e 4th

McKain J B, laborer, res 907 e 5th

McKay & Pettit, contractors and builders, 218 e 10th

McKay J C, carpenter, res 714 e 8th

McKay Miss Maggie, res 714 e 8th

McKay W, clerk, lumber company, 600 Main, boards Shotwell’s

McKee David, stone cutter, res 718 e 3rd

McKee John, res 1705 Fuller

McKinney Miss Della, domestic, 1021 Menor

McKinnon W H H, boarding house, 703 e 4th

McKinnon Miss Minnie, res 703 e 4th

McLain James, res 617 e 8th

McLean Wm. J, painter, res 608 e 6th

McMaster A H & Co., Santa Fe Lumber Company, 1321 Stewart

McMaster A H, lumber, boards Central Hotel

McMullen Edward J & Co., insurance and loans, 203 e 9th

McMullen Edward J, res 419 w 9th

McMullen J C, res 508 w 9th

McMullen J F, attorney at law, 203½ w 9th, res 419 w 9th

McMullen Gus, night operator, telephone office, res 419 w 9th

McNeil A H, blacksmith, works 200 e 9th, res 1312 Main

McRay Miss Katie, res 603 w Blanden

McRoberts C L, stonemason, res 121 w Walnut

Page 50.


Nance James, works brick-yard, boards East Boarding House

Nash Miss Ella, res 503 Maris

Nash John M, carpenter, res 916 e 5th

Nation Wm. E, carriages and buggies, 610 Main, res 417 Bliss

Naw Geo., carpenter, res 822 e 11th

Naw Miss Lizzie, res 822 e 11th

Neilson John M, paper-hanger, res 518 e 6th

Nelson Edward F, clerk, Baird’s, res 901 Manning

Newton Wm., harness-maker, 914 Main, res 1013 Manning

Nichols Charles, teamster, res 213 e 10th

Nichols George, laborer, res corner 11th and Loomis

Nichols James, stone cutter, res 601 e 9th

Nichols John W, barber, 105 e 9th, res 306 e 11th

Nichols W, laborer, res 1616 Mansfield

Nickel Charles, farmer, res 804 e 4th

Nickel John H, res 220 w 11th

Nipp James, county treasurer, res 503 e 10th

Norton Asa, janitor of public buildings, res 901 e 8th

Norton H G, blacksmith, res 1016 Mansfield

Norton S W, blacksmith and wagon-maker, 1022 Main, res 1016 Mansfield

Norton S W Jr., school teacher, res 1016 Mansfield

Norton Samuel W, cigar maker, works Wilkinson & Co., boards Central Hotel


Oaks J S, works Baden, res 321 w Maple

Page 51.

O’Connor George, works Bliss & Wood’s mill, res 208 w 5th

O’Connor Isaac, stonemason, res n end Main

Oglesby G W, farmer, res 1008 e 11th

O’Hare Jos., attorney at law, 909 Main, boards Olds House

Olds House, Mrs. M E Brown, proprietor, 321 e 8th

Olin A J, farmer, res 902 e 11th

Olin Frank, carpenter, res 902 e 11th

Olive George, res 1002 e 11th

Oliver Mrs. C, widow, res 302 e Walnut

Oliver Bros., lumber yard, 600 Main

Oliver S R, res 609 Millington

Oliver J W, painter and paper-hanger, 105 w 9th

Oliver Samuel, works McMullen, res 609 w 8th

Oliverson T R, plasterer, res 716 e 5th

Oller N S, teamster, res 1812 Fuller

Omstead E, pianos and organs, 1121 Main, res same

Omstead Mrs. M L, teacher of music, 1121 Main

O’Mealley Miss M A, res 410 e 8th

O’Meara & Randolph, boots and shoes, 817 Main

O’Meara M J, boards Brettun

O’Neil Lewis, clerk, Spotswood’s, res 217 e 12th

O’Neil Miss Lizzie, res 317 w 10th

Onstott F A, laborer, res 705 e 8th

Ordway George, lawyer, 1119 Millington

Orndorff H P, cabinet-maker, res 1417 Mansfield

Orr C W, boards Central Hotel

Osborn John, shoemaker, res 1210 Manning

Ostrander & Stayman, engineers and machinists, 614 Main

Ostrander James, boards 709 Millington

Page 52.

