Kansas 1875 Census, Winfield Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.

Name                           age sex color          Place/birth Where from

Jas. C. Roberts       31  m    w                Indiana                Iowa

Nancy J.? Roberts  28    f     w                Indiana                Iowa

Jonathan Roberts            7  m    w                Indiana                Iowa

James Roberts          5  m    w                Iowa                   Iowa

Eugene Roberts              3  m    w                Kansas

                                               FROM THE NEWSPAPERS.

James C. Roberts, Maple Grove Grange...

Winfield Courier, June 19, 1874.


                                  MAPLE GROVE GRANGE, June 16th, 1874.

WHEREAS, Believing it to be very detrimental to the peace, prosperity, and brotherly love of our order to participate in or in any way encourage anything that is calculated in its nature to cause discordance, disunion, and

WHEREAS, It has been nine years since the Rebellion ended, giving all true American citizens full time to bury deep in their breasts all animosities caused by the Rebellion, or any past political affiliation, and

WHEREAS, Believing that the so-called soldiers’ re-union was instigated and is kept up for party political purposes, and as our order is composed of both federal and confederate soldiers, and adherents of different political opinions, therefore

Resolved, That Maple Grove Grange, No. 714, of the order of P. of H., of Cowley County, Kansas, will not participate in or in any way encourage the so-called soldiers’ re-union, or anything of the nature on the coming 4th of July, or thereafter.

2nd. That all subordinate granges in Cowley County are requested to co-operate with us and be governed by this resolution.

3rd. That a copy of this resolution be furnished each of the county papers for publication.

                                                     JAS. C. ROBERTS, Sec.