[MISCELLANEOUS SNOW FAMILIES.]


Snow, Henry, 55; spouse, Mary A. Snow, 37.


Snow, R. P., 56; spouse,         , 50. Post Office: Cedar Vale.


Snow, R. P., 57; spouse,        ,      . Post Office: Cedar Vale.


Snow, C. F., 33; spouse, Olie, 23.

Snow, Eugene, 29; spouse, Julia, 26.


Snow, Jno., 48; spouse, Celia, 45.

                                               FROM THE NEWSPAPERS.

                                                        BYRON A. SNOW.

Winfield Courier, Thursday, June 26, 1873.

The citizens of Winfield, in pursuance to a previous call, met at the Methodist church this evening to take into consider­ation the subject of appropriately celebrating the 4th of July, 1873. Col. J. T. Quarles was chosen chairman, and J. C. Lillie Secretary. The various committees appointed by a former meeting were read and approved. The only principal question before the meeting was the selection of appropriate grounds upon which to hold the celebration.

It was resolved to prepare an arbor with seats and rostrum for speakers, in the nearest and best adapted grove for the purpose. The races, as heretofore advertised, to come off at 3 o’clock p.m. upon the Fair Grounds of the Cowley County Agricul­tural Society.

Officers of the day were chosen as follows: Chaplains, Rev. J. B. Parmelee and Lowry. Reader of the Declaration of Indepen­dence, Byron A. Snow. Marshal, Col. J. T. Quarles. Orators, J. B. Fairbank, Hon. Jas. McDermott, J. W. Scull, Esq.

It was ordered by the meeting to prepare grounds for the accommodation of 5,000 people.

                                              COL. J. T. QUARLES, Chairman.

J. C. LILLIE, Secretary.

Byron A. Snow. [Also E. M. Snow and M. D. Snow.]...

Arkansas City Traveler, September 27, 1876.

The following teachers were in attendance at the examination held at Winfield, Friday and Saturday, September 15 and 16, 1876.

WINFIELD. Louis P. King, Lusetta Pyburn, Mr. J. Huff, M. E. Lynn, Mary E. Bryant, E. M. Snow, Sallie E. Rea, C. A. Winslow, Amy Robertson, Mall Roberts, Mrs. Bell Seibert, H. W. Holloway, Mollie A. Davis, O. S. Record, Rachel E. Newman, Ioa Roberts, F. T. Ross, Geo. W. Robinson, J. K. Beckner, Emma Saint, Sarah E. Davis, Maggie Stansbury, M. D. Snow, Byron A. Snow, Helen Wright, Mina O. Johnson, Kate Gilliland.

Arkansas City Traveler, October 4, 1876.

List of those receiving certificates at the examination held at Winfield, September 15 and 16, 1876.

“2nd” Grades: Emery I. Johnson, J. H. Edwards, Wm. E. Ketchum, J. C. Armstrong, Oscar J. Holroyd, C. I. Record, T. B. Kidney, Porter Wilson, R. B. Carson, M. L. Smith, J. T. Tarbet, Charles H. Eagin, E. W. [M.] Snow, M. D. Snow, Byron A. Snow, C. W. Dover, George Lee, J. K. Beckner, Frank A. Chapin, J. M. Haw­thorne, T. P. Stevenson, Mrs. Bell Seibert, Mrs. A. R. Hauser, Fannie Skinner, Sarah Hollingsworth, Sarah E. Davis, Stella Burnett, Laura Turner, Anna O. Wright, Veva Walton, Georgia Christian, Gertrude Davis, Adelia DeMott, Lizzie Conklin, Sallie Rea, Miss M. J. Huff, Miss M. E. Lynn, Miss C. A. Winslow, Lusetta Pyburn, Helen Wright, Anna Buck, Mary E. Buck, Ludy Pedell, Kate L. Ward, Emma Saint, Mina C. Johnson, Maggie Stansbury, Kate Gilliland, Rachel E. Nawman, Kate Fitzgerald, Mary I. Byard, W. E. Merydith, Ioa Roberts, Lizzie Landis, Amy Robertson, Kate T. Hawkins, Anna Mark.