Overley Miss Clara, dressmaker, works 813 Main, boards Limbocker’s

Overman N P, works Bliss & Wood’s mill, res 820 e 10th

Overman Miss S E, res 820 e 10th

Owens, res 1019 e 10th


Paden Wm., teamster, res 705 e 6th

Page Miss Belle, res 515 w Blanden

Page E, laborer, res 1403 Main

Page H J, works R R, res 515 w Blanden

Palmer W N, engineer, Bliss & Wood’s mill, res 1516 Menor

Park Henry L, clerk, Brown’s drug store, 803 Main

Park John, carpenter, res 606 Millington

Park Dr. S B, physician, res 902 e 8th

Parker Miss Alice, res 116 e 10th

Parker James, res 1209 Stewart

Parker Mrs. S A, widow, res 116 e 10th

Parkhurst S T, res 421 w 8th

Paris C W, street-sprinkler, res 217 e 6th

Paris Hank F, drayman, office 517 Main, res 605 e 7th

Parmer & Co., groceries, 113 e 9th

Parmer D, res 1018 e 9th

Pate Ed, clerk, district court, res 1415 Main

Patterson Mrs. C H, dressmaker, res e 11th

Patterson James A, drayman, res 504 e 5th

Patridge Thos., laborer, res 608 e 7th

Pearson W F, laundry, 222 e 9th

Peebles E, machinist, res 1721 Menor

Perigo Mary, works Brettun

Page 53.

Pero Philip, laborer, res 1602 Main

Perry Dr. C, res 803 e 10th

Perry Henry, works Brettun

Personett Jos., farmer, res 421 w 12th

Pettit I H, carpenter, res e 8th

Phenix Mrs. C, res e end of Myrtle

Phenix Wm., works Baden, res 914 e 9th

Phippen Thos., carpenter, res 614 e 6th

Pickens Dr. F M, physician, 812 Main, res 1214 Manning

Pickens Miss Maude, res 1214 Manning

Picket Miss Bertha, res 1718 Loomis

Pickett, laborer, res 1815 Fuller

Pickeral Chas. E, res 313 e 6th

Pickeral Wm., laborer, res 313 e 6th

Pierce C C, 10th Avenue Livery Stable, 121 w 10th, res 411 w Riverside

Pierce Harry, works stable, 121 w 10th, res 411 w Riverside

Pierce Wm. E, section foreman R R, res 602 e 6th

Pierson W P, farmer, res 1018 e 12th

Pitts C W, organs and pianos, res 1008 Menor

Pixley W B, dry goods and groceries, 715 Main, res 221 w 7th

Pixley Z F, painter, res 509 Bliss

Plank J J, guns and ammunition, 122 e 9th, res e Myrtle

Poindexter W E, groceries, 201 e 9th, res 315 e 8th

Potter D N, carpenter, res 419 w Blanden

Potter H R, drayman, res 419 w Blanden

Popp Geo. A, City Hotel, 1117 Main

Page 54.

Powell John, harness-maker, works Norton, res 219 w 9th

Powers N M, farmer, res 718 Millington

Prathers J W, boots and shoes, 1005 Main, boards 321 w 10th

Pratt G L, Chicago Lumber Company, 111 n 8th, res Wichita

Price W L, works grocery, 201 e 9th, boards e 9th

Pridgen W L, mason, res 115 e 9th

Pritchard Mrs. F O, widow, res 713 Manning

Pryor & Pryor, attorneys at law, 901 Main

Pryor J D, res 1408 Loomis

Pryor S D, res 1303 Manning

Pugh Chas., physician, 911 Main, boards Brettun

Pugh Bennett, laborer, res 1416 Menor

Pugh J R, stock dealer, 905 Main, res 308 e 5th

Pugh J R, works water-works, res end w 7th

Pugh John, works “Telegram,” 112 e 8th

Pumyea John S, commercial traveler, boards Brettun

Purden Joe, horse dealer, res 814 Mansfield


Quarles Mrs. Anna, widow, res 840 w Riverside


Rails James, works livery stable, res e 9th

Rukestraw David, carpenter, res 313 e 6th

Randall Miss Ella, cashier, Horning & Whitney, res 318 e 8th

Randall I W, carpenter shop, 123 w 8th, res 1103 Mansfield

Randall Miss Mary, res 318 e 8th

Randall Mrs. Rachel, widow, res 318 e 8th

Page 55.

