Luther Parman.


Arkansas City Traveler, Wednesday, August 16, 1922.

Luther Parman, the furniture dealer, will move into the building now occupied by the Derry Bakery about September 1st; and H. A. Derry will move into the building now occupied by Mr. Parman. The latter will improve his building and make some changes before moving his furniture stock into it, however, it has been announced.


Arkansas City Traveler, Thursday, August 17, 1922.

                                                            Removal Sale.

We are going to move about August 26th to our own building, 109 South Summit Street, where Derry’s Bakery is now located.

                                                    LUTHER E. PARMAN

                                                           107 So. Summit


Arkansas City Traveler, Monday, August 28, 1922.

The Luther Parman furniture store and H. A. Derry’s bakery, located at 107 and 109 South Summit Street, respectively, are having an unusual moving experience in that they are switching locations.

This comes about by virtue of the fact that Luther Parman owns the building that has been occupied by the Derry Bakery, and desired to move into his own building.

This change will also cause a transfer of Labor Hall, which has been over the Derry Bakery in the Parman building, and which will be moved to the rooms over Derry’s new location. The room heretofore used by the labor people as an auditorium will be used by Mr. Parman to assist in accommodating his furniture stock, while the front part of the second floor will be occupied by George W. Jones, with his tailor shop.

This room will be newly decorated. It is a large commodious room; and in addition to being used by Mr. Jones, will also be used by the A. C. Symphony orchestra and municipal band as a rehearsal room, thus solving the problem of a suitable practice place for the band and orchestra.

All parties affected in these transactions will be comfort­ably installed in their respective quarters within a few days.


Arkansas City Traveler, Tuesday, September 12, 1922.

George W. Jones has moved his tailoring shop across the hall from his former location, now occupying the large front room over the Parman furniture store, 109 South Summit Street. This is a commodious room and will be newly papered and painted and new linoleum put on the floor. It will also be used by Mr. Jones as a rehearsal room for his symphony orchestra and band. In connec­tion with the room will be a rest room with toilet facilities.

“You can tell ‘em I am tickled to death,” said Director Jones today. “This will make the largest rehearsal room I have had for the orchestra. There is plenty of room, plenty of light, and I will have plenty of music, and plenty of musicians.”