COWLEY COUNTY.

NOTE: The Winfield Courier had the following item relative to the number of townships in Cowley County in 1881.

Winfield Courier, January 6, 1881.

Cowley County now has twenty-three townships outside of Winfield.



Cowley County & Townships: representative districts February 1881...

Cowley County: 22nd senatorial district. Shall elect one senator.

66th Representative District: Winfield and Ninnescah, Vernon, Fairview, Walnut, and Tisdale.

67th Representative District: Beaver, Cresswell, Bolton, Pleasant Valley, Liberty, Silverdale, Spring Creek, and Cedar.

68th Representative District: Maple, Rock Creek, Richland, Omnia, Silver Creek, Sheridan, Dexter, Otter, Windsor, and Harvey.


Winfield Courier, April 14, 1881.

In our advertising columns this week will be found a notice of the organization of a new township out of part of the territo­ry of Windsor. This is the first notice under the new law requiring publication before a change of township boundaries could be made. The new township is to be called Washington.


Winfield Courier, April 14, 1881.

                  Before the Board of County Commissioners of Cowley County, Kansas.

In the matter of the organization of Washington township.

Notice is hereby given to all persons interested that a petition signed by Daniel Zerger and forty-nine other qualified electors residing on the territory hereinafter described, will on the 4th day of October, A. D., 1881, be presented to the board of county commissioners of Cowley County, Kansas, asking said board to set off and organize a new township, bounded as follows, to wit:

Commencing at the northeast corner of section one (1), in township thirty-one (31), south of range seven (7) east; running thence south along the section line to the southwest corner of section thirteen (13), in township thirty-two (32), south of range seven (7) east; thence east on the section line to the east line of Cowley County; thence north along the east line of said county to the township line between townships thirty (30) and thirty-one (31), and thence west along said township line to the place of beginning; said new township to be called Washington, and to be formed wholly out of territory now being a part of Windsor township.

TROUP & PENCE, Atty’s for Petitioners. Winfield, Kas., April 1, 1881

Cowley County Courant, March 23, 1882.

The name of the office, Little Dutch, Cowley County, Kansas, has been changed to “Akron.”