Randall, well-digger, res s end Ann Street

Randolph Frank, boots and shoes, 817 Main

Ray A, carpenter, res 812 e 10th

Ray L W, carpenter, res 218 w 9th

Ray R, carpenter, res 812 e 10th

Ray T V, carpenter, res 210 w 9th

Raymond F K, stenographer, res 1119 Platter

Raymond G E, stock dealer, res 921 Mansfield

Read M L, president, 1st National Bank, 903 Main, res 221 w 8th

Reavis Wm., painter, res 914 e 6th

Red Front Grocery, H D McCormick, proprietor, 807 Main

Reed Mrs. C, widow, res 816 e 10th

Reed Geo. F, tinner, works Hendricks & Wilson, rooms Main

Reed & Oliver, house and sign painters, 105 w 9th

Reed John H, painter, res Olds House

Reed J M, painter, shop e 8th, res 218 e 7th

Reed T F, tinner, works Hendricks & Wilson, res 711 e 6th

Reeves Joseph, carpenter, res 318 e 8th

Reider Rev. J H, pastor, First Baptist Church, res 701 Millington

Rembaugh Geo., proprietor and editor, “Telegram,” 112 e 8th, res 213 w 9th

Renner Chas., works stone quarry, boards 706 e 7th

Reynolds J M, teamster, res 1301 Stewart

Reynolds John W, painter, res 700 e 6th

Rice E M, bookkeeper, Baden, res 708 e 10th

Rider N P, works Stubblefield, res 808 Millington

Riehl Mrs. Eliza, widow, res 120 e Park

Page 56.

Riley John, clerk, Baden’s, res 1314 Main

Rinker & Harris, proprietors, Hoosier grocery, 913 Main

Rinker G L, grocer, 913 Main, res 217 e 11th

Roberts Albert, teamster, res 800 e 12th

Roberts A B, paper hanger, res 518 e 6th

Roberts A T, rubber stamps, res 213 e 11th

Roberts Chas. A, musician, res 1421 Manning

Roberts D W C, brick mason, res 509 Manning

Roberts John, farmer, res 816 e 10th

Robertson G W, res 2 miles s of city

Robertson Quincy A, compositor, “Courier,” boards Commercial House

Robinson Miss Ellen, res 1815 Millington

Robinson Gabriel, carpenter, res 1409 Main

Robinson Geo. W., assistant cashier, First National Bank, res 303 w Riverside

Robinson M L, vice president, First National Bank, res 72 Menor

Robinson W C, cashier, First National Bank, res 72 Menor

Rodgers Miss Kate B, res 719 e 11th

Rodgers Miss Lillie, res 1018 e 12th

Rodgers Miss Nellie L, res 719 e 11th

Rodgers S H, stock dealer, res 719 e 11th

Rodocker D, photographer, 903 Main, res 1102 e 7th

Rodolf R B, manager, Chicago Lumber Company, boards Brettun

Roderick H J, res 214 e 6th

Rogers E T, carriage maker, 114 e 8th, res 617 Millington

Rogers Frank, works blacksmith’s, 114 e 8th, res 617 Millington

Rogers Jess, works 114 e 8th, res 617 Millington

Rose Edward, works stone quarry, res 318 w 5th

Page 57.

