Photograph No. 1: July 4, 1871. Celebration on Main Street.

The photograph was taken sometime between 11:00 a.m. and noon with enough cloud cover to produce limited shadows. Two distinguished gentlemen on horseback were centered in the photo. Below and to the right of them is a whirling young lady, spinning her way across the time of the exposure. Another less frenetic lady is moving across the wagon tracks at the right; a third young lady is standing by the path further to the right with three men. The entire center of Main Street is covered with prairie grass, much of which has been trampled down. Ladies in full-length hooped skirts are observed standing in front of the building being framed at the right mid-way back in the photo. Behind them and to the right of the men on horses more men in dark suits, some with light duster coats, can be observed. Even though the photo was taken on July 4th, everyone was wearing long sleeves.