Harvey Township.

Harvey Township 1875: Wm. F. Hall, 40; spouse, Margret, 39.

Kansas 1875 Census Harvey Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.

Name                           age sex color   Place/birth              Where from

William Hall                  40    m    w       Pennsylvania           Pennsylvania

Margret Hall                 39    f      w            Pennsylvania           Pennsylvania

James Hall              14    m    w       Kansas

Harvey Hall                    9    m    w       Pennsylvania           Pennsylvania

Lydia Hall                 7    f      w            Pennsylvania           Pennsylvania

Addi Hall                        5    f      w            Kansas

William Hall                    4  m     w            Kansas

                                               FROM THE NEWSPAPERS.

Winfield Courier, May 11, 1876.

Republican Work. The following townships have reported the proceedings of last Thursday’s conventions. Harvey Township: R. C. Story, delegate. Township committee chosen: R. C. Story, chairman, W. F. Hall, secretary, and R. Strother.


Winfield Courier, February 17, 1881.

HARVEY: Trustee, E. Haynes; treasurer; W. F. Hall; clerk, J. M. Rivers; Justice, George Harris.


Winfield Courier, February 16, 1882.

Among other proceedings had by the Board the following claims were acted upon as follows.

W. F. Hall, Harvey Township, Clerk, $2.00.


Winfield Courier, February 15, 1883.

HARVEY: E. Holmes, trustee; H. Glaves, clerk; W. F. Hall, treasurer; W. Smith and

A. M. Moon, J. P’s.; G. W. Wingert and S. D. Moon, constables.


Winfield Courier, February 21, 1884.

Among other proceedings the following claims were allowed the Judges and Clerks of the February 5th 1884 election...paid from $2.00 to $6.00.

HARVEY TOWNSHIP. Judges: Elisha Haynes, Jacob Moser, Wm. Hall.


Winfield Courier, Thursday, February 12, 1885.

Harvey: Elisha Haynes, trustee, J. Ringwald, clerk; Wm. Hall, treasurer; A. L. McCaw, justice; Frank Batch and L. W. Moore, constables.

Winfield Courier, Thursday, July 30, 1885.

The following petit jurors have been drawn to serve at September term of District Court: Fred Arnold, Walnut; Josiah Houser, Maple; Fred Hoobler, Silverdale; James Utt, Cedar; S. E. Davis, Creswell; H. C. Carter, Liberty; J. H. Bowman, Walnut; James Conrad, Sheridan; J. R. Taylor, Vernon; William Hall, Harvey; J. H. Aley, Otter; J. D. Maurer, Dexter.