††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† STREAMS: COWLEY COUNTY.

Streams in Cowley County: from 1876 centennial issue, Winfield Courier.

The streams of the county are as follows: The Arkansas River enters the west line of the county, thirteen miles below the north line, and winding through the southwest portion of the county it crosses the south line thirteen miles east of the west line and enters the Indian Territory. The streams that fall into the Arkansas from the county are Sand Creek, Lost Creek, Beaver Creek, and Evans Creek. The Walnut River, which is an elegant mill stream, enters the county from the north seven miles east of the west line and flows south through the county joining the Arkansas River within three miles of the south line. Falling into this stream from the west are the following creeks: Eight-mile, Maple, Stewart, Crooked, Squaw Creek, Posey, and Camp creeks. The streams that fall in from the east are Muddy, Rock, Darien, Little Dutch, Foos, Timber, Black Crook, and Badger.

Grouse Creek is a mill stream and rises in the northeast corner of the county, running west of south, and joins the Arkansas River at the south line of the county thirteen miles east of the southwest corner. The streams that fall into Grouse from the west are Canyon, Burden, Ballouís, Turkey, Horse, and Silver creeks. Those that flow into it from the east are Armstrong, Fall, Cedar, Plumb, and Crab creeks. Otter, Spring, South Cedar, Coal, and the two Beavers are creeks that rise in the eastern and southeastern portion of the county and flow either to the Caneys in Chautauqua County or into the Territory. These streams are pure spring water, flowing over gravel beds.