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Are you looking for a miracle to “save” the aluminum wheels?  As with many alloy wheels road salt makes fast work of ‘em.  Usually after just one season, salt has found its way beneath the clear-coat film.  Perhaps through a small chip, and proceeded to eat into the shiny aluminum, leaving a large, white, mottled patch.  If your wheels are already at this stage, the only hope will be to have them refinished by a company that specializes in such a task.  Usually located under “wheel repair” in the phone book or on the Internet, these companies can remove bends, fix curb scuffs and refinish beat-up or corroded wheels.  Once this is done, there are a few tips to keep them looking good longer:

Wash them often (once a week, at least).

Wax them often.

If you really care about those wheels, buy a second set to get you through the winter and “save” the good ones for summer.