Roseberry J S, stock dealer, res 320 e 9th

Ross S E, res 807 Manning

Ross Washington, laborer, res 509 Maris

Rothrock J S, clerk, Long’s grocery, res 1109 Millington

Rothrock Dr. W P, physician, res 702 e 11th

Rowland G B, stonemason, res 311 e 7th

Rowland J C, clerk, Jarvis, Conklin & Co., res 618 e 7th

Rowland John, works court house, res 613 e 7th

Rowe Benj., plasterer, res 1209 Mansfield

Rowe Miss Ray, works Friend’s millinery, res Manning

Ruddiman John, res 1103 Menor

Rutherford Mrs. B W, widow, res 714 e 10th

Rutherford Miss Dora, compositor, “Telegram,” res 714 e 10th

Rutherford Perry, teamster, res 714 e 10th

Rutherford Will, teamster, res 714 e 10th

Rupp M B, carpenter, res 1204 Menor

Russell W L, flour and feed, 1016 Main, boards Central

Ryder Miss Lou, works English Kitchen, res Millington

Ryder Mrs., works English Kitchen, res Millington


Sabin G E, insurance agent, boards Commercial House

Sabins L A, carpenter, res 1719 Manning

Saladee G B, planing mills, 522 Main, boards Commercial House

Salmons D W, works Doane, 122 w 9th, res 221 w 9th

Sanders, Wm. [no further information.]

Sanderson G W, teamster, res 1117 e 11th

Sandner Jacob, stonemason, boards 710 e 7th

Sandner Nicholas, foreman, stone quarry, res 710 e 7th

Santa Fe Lumber Co., 1321 Stewart

Page 58.

Sarchet Moses, works Brettun, boards same

Saunders Chas., res 610 e 6th

Sayles E C, works, elevator, res 221 w 12th

Schaffer Henry, laborer, res 615 w Blanden

Schmidt Chas., stone quarry and contractor, res 301 Andrews

Schmidt, stone cutter, res 818 e 5th

Schofield Frank, works Keck’s stable, res 113 w 10th

Schofield Mrs. N M, widow, res 113 w 10th

Schumann F, jeweler and watchmaker, 103 e 10th, rooms 303 e 6th

Scothorn G W, carpenter, res 608 Manning

Scott James, painter, shop 35 e 9th, res 710 e 3rd

Scott L C, barber, works Jackson, 1001 Main

Scott Miss L F, dressmaker, res 1016 Manning

Scott M M, auctioneer, res 1619 Loomis

Scott Samuel, res 1016 Manning

Scott W P, works publishing house, res 1606 Millington

Scroggin Berry, proprietor, Winfield House, 1113 Main, res 117 w 10th

Scroggin Miss M J, res 117 w 10th

Scroggin Mrs. Sarah, widow, res 117 w 10th

Seabridge Mrs. Mary B, widow, res 1012 e 11th

Seaman Mrs. M J, widow, res 206 e 12th

Sears C W, soda water manufacturer, 1416 Loomis

Sears Eph., stonemason, res 1205 Manning

Secat [Seacat?], laborer, res s end Menor

Secrist S, farmer, res 1621 Manning

Self John, works Johnston, boards e 7th

Seward E C, res 120 w 8th

Page 59.

Sexton J A, broom maker, res 421 w Blanden

Shafer Joe, assistant cook, Commercial House

Shane Isaac, tinner, works Horning & Whitney, res 319 Andrews

Shannon Thompson, farmer, res e end 12th

Shaw & Barnes, painters, 113 w 8th

Shaw C A, painter, res 1217 Manning

Shaw Andy, laundry, 111 e 10th, res 503 Maris

Shaw A J, compositor, “Tribune,” 110 e 8th, boards Hotel Stewart

Shaw G B & Co., lumber and coal, 523 Main

Shearer W H, agent, Burgess’ steam-washer, res 917 Mansfield

Sheats J P, stonemason, res e 9th

Sheets & Siler, billiard hall and bowling alley, 117 e 9th

Sheets Frank, billiards, res 119½ e 9th

Shell & Smith, billiard hall, 800 Main

Shell I B, billiards, boards 322 w 8th

Shell Wm. H, billiards, boards 322 w 8th

Shepherd Mrs. Ellen, widow, res 412 e 6th

Shepherd Miss Lillie, res 412 e 6th

Sherran Frank, printer, “Tribune,” 110 e 8th, boards Hotel Stewart

Sherrard & Houk, flour and feed, 107 e 9th

Sherrard G L, res 315 w Riverside

Shields Albert, barber, works Brettun, res e 9th

Shields Mrs. Julia A, widow, res 1005 Lowry

Shields M B, clerk, Lynn, rooms 102 w 8th

Shigley J W, res 417 e Maple

Shigley John, farmer, res 1021 Lowry

Shipp L M, laborer, res 514 e 6th

Page 60.

