COWLEY COUNTY.

Winfield Courier, March 14, 1878.

                                        TOO MANY OF THE SAME NAME.

Cowley County labors under the great inconvenience of having one Cedar Township, three Cedar Creeks, two Rock Creeks, and a Maple City in a distant part of the county from its Maple Township. Some of these names should be changed now while the change could be easily effected and before long use has incorporated them into every name and fibre of their location.

The Rock Creek in the southeast corner of the county could be readily given a new name by concerted action, but the Rock Creek in the north part is more crystallized by having given its name to the township in which it flows and the post office on its banks.

We suggest that the name of that township be changed from “Rock Creek,” to Rock—we do not like long names—and then the euphony and convenience of names in that location would be complete.

We suggest also that the people in the southeast corner of the county hold a meeting to rename their Rock Creek, then when they have a new township or a new post office, let them adopt the new name of the creek.

As to the Maples we think that Red Bud post office in Maple Township should be changed to Maple, that Spring Creek Township should be changed to Spring Township and Maple City should be changed to Spring City.

As to the Cedars we suggest that as the southeast part of the county have both a Cedar Township and a Cedar Creek, new names should be given to the Cedar Creek in Windsor Township (Windsor Creek for instance) and to the Cedar Creek, between Tisdale and Richland. (New Salem Creek, for instance.)

Who will move in these matters. Do not all speak at once.