Isaac C. Loomis and Descendants.

                                    [SEE McMULLEN FAMILY (COLONEL)]

The City census of Arkansas City for 1893 lists J. A. Loomis, age 59, and his wife E. S. Loomis, age 50, and a female, Harriet Loomis, age 75.

From Janisse E-mail of 11/4/1996. We need to find where Mrs. J. C. (Mary Loomis) McMullen was born or possibly adopted. For your information, I. C. Loomis and a wife, Nancy L. Cochran, are buried next to J. C. McMullen’s two children, Hubert and Charles, in Riverview Cemetery, (West addition, corner), in Ark City. Tombstone information: I. C. Loomis, died October 10, 1882, aged 79 years, 10 months, 25 days. (W.H.Dawson - Winfield, stamped on base on the side of same tombstone; Nancy L. Cochran, 1828-1896. About 8 feet away, one tombstone for both boys; McMullen, Side 1; Charles, died May 18, 1872, aged 1 year, 3m, 10 day. Side 3, Hubert, died June 26, 1874, aged 6 mo., 21 da. Side 2 verses unreadable except for “We expect to meet them in the land of the hereafter. Children of J. C. and M. E. McMullen. (This tombstone is quite aged and we had to do rubbings to get the information.)

ADS:  JANUARY 26, 1876.

ARKANSAS CITY BANK of Arkansas City.

Does a General Banking Business.

Makes Collections.

Loans Money on Real Estte Security.

Loans for Capitalists A Specialty.

In the Savings Department of the Bank, there will be re­ceived Sums as low as One Dollar, upon which will be paid

Seven per cent interest.




Arkansas City Traveler, April 5, 1876.

The election of city officers passed off very quietly last Monday, with the following result.



T. H. McLAUGHLIN        48 VOTES.

W. M. SLEETH                 48 VOTES.

H. D. KELLOGG              48 VOTES.

J. A. LOOMIS                   45 VOTES.

Arkansas City Traveler, Wednesday, October 4, 1876.

PARTNERS. Doctors Alexander and Loomis are partners in dentistry.

Arkansas City Traveler, October 11, 1876.

                                              OFFICE OF COUNTY CLERK,

                                          WINFIELD, KANSAS, Oct. 2, 1876.

Petition of Isaac C. Loomis and others, of Cresswell town­ship, asking for view and survey presented, granted, and D. Logan, John Nichols, and Wm. Wilson appointed viewers, and the County Clerk ordered to give legal notice.

ROAD.  ISAAC LOOMIS and others have petitioned the County Board for a public road commencing at the quarter section stone between sections 24 and 25, in township 34, thence north along quarter section line across sections 24 and 13.  D. Logan, John Nichols, and Wm. Wilson are the viewers, and meet at the place of beginning November 15th, at 10 o'clock a.m.

Arkansas City Traveler, December 19, 1877.

OLD MR. LOOMIS, a gentleman of 75 years of age, carried eighty bushels of wheat, a distance of eighty feet, carrying one and a half bushels at a time, last week, and claimed he did not feel much fatigued either. When even old men come to Kansas, they get young and strong again.

Arkansas City Traveler, December 26, 1877.

DR. LOOMIS purchased the drug store of Kellogg & Hoyt’s. The latter named gentle-men are going into business at Junction City, Kansas.

Winfield Courier, August 29, 1878.

E. B. Loomis and husband to Stephen Collins, se 31, 31, 6, 160 acres.

Winfield Courier, October 3, 1878.

                                                        Real Estate Transfers.

M. G. Troup, county clerk, to James A. Loomis, s. ½ of sw. 6, 36, 4.

Arkansas City Traveler, February 5, 1879.

Messrs. Wolf and Winton are fitting up the Green Front for T. H. McLaughlin. It will be occupied by Dr. Loomis as a drug store.

Winfield Courier, April 3, 1879.

Mr. I. C. Loomis, father-in-law of J. C. McMullen, and wife, started for Colorado last Monday to visit a daughter, and will be absent several months.

Arkansas City Traveler, April 9, 1879.

I. C. Loomis has started for Colorado to spend the summer months. We wish the old gentleman (whose genial face will be missed from among us awhile) a pleasant trip.

Arkansas City Traveler, October 11, 1882.

Dr. J. A. Loomis is down with an attack of fever and exhaus­tion, caused by his unremitting attention at the bedside of his father.

Arkansas City Traveler, October 18, 1882.

FUNERAL OF I. C. LOOMIS. The funeral of I. C. Loomis, father of Dr. J. A. Loomis, will be held at 10 o'clock this (Wednesday) morning at his farm, two miles northwest of town.


DIED. At his farm two miles northwest of this city, on Monday last, Oct. 9th, 1882, I. C. Loomis, in the 83rd year of his age. The funeral took place on the following Wednesday.  The deceased had been a resident of this vicinity for many years and was universally respected by all with whom he came in contact.  He sank to sleep in the fullness of years and in the full hope of a joyful resurrection.