Winfield Courier, October 5, 1876.

The following is a list of the teachers attending the Normal Institute, who secured certificates at the examination: Second grade certificates being valid six months, first grade one year, “A” grade two years.

SECOND GRADE: Emery J. Johnson, J. H. Edwards, Wm. E. Ketcham, J. C. Armstrong, Oscar J. Holroyd, O. J. Record, T. B. Kidney, Porter Wilson, R. R. Corson, M. L. Smith, J. T. Tarbet, Charles H. Eagin, E. W. [M.] Snow, M. D. Snow, Byron A. Snow, C. W. Dover, George Lee, J. K. Beckner, Frank A. Chapin, J. M. Hawthorn, T. P. Stevenson, W. E. Meredith, Mrs. Belle Seibert, Mrs. A. R. Hauser, Miss Fannie Skinner, Miss Sarah E. Davis, Miss Stella Burnett, Miss Laura Turner, Miss Anna O. Wright, Mis Veva Walton, Miss Georgia Christian, Miss Gertrude Davis, Miss Adelia DeMott, Miss Lizzie Conklin, Miss Sallie Rea, Miss M. J. Huff, Miss M. E. Lynn, Miss C. A. Winslow, Miss Lusetta Pyburn, Miss Helen Wright, Miss Anna Buck, Miss Mary E. Buck, Miss Kate L. Ward, Miss Emma Saint, Miss Mina C. Johnson, Miss Maggie Stansberry, Miss Kate Gilleland, Miss Rachel E. Nauman, Miss Kate Fitzgerald, Miss Mary I. Byard, Miss Jos. Roberts, Miss Lizzie Landis, Miss Amy Robertson, Miss Kate T. Hawkins, Miss Anna Mark, Miss Lucy Pedell, Miss Sarah Hollingsworth.


                                                          H. H. SNOW. [?]


Winfield Courier, May 31, 1877.

                                          ELECTION FEES: H. H. Snow, $2.00.


                                            MR. SNOW. ARKANSAS CITY.

Arkansas City Traveler, December 11, 1878.

Mr. Snow has erected quite a nice cottage in the northwest part of town.

Arkansas City Traveler, January 29, 1879.

The social hop which took place at Mr. Snow’s Friday evening was well attended.

Arkansas City Traveler, May 21, 1879.

Mr. Snow starts a new barber shop on the North side of the Green Front.

B. Snow. [Could this really be “R. Snow?]...


Arkansas City Traveler, May 28, 1879.

                          H. Atkinson to B. Snow, lots 26 and 18, blk. 142, Ark. City.

R. Snow...

Arkansas City Traveler, June 18, 1879.

                                               NEW TONSORIAL ROOMS

                                  (ONE DOOR NORTH OF GREEN FRONT)

                                                  ARKANSAS CITY, KAN.

                                                 R. SNOW, PROPRIETOR.

                          10 Cents a Shave or three for 25 cents. Call and see me.

Arkansas City Traveler, June 18, 1879.

A good clean Shave for ten cents at SNOW’S TONSORIAL ROOMS.

Arkansas City Traveler, July 30, 1879.

R. Snow, the tonsorial artist, says “Richard is himself again,” and always on hand to give a good, clean shave for ten cents or three for a quarter. See his card in another column.

AD: For a Shave, shampoo, or hair cut call on R. SNOW.

Arkansas City Traveler, September 17, 1879.

A new barber, from Wellington, has gone in with Snow, and they now have two chairs.


                                            M. H. SNOW. SON, J. E. SNOW.

M. H. Snow...


Winfield Courier, March 28, 1878.

And now Omnia can boast of a good shoemaker, Mr. M. H. Snow, late of Carter Point, Iowa. ALEXANDER.

J. E. Snow, son of M. H. Snow??? Could this be (Judge) J. E. Snow???

Winfield Courier, June 27, 1878.

