[Listing Township followed by Town.]

Beaver Township. Beaver Center.

Beaver Township. Tannehill.

Bolton Township. Bushnell.

Also: East Bolton Township. [No town listed.]

Also: West Bolton Township. [Pleasant View.]

Cedar Township. [No town listed.]

Cedar Township. [Later date: Otto.]

Cedar Township. [Later date? Split up into Grant Township and Cedar Township.]

Creswell Township. [No town listed.]

Also: North Creswell Township. [No town listed.]

Dexter Township. Crab Creek.

Dexter Township. Dexter.

Dexter Township. Grouse Valley.

Fairview Township. Akron.

Fairview Township. Little Dutch.

Also: East Fairview Township. [No town listed.]

Also: North Fairview Township. [No town listed.]

Also: South Fairview Township. [No town listed.]

Grant Township. Otto.

Harvey Township. Glen Grouse.

Liberty Township. [No town listed.]

Maple Township, Red Bud.

Ninnescah Township. [Hall. Later Seeley.]

Ninnescah Township. Udall.

Northeast Ninnescah Township. [No town listed.]

Omnia Township. Atlanta.

Omnia Township. Baltimore.

Omnia Township. Polo.

Otter Township. [No town listed.]

Pleasant Valley Township. Constant.

Pleasant Valley Township. Hackney.

Pleasant Valley Township. Star Valley.

Richland Township. Floral.

Richland Township. Pleasant Hill.

Richland Township. Polo.

Richland Township. Prairie Grove.

Richland Township. Queen Village.

Richland Township. Wilmot.

Also: South Richland Township. [No town listed.]

Rock Creek/Rock Township. Little Dutch.

Rock Township. [No town listed.]

Sheridan Township. [No town listed.]

Silver Creek Township. Burden.

Silver Creek Township. Moscow.

Also: South Silver Creek Township. [No town listed.]

Spring Creek Township. Maple City.

Tisdale Township. New Salem.

Tisdale Township. Prairie Home School.

Vernon Township. Kellogg.

Vernon Township. Orchard Cottage.

Vernon Township. Valley View.

Walnut Township. Bethel.

Walnut Township. Maple Grove.

Windsor Township. Cambridge.

Windsor Township. Grand Summit.

Windsor Township. Grenola.

Windsor Township. Grouse Valley.

Windsor Township. Lazette.

Windsor Township. Torrance.

Winfield Township. Bethel.

NOTE: Could not find township for the following: Grandview.

NOTE: Could not find township for the following: Green Valley.

NOTE: Could not find township for the following: Lookout Valley.

NOTE: Could not find township for the following: New Canton.

COMMENT: I finally found that “Prairie Home” referred to “Prairie Home School.” Am beginning to think that Grandview, Green Valley, Lookout Valley, and New Canton also refer to SCHOOLS. What a mess!