Shivvers H T, real estate, 1001 Main, res 702 e 8th

Shivvers Hopkins, clerk, abstract office, 913 Main, res 702 e 8th

Shivvers Miss, clerk, McDonald’s, res 702 e 8th

Shomber Norman, machinist, res 1409 Manning

Shotwell W T, 311 e 8th

Sickafoose H D, clerk, Baden’s rooms, 1217 Manning

Siler S E, billiard hall, 117 e 9th, res 119½ e 9th

Silliman Mrs. A, widow, res 1310 Loomis

Silliman H E, real estate, res 1220 Loomis

Silver David, delivery clerk, Cal Ferguson, res 404 w 9th

Silver H S, seeds and agricultural implements, res 1202 Millington

Silvers Mrs. Mary L, restaurant, 121 e 9th

Simpson James, mechanic, res 218 w 10th

Simpson Lewis, laborer, res 520 w 12th

Sinnott M M, deputy county clerk, res 307 e 10th

Sipe Philip, grain dealer, 905 Main, res 1421 Menor

Siverd H H, constable, res 804 e 12th

Skating Rink, M Yocum, proprietor, 1320 Main

Stone Miss Lizzie, dressmaker, 813 Main, res 1017 Manning

Stone W W, commission agent, res 1017 Manning

Small F F, works stone quarry, res 409 e 5th

Small Frank, foreman, stone quarry, res 1815 Millington

Smedley Hiram, res 915 e 9th

Smedley Samuel, optician, res 815 e 8th

Smith Andrew, laborer, res 1812 Loomis

Smith Miss Carrie, res e end 9th

Smith Chas. H, printer, “Tribune,” boards Hotel Stewart

Smith D A, tinner, works Myton’s, boards Lindell

Smith Frank, clerk, Lynn’s, rooms over store

Page 61.

Smith Frank A, painter, res 513 Maris

Smith J A, billiards, 800 Main, res w 9th

Smith J A, delivery clerk, Wells, Fargo Express, 112 w 9th, res 205 w 9th

Smith J A, miller, Kirk’s mill, res 410 w 9th

Smith John A, insurance and loans, 203 e 9th, res e 6th

Smith J G, barber, works 903 Main, res Main

Smith J L, feed stable, res 703 e 9th

Smith J R, res e end 9th

Smith R S, works Parmer’s grocery, 113 e 9th, res e 9th

Smith Sol, boarding house, 207 e 9th

Smith S C, loans, 910 Main, boards Brettun

Smith S M, cigar maker, works Wilkinson & Co., res Menor

Smith Willis H, clerk, Bliss & Wood’s mill, res 1015 Lowry

Smith Wm., res 210 e 6th

Smith & Co., broom manufacturers, 1312 Stewart

Smith D A, broom maker, res 317 w Maple

Smith C E, broom maker, res 317 w Maple

Smith & Zook, boots and shoes, 803 Main

Smith W H, res 817 Main

Snow A B, manager, lumber, 1112 Main, res 1321 Manning

Snow J E, attorney at law and justice of the peace, 215 e 9th, res 1521 Manning

Snowhill A, agent, Adams’ Express Company, 108 w 9th, boards Brettun

Soloman, pastor, res 616 e 6th

Soward Tom H, register of deeds, res 309 e 10th

Spangler Mrs. C, widow, res 1711 Fuller

Sparkman Henry, works R R, res 415 w 8th

Page 62.