Mr. J. E. Snow, traveling agent of the Chicago Times and Post, called on us last Monday. He is visiting his father and other relatives who live in Omnia Township in this county. He has traveled all over Kansas and says that Cowley County is the best county in the state. He will buy land here before he leaves. We made the acquaintance with his father and were highly pleased with him.

M. H. Snow...


Winfield Courier, September 12, 1878.

Mr. M. H. Snow has moved to his farm in Rock Township. ALEXANDER.


                                          UNKNOWN SNOW. (A PAINTER.)

Painter named “Snow,” killed by McFadden, related to Rhonimus...

Winfield Courier, February 12, 1880.

A man by the name of Snow, a painter, who worked here some time ago, was killed in Elk City by Jesse McFadden, a son of a lady who keeps a hotel at that place. As usual, there was “a woman in the case.” Young McFadden was a nephew and former partner of Rhonimus, the cattle thief who escaped from our jail last week.


Mr. Snow of Tisdale?...


Winfield Courier, September 8, 1881.

Mr. Snow shipped a carload of hogs to Kansas City. They brought him $5.80 per hundred pounds.


                                 MRS. FANN L. SNOW, NURSE. WINFIELD.

Cowley County Courant, November 17, 1881.


Over twenty years experience among the sick. Refers to city physi­cians. Those desiring her services address as above, or call at residence on south Manning street.


                           CHARLES F., MARIA O., EUGENE, JULIA SNOW.

Charles F. Snow...

Winfield Courier, December 27, 1877.

Charles F. Snow, of Winfield Township, returned from Kansas City last Friday, where he has been shipping hogs.

Charles Snow...

Winfield Courier, December 30, 1880.

Messrs. W. J. Hodges and Charles Snow had a “slight onpleasantness” at the “corners” last Saturday, over a hog trade. Charlie had his nose peeled and W. J. carries a skinned ear. Two panes of glass, a bottle of arnica, and $12.50 apiece were the damages.

Cowley County Courant, April 20, 1882.

The following is a list of cases that will stand for trial at the April term of the District Court, commencing on the 25th day of April, A. D. 1882.

                                            CIVIL DOCKET. SEVENTH DAY.

                                   Travelers Insurance Co. vs. Chas. F. Snow et al.


Winfield Courier, November 16, 1882.



Charles Snow, Grouse Creek...


Arkansas City Republican, Saturday, January 22, 1887.

Charley Snow is improving the time well, furnishing a part of the city with stove wood.


                                                          M. J. A. SNOW.

Cowley County Courant, May 25, 1882.

M. J. A. Snow, freight agent at the K. C. L. & S. depot, had the misfortune to lose a piece of one of his fingers.

Winfield Courier, August 10, 1882.

On Friday morning last, Orlando Beaver, a brakeman on the K. C. L. & S. R. R., had his hand badly injured while engaged in coupling the cars at the depot here. He was immediately conveyed to Dr. Graham’s office where he had one finger amputated and his hand dressed. Mr. Snow seems to have been slighted this time. Heretofore he has furnished the hands ground up by the cars.


                                                    MR. SNOW. AKRON?


Winfield Courier, June 7, 1883.

Mr. Snow’s parents from Michigan are visiting him at present.


                                MR. AND MRS. SNOW. MT. WASHINGTON.


Winfield Courier, February 7, 1884.

On the evening of the 25th, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wright celebrated their crystal wedding. A pleasant time was enjoyed. The following is a list of some of the presents received.

Mr. and Mrs. Turner, cake stand and water pitcher.

Mr. and Mrs. Woolsey, water pitcher.

Mr. and Mrs. Richardson, fruit dish.

Mrs. Crow, case of perfumery.

Mr. and Mrs. Ramage, dessert dishes.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen, bread plate.

Mr. and Mrs. Snow, individual salt cups.

Mrs. Wooley, goblet.

Mr. Parson, dessert cups.

Mr. and Mrs. Walton, bread plate.

Mr. and Mrs. Chafey, water pitcher.

Also the same evening an oyster supper at the new residence of Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham was pronounced a success by all. Nearly fifty guests were present. A. H. G.