Spencer Robt. L, carpenter, res 202 e 4th

Spilman J H, barber, works 804 Main, boards English Kitchen

Springs J A, painter res 1705 Manning

Spotswood & Wallace, groceries, etc., 923 Main

Spotswood A T, res 217 e 12th

Stafford Grant, bookkeeper, Albright, res 1120 Manning

Stafford J M, insurance agent, res 1120 Manning

Stafford M G, drayman, res 900 e 6th

Stafford M S, painter, works 114 e 8th, res Manning

Stallings D W, farmer, res 1616 Main

Stallings Jos., laborer, res 820 e 10th

Standard Type Writer, S D Pryor, agent, 901 Main

Stannard John, carpenter, shop 816 Millington, res 712 e 5th

Stannard Luke, painter, res 712 e 5th

Stansberry Miss Maggie, school teacher, res 1012 e 10th

Stansberry Mrs. N J, widow, res 1204 Loomis

Stansburry S M, stonemason, res n e of city

Stark Edward W, works R R, res 1811 Fuller

Starnes P M, attorney at law, 812 Main, res 212 e 12th

States David J, physician, office 812 Main, res 901 e 10th

Stayman John M, engineer and machinist, 614 Main, boards 709 Millington

St Clair Joe, works stable, 121 w 10th, boards Winfield House

Steele & Co., grain dealers, proprietor, Santa Fe Elevator, 603 w 12th

Steele Samuel, res 1121 Stewart

Steinbaugh Newton A, works Lynn, res 319 w Riverside

Sterling John T, carpenter, res 308 e 8th

Page 63.

Sternes, engineer, R R, res corner Myrtle and Ann [First Name not given]

Stephens Geo. S, painter, res 711 e 9th

Stephens Albert, laborer, res 1819 Millington

Stephens J H, mason, boards Lindell

Stephenson Miss Ella, res 1618 Loomis

Stephenson Mrs. Martha, widow, res 1618 Loomis

Stewart J P, carpenter, res 603 e 9th

Stewart John, res 519 e 8th

Stewart Miss Laura, dressmaker, works 801 Main, res w 10th

Stewart Wm., carpenter, boards 506 e 7th

Stivers Geo., painter, 218 w 9th, res 421 w 10th

Stivers M B, laborer, res 1609 Menor

Stivers S S, proprietor, “Sam’s Place,” ice cream, etc., 810 Main

Stolp C W, clerk, Berkey’s Hardware, 115 e 9th, res 911 e 11th

Stolp E B, clerk, hardware, 115 e 9th, res 1507 Menor

Stolp Miss Hattie, clerk, Baden’s, res 911 e 11th

Stolp Hiram G, res 911 e 11th

Story P H, res 802 e 7th

Strader C, carpenter, res 902 e 11th

Stretch J, farmer, res 1021 e 9th

Strong F N, cattle-dealer, res 1021 e 9th

Stubenhaven J, cigar maker, works Harper & Co., boards Commercial

Stubblefield H W, meat and feed store, 209 e 9th, res e end 12th

Stueven C E, barber, Brettun House, 619 Main, res 512 e 6th

Page 64.

Stump L N, res 417 e 7th

Sullivan C C, shooting gallery and bowling alley, 819 Millington, boards Commercial

Swarts Jac, res, 318 e 7th

Sweet Chas. H, cigars and lunch, 117 e 9th, res 1611 Manning

Sweetman John, teamster, res 1721 Millington

Sweeney Chas., harness-maker, works Sydal, boards Lindell

Swim Elmer E, works “Tribune,” boards Axtell’s

Swindler A M, laborer, res 1403 Manning

Swindler Mrs. Eleanor, widow, res 1403 Manning

Swindler J H, laborer, res 1403 Manning


Taggart R, real estate, boards 119 w 9th

Tandy Dr. T B, physician, 913 Main, res 202 e 12th

Tanner Morton W, clerk, Kleeman, res 514 e 7th

Tate Joseph, laborer, res 1612 Main

Taylor Miss Annie, domestic at Pugh’s, 308 e 5th

Taylor C W, agent, Wells, Fargo & Co. Express, 112 w 9th, res 521 w 10th

Taylor Daniel, stock-dealer, res 521 e 9th

Taylor E D, groceries, 1009 Main, res 1004 Main

Taylor Isaac A, farmer, res 1820 Loomis

Taylor John, laborer, res 1602 Menor

Taylor J O, stock-dealer, res 1002 Menor

Taylor Martin, marble-polisher, works 206 e 9th, res 1602 Menor

Taylor M B, organs, etc., 916 Main, res w 10th

Taylor Paskel, teamster, res 619 w 12th

Taylor W B, carpenter, shop 218 e 10th, res 215 e 10th

Page 65.

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