                                                    MISS JENNIE SNOW.

Winfield Courier, Thursday, February 12, 1885.

The annual masquerade party of the Winfield Social Club has been the crowning social event of every winter for years past, and the one at the Opera House last Thursday evening was all that past successors could have spoken for it—in fact, many pronounce it superior to preceding ones in selectness and refinement of conduct. It was free from the promiscuous crowd and jam that usually characterize such gatherings, there being just maskers enough to fill the floor nicely and make dancing most enjoyable. The characters represented were varied and unique, elicited much admiration from the large number of spectators, and we regret our lack of space to mention each in detail. Following are the names of the maskers and the characters represented.

Ladies: Miss Nellie Cole, Cerus; Miss Mattie Harrison, Milk Maid; Miss Iowa Roberts, Water Nymph; Miss A. Marks, Wichita, Fancy Costume; Miss Leota Gary, Flower Girl; Mrs. J. L. Horning, Ghost; Miss Nina Anderson, Fancy Costume; Misses Emma and Mattie Emerson, Fancy Costumes; Miss Anna Hyde, Spanish Lady; Miss Sarah Kelly, Fancy Costume; Miss Carrie Anderson, Fancy Costume; Mrs. Ed. Cole, Folly; Mrs. Lovell Webb, Cards; Mrs. D. Rodocker, Daily News; Mrs. George Dresser, Sailor Girl; Miss Mattie Kinne, Frost; Miss Jennie Snow, Cotton Girl; Miss Hulda Goldsmith, Flower Girl; Miss Jennie Lowry, Butterfly; Miss Hattie Stolp, Fancy Costume; Miss Ida Johnston, Music; Miss Lou Clarke, Fancy Costume.

Gentlemen: B. W. Matlack, Jumping Jack; Dr. C. C. Green, Monkey and Dude; Everett Schuler, British Artilleryman; Eli Youngheim, Humpty Dumpty; Eugene Wallis, Noble Red Man; Ed. McMullen, Phillip’s Best; F. F. Leland, Double-action Pussy and Flying Dutchman; George Read, The Devil; Fred Ballein, Hamlet; D. A. Sickafoose, Page; Frank Weaverling, Mexican; A. B. Taylor, Indian War Chief; Charles Roberts, Old Uncle Joe; W. J. Hodges, Highlander; Jos. O’Hare, British Officer; Addison Brown, Highlander; J. E. Jones, Sailor; George Schuler, Page; Tom Eaton, O’Donovan Rossa; M. H. Ewart, Page; Jake Goldsmith, Clown; M. J. O’Meara, Humpty Dumpty; S. Kleeman, Black Dude; Laban Moore, Monkey; John Hudson, Clown; Frank K. Grosscup, Spanish Cavalier; A. Snowhill, Prince; A. Gogle, King Henry; Frank H. Greer, Beggar’s Student.

The excellent music of the Winfield orchestra and the experienced prompting of Mr. Chas. Gray, captivated all, while the careful floor managing of Messrs. A. H. Doane and Lacey Tomlin made everything go off without a hitch.


                                                             S. T. SNOW.

                             ABSTRACT OF COUNTY AUDITOR’S REPORT.

Winfield Courier, Thursday, March 19, 1885.

Abstract of the monthly report of the County Auditor of Cowley County, Kansas, of claims certified to the County Clerk, on the First Monday of March, 1885.

                                                   S. T. Snow juror fees: $6.00


                                                          HARRY SNOW.

                                                     SOUTH BEND. “G. V.”

Winfield Courier, Thursday, May 21, 1885.

Will Hudson and Harry Snow have gone to join the K. C. & S. W. graders. We may now expect a railroad soon.


                                                     MARY ETTA SNOW.

Winfield Courier, Thursday, June 4, 1885.

The following are the real estate transfers filed in the office of Register of Deeds yesterday.

             Chas A Hayes to Mary Etta Snow, lot 1 blk 95, Menor’s ad to Winfield: $250

                    [Note: Coverage on “Snow” ceased at the end of March 1886.]